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Hospital Unit Left City Today

Johnson County. -- At 10:10 this morning the University of Iowa ambulance unit left Iowa City for the training camp at Allentown, Pennsylvania, where they will receive preliminary training in preparation for overseas service. Sunday Theodore Wanerus, adjutant of the University, on receipt of orders from the Central department of the army, summoned to the city by telegram all members of the corps who had gone to their homes, and they have been held in readiness for immediate departure ever since. This morning about eight o'clock the following communication was received by Mr. Wanerus:

Headquarters Central Department
Chicago, Illinois, June 18, 1917
Special Orders
No. S.O. 121

Pursuant to instructions from the War Department, dated May 12, 1817, Private John T. Lonsdale and thirty-two enlisted men, Medical Section, Enlisted Reserve Corps, having been called into active service at Iowa City, Iowa, will proceed without delay under charge of Private Lonsdale to Allentown, Pennsylvania, where upon arrival the detachment will be reported to the Commanding Officer, U.S. Army Ambulance Corps, for duty. The Quartermaster Corps will furnish the necessary transportation and will pay these soldiers commutations of rations in advance, at the rate of 50 cents per meal for the time necessary occupied in making the journey by the usually traveled route, it being impracticable for them to carry rations of any kind. the journey is necessary for the public service.


By command

Major General Barry


Adjutant General
Department Adjutant

Transportation was included and enclosed in the communication. Within two hours the entire corps was collected and entrained for the east, one man arriving from Cedar Rapids by auto at the last minute. Before their departure the corps formed on the campus facing the historic Old Capitol, where President Jessup in a few words wished them God speed. He said he was proud of the part they were taking and that the university could be represented by such a group of men. He also referred to the men at Fort Snelling and said that he had been surprised when there last week at the fine type of the men there. The corps were accompanied to the station by mothers, sisters, and friends, and many wartime farewells were given
there. Harold Merry, one of the members of the corps, will join the detachment at Chicago. Mail for the unit should be addressed "Training Camp, Medical Section, State University of Iowa Ambulance Unit, Allentown, Pa.

~ source: Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co., Iowa, June 20, 1917
~ transcribed for Iowa In the Great War by Sharyl Ferrall  http://iowaoldpress.com/