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Grinnell Herald (Grinnell, Iowa) Sept. 18, 1918


August 14, 1918

Dear Dad:

Please pardon the pencil, but I have no other writing materials and wanted to drop you a line. What is happening around the old town? I haven't heard from any one in Grinnell for some time. But then, I have changed my address so probably the mail has not been forwarded.

I had quite an exciting time up over the lines yesterday. I was quite a ways over, when my motor went bad and I had to turn around. I started in on a glide, but by the time I was near the lines I was down so low I could see the men walking around in the trenches. They turned a machine gun on us, but, although, they hit the machine several times, they didn't hit any vital parts. But we got home all right and I made up my mind some one must be praying somewhere for me.

It's lots of fun up over the lines dodging shrapnel and we really enjoy it. Well, dad, give my love to the boys at the store and say hello to all for me. Will write more next time.

Very sincerely your loving son,


~source: Grinnell Herald, Grinnell, Iowa.  September 18, 1918.

~Submitted by Marilyn Holmes Poweshiek Assistant County Coordinator  http://iagenweb.org/poweshiek