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      The exemption board for Fremont county, composed of Sheriff Dilts, Auditor Ellis and Dr. J. M. Lovelady, completed the work of numbering the registration list for the selective draft last Saturday, and sent an official copy to the adjutant general of the State, another copy to the army headquarters at Washington, posted a list in the court house for public inspection, and a fourth list was given to the Herald for publication.
     No definite news has been received as to when or how the draft will be made, but it is expected it will be made within the next week, possibly by the end of this week. The manner of the human lottery is still a mystery, the latest statement being that all the numbers will be drawn and filed away in serial order for future use, but only 679,000 men who are finally accepted will be used in the first draft.
     The Herald herewith prints portion of the serial numbers and names which run from 1 to 1386, with the post office addresses, but no other distinction as to locality or precinct.
     Fremont county men who registered for the draft made for World War I:

Draft Numbers 801 through 850:

Willard F. Kingsolver Farragut No. 847
Henegar Harrison Kinslow Farragut No. 848
David F. Leonard Randolph No. 846
Grover C. Magel Sidney No. 845
Lee R. Magel Sidney No. 844
Paul Magel Farragut No. 843
Orville Malcolm Sidney No. 839
Clarence Leslie Margason Shenandoah No. 842
Cyril C. Maxted Farragut No. 841
Joseph Benjamin Mitchell Farragut No. 840
Earl F. Oppenheimer Farragut No. 837
Murl Otte Sidney No. 838
William James Poulson Sidney No. 836
Alva Ramsey Sidney No. 834
Fred Charles Rosenstrater Tabor No. 801
Leslie O. Ross Farragut No. 835
Charles F. Schaaf Sidney No. 831
Conrad P. Schaaf Sidney No. 827
Ed. J. Schaaf Anderson No. 829
George D. Schaaf Anderson No. 828
Julius J. Schaaf Randolph No. 830
Clarence W. Schroeder Tabor No. 802
Marion E. Sells Sidney No. 824
Charles Shebe Tabor No. 807
William A. Shuffler Randolph No. 833
Arthur J. Simmerman Farragut No. 826
Ralph R. Simmerman Farragut No. 825
Don H. Smith Tabor No. 803
Chester Earl Spittler Sidney No. 832
John R. Starrett Tabor No. 804
Charles W. Sullivan Tabor No. 808
Perry Swisher Tabor No. 806
William Joseph Swisher Tabor No. 805
Edward H. Thomas Tabor No. 811
John D. Thompson Tabor No. 810
Edwin C. Todd Tabor No. 800
Perry Travis Sidney No. 823
Claud G. Vansant Sidney No. 820
Emil M. Vansant Sidney No. 821
Charley I. Vermilyea Sidney No. 819
Vern Calvin Walker Tabor No. 818
Marion Ford Wearin Tabor No. 816
Ira Leigh Weatherhead Tabor No. 815
Dayre Williams Tabor No. 814
Harle Williams Tabor No. 812
Earl Woodard Shenandoah No. 849
Fred E. Woodlands Sidney No. 850
John Thomas Woolsey Tabor No. 813
David Wesley Worcester Tabor No. 817

Draft Numbers 851 through 900:

Barfield N. Anderson Sidney No. 879
Clarence Raymond Barnes Hamburg No. 880
William T. Bateman Shenandoah No. 876
Leslie Beam Riverton No. 881
Lester G. Bonwell Farragut No. 877
Myrl E. Bopp Sidney No. 878
Ira Evan Bridges Hamburg No. 882
Thomas Jasper Carter Sidney No. 874
Earl Chambers Shenandoah No. 875
Joseph Chaney Riverton No. 883
Ervin Fay Coffey Hamburg No. 884
Andy T. Coy Randolph No. 873
Aaron Cradic Churchill, Tennessee No. 885
Barney Edmond Donaldson Riverton No. 886
Frank Lewis Donaldson Riverton No. 887
Jesse Alonzo Donaldson Riverton No. 888
Clyde Ross Farwell Sidney No. 871
Don Fichter Randolph No. 868
Leonard E. Fichter Randolph No. 872
John Fay Catlin Finnell Hamburg No. 889
Ralph Lee Frazier Farragut No. 869
Wylie M. Freeman Sidney No. 870
Joe Francis Gardner Riverton No. 890
John L. Gardner Riverton No. 891
Walter James Gardner Riverton No. 892
John Harvey Good Rookins, Missouri No. 864
William D. Goodner Farragut No. 866
Lee E. Gore Farragut No. 862
Ernest Christ Grassmeier Hamburg No. 893
Lee John Grassmeier Hamburg No. 894
Joshua Robert Gray Riverton No. 895
Floyd A. Greedy Sidney No. 867
Glen R. Greedy Sidney No. 865
James D. Griffin Randolph No. 863
Charley O. Hall Randolph No. 861
William B. Hall Anderson No. 856
Alfred E. Hammers Riverton No. 858
Sam Hickman Hamburg No. 896
Harold Charles Holloway Sidney No. 859
Oscar D. Holman Hamburg No. 897
Harley Earl Hopkins Sidney No. 857
Lee Roy Nelson Cooper Hopkins Riverton No. 898
Moses Harrison Hopping Hamburg No. 899
Henry C. Huey Randolph No. 860
Clarence Inman Randolph No. 855
Bernal Perry Jones Sidney No. 854
Guy Jones Sidney No. 853
Wilbur King Hamburg No. 900
Nate C. Waldron Farragut No. 852
Frank Wells Shenandoah No. 851


