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United War Work Campaign is Now in Progress in County

    The organization for this campaign is being started in Plymouth County, Anna L Marcue is chairman for the work in this county and is appointing a leader in each township, who in turn appoints lieutenants in each community or school district who will organize girls between ages of 12 and 20 whether they be high school, grade, parochial, rural, or employed. It has been decided although the goal is in GIRLS rather than money, the unit spoken of is $5.00. 32,000 girls in Iowa will naturally, at this rate, result in a fund of $160,000 for the United War Work Campaign. The motto of the campaign is "Earn and Give". The national goal is 1,000,000 girls and the national slogan "Every Girl Pulling for Victory."


~source: LeMars Sentinel Newspaper, LeMars, Plymouth Co., Iowa; 22 October  1918


-Submitted by Linda Ziemann
Iowa GenWeb County Coordinator, Plymouth, Monona, Sioux counties
Iowa Old Press IAGenWeb Special Project Co-coordinator