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Ambulance Unit is Ready to Leave At Once

Johnson County. -- The ambulance unit raised at the University for active and immediate service in France for the United States has been accepted for active service, according to a telegram received yesterday by Adjutant T. A. Wanerus from the Central military department authorities at Chicago. The same telegram directs the men to proceed to Allentown, Pa., the location of their training camp, just as soon as transportation money is furnished them. It is expected that this will be within a few days, the unit leaving within about twenty-four hours after the transportation is received. All the men will start in a group from Iowa City, and will be in charge of John T. Lonsdale, one of the members of the unit, until Allentown is reached. Most of the men are in Iowa City at the present time awaiting their orders to leave for the east, instructions having been given that they should hold themselves in readiness for immediate departure. Those outside the city were summoned by telegram yesterday.

The complete list of men, thirty-four in number, making up the University unit, is as follows:

Amen, Harlan R.   Bailey, Dan W.
Brown, Bernard A.   Buchanan, Arthur A.
Byington, William O.   Chamberlin, Harold
Crawford, William C.   Dixon, George L.
Dodd, Willard A.   Furnas, Leonard M.
Hamilton, Clarence E.   Hammer, Herbert H.
Harrison, Noel E.   Hungate, Thaddeus L.
Johnson, Clarence L.   Kellsay, Harvey M.
Levis, Harold V.   Lonsdale, John T.
Luscombe, Don A.   Matthes, Will A. J.
Merry, Harold   Norris, Tom T.
Powers, Chas. O.   Radklev Carl B.
Reid, Don C.   Richardson, William C.
Safely, Robert C.   Schulze, Raymond J.
Shimanek, John S.   Smith, Allen
Smith, Ralph D.   Stanton, Del T.
Vogt, Robert R.   Wensel, Amos B.

~source: Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co. Iowa, June 18, 1917
~transcribed for Iowa In the Great War by Sharyl Ferrall