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The Oelwein Register
Oelwein, Fayette Co., Iowa
Wednesday, 24 Apr 1918
Page Seven



Mrs. A.S. Ladd received a letter from her son Barney, and also sending his diploma stating that he had passed in the Grenade School, reading in part as follow:
"Corporal Barney Ladd has completed his course of instructions in the division Grenade school and has passed a satisfactory examination, and is qualified to perform the duties of instructor.


~  Mrs. Will Mishler received a telegram yesterday stating that her brother Roy C. Dirland is seriously ill at Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill. He is a member of Co. 4, 161st Depot Brigade. He has two brothers in the service, one at Washington, D. C. and one in Mexico. Later-- Ray C. Dirland died Wednesday a.m.


~  Charles Theobald who has been at Camp Dodge has been transferred to Camp Gordon, Georgia. He is a member of Battery A. 321st Field Artillery.


~  Capt. R. D. Pike left Thursday for his command at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico. Mrs. Pike will remain with her mother, Mrs. A.N. Hobson indefinitely.

~  Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Thompson went Thursday in Camp Cody to visit their son Russell.



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