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Fayette County Leader
Thursday, November 7, 1918

Edgewood Girl to France

Miss Elsie Hatch departed last Thursday night on the one o'clock Illinois Central train from Manchester for Washington, D.C., from which place she goes to New York in response to a summons to appear there for Red Cross work. She enlisted for a year's over-sea service in the Red Cross which in all probability will be canteen work, and as soon as her uniform has been made, heavy shoes, rubber boots and other wearing apparel secured, will sail for England and France. Miss Hatch, who has been principal of Edgewood schools for the past five years, is one of the most popular young ladies in the community and all friends truly hope she has a successful voyage over and back and enjoys her work among the soldiers.

Wadena news -A letter was recently received from Frank Poor in France, saying that he had been wounded in battle last September, and was in the hospital at the time of writing but getting along nicely.

~ transcribed for Iowa in the Great War by Sharyl Ferrall for , November 2009