A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.

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15 May 1918

Des Moines, Iowa



Thirty-seven men enlisted in the navy and army Thursday. They are:

  NAVY: Ola E. Skipton, Winfield; Geo. R. Merlin, Rockford Illinois; Otto Hanegger, Kingfisher, Oklahoma; Harold A. Brodrick, Villisca, (Montgomery Co.), Iowa; Carl Heitman, Keystone; Geo. F. Beers, Mystic; Arthur R. Jensen, Hurley, South Dakota; George F. Curry, Winthrope; Clarence E. Logan, Parkersburg; Archie B. Burk, Vinton; Geo. L. Nodruft, Harry K. Nodruft, Oxford Junction; Joseph P. Roach, Elkader; Ole Faro, Ruthven; Vernon P. Willet, Centerville; Frank F. Goerner, Congress Park; Charles L. Wolf, Luverne; Everett W. Callison, Phillip A. Thorpe, Grinnell; Everett E. Fisher, Des Moines; William H. Yates, Himestom.

  ARMY: Robert L. Steer, Ottawa, Illinois; Glen T. McColl, Princeton, Illinois; John H. Gustafson, , Clement A. DeLong, Des Moines; James Smillie, Hocking; Carrol G. Galbreth, Penville, South Dakota; Otto B. Kelley, Woodward; Clifford C. Johnson, Pilot Mound; John L. Oliver, Des Moines; Floyd G. Schnarr, Leonard M. Cox, Alfordsville, Indiana; Henry J. Gowans, Cylinder; Raymond W. Black, Burt; Kenneth M. Wood, Redfield; Ralph J. Knouf, Robert A. White, Des Moines.


[Submitter's note: Above article is from a newspaper article found in the WWI Army trunk of Carroll G. Galbreth]



~Contributed by: Colleen and William Galbreth. [Son and daughter-in-law of Carrol G. Galbreth]