A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.


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Two Local Boys in Honored Detachment.

The Second Engineers, in which Ernest L. Bale and Irvan Gaard of this city are serving, have been cited for bravery and have been decorated with the Croix de Guere. It is also important that this is the only company of engineers in the A.E.F. to receive this coveted honor. In speaking of their bravery and dauntless courage the Stars and Stripes of January 3, has the following to say:

"Vierzy had finally been captured, but all the ground traversed by the attack was covered with wounded and no further progress could me made that night. The American troops, such of them as remained, dug themselves in, and the next morning the 2nd Engineers followed the Engineers' prerogative of digging all day, advanced through the remnants of the 9th Infantry and the 6th Marines, through those of the 23rd Infantry and at 7 o'clock drove forward again more than five kilometers to Tigny, where on the edge of Bois d'Hartennes and less than a kilometer west of the Soissons-Chateau-Thierry highway, the depleted American units were brought to a stop, but entrenched themselves, and aided by the men of the macine [sic] gun battilion [sic], held every inch of their gain."


The following Iowans have been killed or died of accidents or wounds during the last week:
Corp. Floyd Ernest Griggs, Albion; Myron J. Brooks, Luasa; Harvey G. Pierce, Missouri Valley; Thomas E. Langon, sergeant, Council Bluffs; Corps. Louis E. Wenieke, Burlington; Clifford W. Kinhead, Rippey; Hans P. Sorensen, Adair; Louis J. Turner, Oskaloosa; Pvts. Garbrand H. Haase, Carroll; Marvin  E. Peterson, Linn Grove; Louis J. Snider, Alden; John F. Kounenburg, Ashton; Anthony ? Roederer, Burlington; Robert W. Todlock, Mediapolis; Tom Reese, Carbon; Anthony Baleer, Cedar Rapids; John H. Reneker, Douds; Peter F. Tempus, Independence; Charley Vetter, Nashua; Roland P. Roeder, Grundy Center; Fred V. Rosenbaum, Calmar; Charles Wilkins, Ottumwa; James Kelter, Ottumwa; Henry H. Hildegrand, Winfield; Mitchell Houchin, Burlington; Clare S. Mahoney, Stanley; Carl A. Harrington, Redding; Jake Weisman, Marble Rock; Johnny J. Rost, Hartley; Chris N. Johnson, Moorhead; Thorolf Simonson, Webb; Kristian Jensen, Newell; Robert T. Lock, Hartley; Ernest E. Benson, Center Point; Joe Middendorff, Breda; Walter R. Picket, Osceola; John Rottman, Wilton Junction; Chester E. Rutledge, Des Moines; Louis Spring, Tipton; Floyd Allen, Scranton; Clair Daniel, Prescott; John W. Dinham, Murray; Paul E. Fackier, Atlantic; Niale Drake, Masonville; William Huismann, Titonka; Milton J. McElroy, Indianola; Peter Smith, Newell; Francis P. Scannell, Des Moines; Chauncey Schmidt, Muscatine; Chris M. Christensen, Ellsworth; John Ehrig, Gladbrook; Francis E. Kellog, Volga; Harry Reese, Wilton Junction.

Although Ury J. Odell of Bloomfield was worth over $25,000, he refused to purchase Liberty bonds, War Savings Stamps, or donate to the Red Cross. Odell also made a number of utterances against the government and its allied activities, resulting in his being declared guilty of violating the espionage act in United States District court at Ottumwa. Odell is middle aged and served in the Spanish-American war, of which he is ashamed, he declared in court. He will be sentenced soon.

~ source: news item, Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co., Iowa, June 18, 1917