Draft Numbers 901 through 950:


Oscar Ray Athen Hamburg No. 918
Leonard Ira Bright Hamburg No. 919
David Brooker Hamburg No. 920
Walter Gale Booker Hamburg No. 921
Floyd Edwin Cruse Riverton No. 922
Robert Ruman Carlett Hamburg No. 923
Jack Boyce Coffey Hamburg No. 924
Marvin Timothy Crowell Riverton No. 925
Robert Augustus Chandler Riverton No. 926
Charles Winfield Douglas Hamburg No. 927
John Glenn Edgerton Hamburg No. 928
Lee Hugh Egbert Hamburg No. 929
Charles Owen Edgerton Hamburg No. 930
Tom Oro Finnell Hamburg No. 948
Joseph Richard Gaines Riverton No. 931
Clarence Charles Herris (Merris?) Hamburg No. 940
Oren Arthur Hoffarth Riverton No. 932
Frank Thomas Hein Hamburg No. 933
Nichles Samuel Hein Hamburg No. 934
Gene Lyle Hess Riverton No. 935
Samuel Arthur Langston Hamburg No. 936
Davie Ray Lewis Hamburg No. 939
Homer William Lewis Hamburg No. 938
Chester Ollie Lyons Hamburg No. 937
Carl Hubert McSpadden Hamburg No. 901
Grover Means Hamburg No. 902
Willard C. Miller Hamburg No. 903
William Barthel Mohr Hamburg No. 904
George Eric Moore Chetope, Kansas No. 905
Victor Heaton Moore Riverton No. 906
Grover B. Morgan Hamburg No. 942
Thomas Earl Morgan Hamburg No. 941
Roy H. Mortimore Riverton No. 907
Ralph Ivan O'Neal Hamburg No. 908
James Blaine Rees Hamburg No. 943
Archie Rogers Hamburg No. 909
George Grover Schaeffer Riverton No. 944
Oscar Henry Schaeffer Riverton No. 947
Clarence Everett Scott Riverton No. 910
Henry Birddine Simpson Hamburg No. 946
Ross Curtis Smith Riverton No. 945
Albert Snapp Riverton No. 911
Frank Snapp Riverton No. 912
Jacob Edwin Strait Hamburg No. 913
Carl Raymond Thiessen Hamburg No. 914
Opel William Thompson Hamburg No. 915
Daniel Clayton Tillman Hamburg No. 916
Wayne Leslie Whitmore Riverton No. 950
Harry J. Winder Hamburg No. 917
Hollie Wingate Hamburg No. 949


Draft Numbers 951 through 1000:


Frederick William Aspedon Farragut No. 954
George William Bangs Shenandoah No. 955
Wilbert B. Banks Northboro No. 956
Charles Francis Billeen Farragut No. 957
Carl Henry Bredensteiner Shenandoah No. 960
Henry John Bredensteiner Shenandoah No. 957
John Henry Bredensteiner Shenandoah No. 959
Charles Stewart Brooks Hamburg No. 961
Daniel S. Carter Shenandoah No. 962
Walter V. Corey Shenandoah No. 963
Earl V. Cornell Shenandoah No. 964
Grant Starkey Crownover Shenandoah No. 965
James S. Davis Shenandoah No. 966
Albert Andy Duren Northboro No. 967
Eli Jonathan Duren Northboro No. 968
John Jacob Duren Northboro No. 969
Lee Walter Emery Northboro No. 970
John Wesley Foster Farragut No. 971
George H. Gruber Farragut No. 972
Paul Carl Gruber Farragut No. 973
Clyde Hammers Glenwood No. 974
George Robert Hayes Hamburg No. 977
Samuel W. Hayes Humburg No. 979
Chris Claus Hess Northboro No. 980
Fred J. Hirz Northboro No. 978
Otis B. Holman Hamburg No. 981
Clinton Joseph Hopkins Northboro No. 975
Robert F. Johnson Shenandoah No. 976
Carl Henry Kemper, Riverton No. 982
Charles Otto Lauman Shenandoah No. 983
Emmet Elmer Lewis Hamburg No. 984
George A. Lush Northboro No. 985
Joseph Beryl Mackoy Farragut No. 990
Warring Mackoy Shenandoah No. 989
Rufus C. Marsh Northboro No. 988
Nathan O. McCrary Shenandoah No. 993
Frank Dale McQueen Shenandoah No. 992
James Russell McQueen Farrabut No. 991
Fred August Meyer Shenandoah No. 987
Thomas I. Murphy Shenandoah No. 986
Harry Colvin Nendick Northboro No. 994
Carl L. Neve Farragut No. 995
Frank William Nook Hamburg No. 996
John Chris Nook Hamburg No. 997
Earl Parker Phelps Shenandoah No. 998
Warren Cleo Rorebeck Northboro No. 999
Henry Fred Rosenthal Farragut No. 1000
Bert Wade Riverton No. 951
Gilbert Smith Zack Hamburg No. 952
Luke Talmage Zuck Hamburg No. 953


