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Plans Are Being Made to do Honor to the Soldier and Sailors of Plymouth
County Who Have Returned From Battle Fields

    Homecoming day for the returned soldiers and sailors of Plymouth county will be celebrated in LeMars Thursday, July 10, instead of July 4, as originally planned. This decision was arrived at the fore part of the week and a telegram was sent to the Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua Association, which will furnish most of the talent for the occasion, by President W.R. Winders of the Commercial club, in which he assured them that the Homecoming committee would co-operate with them in making July 10, 1919, the greatest day in the history of LeMars.

It would impossible for the local committees to arrange such high grade entertainment as will be brought to this city for this occasion. Efforts have been made by the speakership committee to secure a speaker for the celebration July Fourth but their efforts were unavailing. Other committees were busy endeavoring to secure talent but could not do so. The committees were discouraged when T.F. Graham, specials representative of the Chautauqua association, dropped into town and showed to a committee called for the occasion, consisting of R.B. Dalton, chairman of the Homecoming committee, C.C. Woodke, of the local Chautauqua association, J.C. Gillespie, Frank Rothschild, S.T. Nevein, Fr. P.P. Lucke, W.R. Winders and other, the program the Chautauqua were going to put on in LeMars, July 10. It was such a wonderful program that is was practically decided then to cooperate with the Chautauqua association. The tentative plans became a reality when the Chautauqua association received the telegram from Mr. Winders.

Probably the most sensational event of the celebration July 10 will be the aeroplane flights of Lieut. Miller, an instructor at Reilly Field. Lieut. Miller afterwards went to France and downed enough German planes to become an ace. He will do the nose spin, tail spin, spiral and other spectacular flying. With Lieut. Miller will be Maj. Bridgman, commander of a famous serial corps, who will lecture.

Randa Roma, the famous Italian band from the White City, Chicago, will give concerts both afternoon and evening July 10. This is one of the big concert bands now touring the United States.

In the forenoon Gov. Carlson, of Colorado, will deliver an address and Dunbar's White Hussars, a indies band, will furnish music.

But this program isn't all. Local committees are at work making plans for welcoming the returned soldiers and sailors.

It is quite probable that a parade will take place in the forenoon and every soldier in the county is expected to attend in uniform to participate in the parade. Everything in the amusement line, including a big dance in the evening, will be free to the soldiers and sailors. In fact, it is going to be the real get-together meeting for everyone who participated in the world war. A place where men who fought "over there" or those who remained in the United States but were willing and anxious to go over, can meet and exchange reminiscences.

-source: LeMars Sentinel Newspaper, LeMars, Plymouth Co., Iowa; Friday, 2 May 1919


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