A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.



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POW's Returned!

[Note:  Iowa soldiers are in bold lettering]


Washington, Jan 13 -- Names of three officers and 160 enlisted men of the army, who have been reported returned to France from German prison camps and hospitals were made public today by the war department. The enlisted men include: S.E. Bert Little, Dunnegan, Mo; James E. O'Hara, Lineville, Ia; Walter H. Henry, Eldorado, Ill; Bert M. Grimes, Whitehall, Ill; Richard J. Capstick, Panama, Ill; Joseph B. Skidmore, Westervelt, Ill; Henry W. Ulrich, Grand Chain, Ill; Burton R. Ryan, Cambria, Ia; Herschell Scott, Mound City, Ill; Joe Scully, Ottumwa, Ia; Glen A. Hagen, Waukon, Ia; Fred. E. Hanson, Crys-Waukon, Ia [note: place typed as in article]; Alfred Zygmund, Madison, Ill; David C. Young, Green Valley, Ill; John L.W. Klinker, Deloit, Ia; Charles J. Carlson, Charles, Ill; Nelson E. Challe, Chicago.


~source: The Decatur Review Newspaper, Decatur, Illinois,  13 January 1919