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LeMars Sentinel
February 28, 1919

But Willing To Go Back and Finish the Job If Necessary

Melvin C. Newell, a son of H. N. Newell, of Remsen, is now back at his home in Spokane, Washington, after nearly a year's service in France and Belgium with the Canadian army. In a letter written February 19th to his uncle, A.C. Demaray, he says:

"I arrived home on February 14th and was glad to get back after sixteen months service, eleven of which was spent in France and Belgium. Old U.S.A. looks good enough for me. I saw some thing in France and Belgium that I never want to see again and I did some things in the line of actual warfare that I hope I will never have to do again, unless the monster that wears the dirty gray field uniform breaks loose again. Then I would be willing to go back and give them a trimming that they could never forget armistice or no armistice. We left Apergill, a small town in north Wales, February 1st, and in fourteen days and one-half days I was home. Spent seven days on the ship, a Cunard liner, with 3,200 enlisted men on board, all light wounded and gas cases. I am not discharged but go to Westminster, British Columbia to get mine."



Former Plymouth County Men Wore Gold Bars

The Oklahoma City, Oklahoman, in a recent issue pays tribute to two former Plymouth county boys now located in Kildare, Oklahoma, Lieut. Joe B. Nelson, who was born in LeMars, and Lieut. Andrew K. Paulson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Paulson, formerly of Carnes. The Oklahoman says:

"There are two hundred person in the little village of Kildare, up in Kay county. When the war started all the available fighting strength of the little town-five youngsters-trooped down to the station and out into the big world. According to word received here yesterday, the boys have established a national record for three out of the five have returned home as lieutenants. And there isn't a private in the bunch, for the other two are in France, one a gunner and the other a corporal. The lieutenants are Joe B. Nelson, D.E. Jones and Andrew K. Paulson. The corporal is Ray Fagin and the gunner is Dan Lillis."


~ transcribed and submitted to the Great War by Linda Ziemann lin.ziemann@verizon.net