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Manchester Press
Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa
Thursday, August 15, 1918
Page Two, Column I

Colesburg Correspondence

~~ Glen Dodge and Emerson Hyde were at Dubuque last week for the purpose of enlisting in the navy. Having passed there, they will go to Des Moines this week for the second examination. If successful they will go at once into training at the Great Lakes naval station. Success and a safe return to the boys.

~~ Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kirschbaum recently received a letter and photograph from their son, Matt, who has been in France for some time.

~~ Relatives at Osterdock have been notified that Aug. Kurke has been wounded in action.

~~Fred Hyde wrote his mother from Omaha last week, saying that he was en-route to California for training. He recently enlisted in the navy at Murdo, N.D.

~~ Lawrence Powell went to Dubuque Tuesday to enlist in the marine corps. He was found a few pounds under weight, but was requested to return for another examination August 15th.

~~ Clark Wilson, who was in charge of the manual training department in the consolidated schools here, has enter the service and is now in the officers' training quarters of Camp Pike, Ark.

~~ Herbert Douglas, who enlisted at Dubuque, is now stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., as an auto driver in the Signal corps.