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Appointees to Fort Snelling Are Named

Johnson County.  -- Minneapolis and Des Moines papers carried a list this morning of the names of 1500 successful applicants who will be admitted to the Fort Snelling training camp for officers, according to announcement of the camp officers. All received the grade of "A". An additional 500 is to be named from the applications and another 500 to be selected from national guard units.

This first lot to be named does not include all "A" men. Announcement was made by officers at the fort yesterday that all "A" men would receive notification and the reason why all were not named in the first list is not known. No notifications were received at Iowa City today even by those named in the list. Further reports indicated that the opening of the camp may be postponed. Lieut. Frank J. Mulkern, a reserve officer from Des Moines, and who is now at the camp in a dispatch to the Des Moines Capital says that a postponement until the middle of the week is likely.

Must wait for Card.

The upwards of two hundred and seventy-five Iowa City men and students who applied are anxiously waiting word. No one is authorized to report to the camp until official notification is received from the officers at the fort and such will clear matters up. It is believed that all "A" men will finally be admitted. It is probable that some may even then be rejected as another physical examination is likely to be required of applicants on their arrival at camp. Some men, already commissioned in the officers reserve have been rejected.

Following are the Iowa City men, students and alumni in the State University of Iowa, who were on the list of the first 1500 as announced last night. These were nearly all examined by Captain Munrana and number 97. About 275 in all were examined here:

~ Iowa City ~

Percy Bordwell
Lynn Culbertson
J. W. Coggswell
O. T. Coleman
R. B. Davis
C. G. Haneman
R. Hammond
R. S. Hoffman
Arch L. Long
Wier Murphy
Harvey C. Norbert
W. H. Romaine
Grant Spinden
Charles E. Simmons
Alfred N. Scales
Wilbur Tisdale
F. H. Waldemarnoll

~ Students. ~

Neil C. Adamson Numa
James C. Addison Nevada
J. I. Anderson Estherville
F. M. Bewsher Des Moines
Stanton M. Babcock Iowa City
Charles D. Back Eldora
Henry A. Beder Le Mars
Leslie E. Bowman Manchester
Hugo Bottger Iowa City
Clifford Berrien Iowa City
Leonard R. Clark Soux City
Lyman E. Case Davenport
H. M. Dancer Lamoni
Clyde H. Doolittle  Iowa City
Newman Door Des Moines
Floyd Duncan Mt. Pleasant
David Dancer Lamoni
F. F. Dubbert Laurens
Marcus Dubel Sioux City
Ernest Evans Williamsburg
Glenn B. Eastburn Sigourney
L. W. Frost Emmetsburg
Frederic D. Fleming Iowa City
Hugh G. Guernsey Centerville
Walter Hanson Union
G. P. Hoffman Ison
George C. Heistermann South Amana
C. E. Holbrook Onawa
R. W. Henderson Plover
G. G. Holmes West Liberty
Herbert J. Hoffman Dubuque
Glen Ireland Independence
Carl Judson Lamoni
Grover C. Jacobsen Mapleton
Harry J. Kluss Fenton
Freank Kriz Iowa City
Henry Kroeger Clinton
Frank Kennon Corning
Louis Leighton Iowa City
Norman L. Landers Harkington
Olaf R. Larsen Story City
Othmer C Luee Waucoma
E.G. Longley Dows
H.D. Matthews  Greeley
F. D. McClelland Corning
Harry McCullough Davenport
Fred Meinzer Fred Meinzer
Archie R. Nelson Aurelia
Ed L. O'Connor Iowa City
Paul B. Richard Corydon
Hugh E. Rawson Des Moines
H.M. Remley Anamosa
Clarence C. Richards Sibley
Robert Showers Iowa City
Harry Shultz Oskaloosa
Claude L. Severin Cedar Falls
Clifford W. Scott Davenport
Cecil Sward Mediapolis
Kent H. Thornell Sidney
Guy W. Thomas Winfield
Atwell L. Talley Elkader
Louis L. Ticktin Wilton
Perry T. Thompson Jewell
Reginald Tompkins Cedar Rapids
W. R. Thornton Lansing
G. R. Wait Iowa City
Irving J. Weber Neola

~ Alumni and Former Students ~

Paul R. Abrams   Cedar Rapids
W. J. Barngrover   Cedar Rapids
J. Leo Chapman   Ottumwa
J. H. Gadbury   Tama
E. S Harden   Casey
Paul Kurz   Iowa City
Carroll B. Martin   Dubuque
H. W. McClintock,   Cedar Rapids
Edward B. Mayer   Iowa City
Lester E. McGregor   Brandon
George W. Pritchard   Onawa
Floyd Thomas   Ottumwa
Charles D. Waterman    Davenport

~ source: Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co., Iowa, May 10, 1917
~ transcribed for Iowa in the Great War by Sharyl Ferrall  http://iowaoldpress.com/