Draft Numbers 1001 through 1050:


Guy Elwin Asman Tabor No. 1013
Walter Elmer Asman Tabor No. 1014
John Bailey Tabor No. 1015
Roland Edmond Bancom (Balcom?) Tabor No. 1016
William Stewart Barnes Sidney No. 1017
Thomas Everett Bicknell Thurman No. 1018
Verne Marley Boone Tabor No. 1019
Earl Raymond Brittain Thurman No. 1020
Walter Earl Carter Thurman No. 1021
Bart Cassaner Tabor No. 1022
Cyde Earl Clapper Thurman No. 1023
James Lawrence Clapper Thurman No. 1024
Perry Albert Clapper Tabor No. 1025
Cladie Alexander Clark Tabor No. 1026
Arthur Dalton Tabor No. 1027
John Duff Sidney No. 1028
Albert Eyner Dyke Thurman No. 1029
Ernest Dee Elliott Thurman No. 1030
Clyde Clifford Ewalt Tabor No. 1031
Lester Leroy Forney Thurman No. 1032
Orpha Franklin Forney Tabor No. 1033
Clifford Hall Gray Tabor No. 1034
Elmer Addison Garrett Thurman No. 1035
Clark Glenn Gilbert Tabor No. 1036
Clyde Walter Gaylord Tabor No. 1038
Warren Leander Gaylord Tabor No. 1037
Ralph Homer Greenwood Tabor No. 1039
Walter Elmer Greenwood Tabor No. 1040
George Fred Hallar Tabor No. 1041
Harry Hatcher Thurman No. 1046
William Earl Hayes Tabor No. 1043
Everett Leroy Hiatt Tabor No. 1044
Robert Leslie Hoag Sidney No. 1045
Homer Franklin Honea Tabor No. 1042
Winfred Charles Irwin Sidney No. 1047
Harold Clyde Johnson Tabor No. 1048
Guy Solomon Jones Tabor No. 1049
Ralph Clinton Jones Tabor No. 1050
Charles Newton Scott Hamburg No. 1001
John Henry Smith Coin No. 1001
Toy Smith Westboro, Missouri No. 1003
Arthur Clyde Spooner Farragut No. 1004
Walter F. Stanbrough Riverton No. 1005
Robert H. Stooker Shenandoah No. 1006
Clarence A. Stuckey Farragut No. 1007
Carl Eberlee Tiller Northboro No. 1008
Ernest H. Walter Northboro No. 1009
Frank E. Whitehill Shenandoah No. 1010
Calvin Murry Winstead Hamburg No. 1011
Glen Merit Workman Farragut No. 1012


Draft Numbers 1051 through 1100:


David Wilson Ackley Hamburg No. 1086
William R. Ackley Hamburg No. 1087
Fred Eldie Anderson Hamburg No. 1085
Clarence Beam Hamburg No. 1093
Chester W. Boyd Hamburg No. 1092
Frank James Brown Hamburg No. 1094
Gilbert Ray Brown Hamburg No. 1088
Samuel Guy Brown Hamburg No. 1091
Cyrus N. Bunch Hamburg No. 1089
John A. Bunker Hamburg No. 1090
Fred Williams Chandler Hamburg No. 1096
Grover Lemuel Cummings, Hamburg No. 1095
Royal C. Danley Hamburg No. 1098
William Walter Darnell Hamburg No. 1099
Edwin Cullen Dryden Hamburg No. 1097
Fay E. Ebaugh Hamburg No. 1100
Grover Cleveland Kemper Sidney No. 1051
Andrew Marion Kerans Sidney No. 1052
Arlo Lyle Kesterson Tabor No. 1053
John Benjamin Lefever Sidney No. 1054
Walter Scott Longinaker Tabor No. 1055
Earl Cecil Lundy Thurman No. 1056
Dossie Allen Madison Sidney No. 1057
Lonnie Adon Madison Sidney No. 1058
Percy Eugene Myers Thurman No. 1059
Benjamin Harrison Noland Tabor No. 1060
George Eli Omans Thurman No. 1061
John Sherman Parker Tabor No. 1062
Cyrenius Eli Perkins Sidney No. 1063
George Raymond Perkins Sidney No. 1064
Dee Pickinpaugh Sidney No. 1065
Guy Rhodes Plank Thurman No. 1066
Arch Rickabaugh Tabor No. 1067
Manly Lee Ruse Sidney No. 1068
Roy Sylvester Ruse Sidney No. 1069
Wesley Raymond Ruse Sidney No. 1070
Clarence Henry Shannon Tabor No. 1071
Elmer Leson (sic) Smay Tabor No. 1072
Joseph Perry Stoddard Sidney No. 1073
Raymond Vernon Stoddard Sidney No. 1074
Ralph Noah Story Tabor No. 1075
Charles Leslie Swett Tabor No. 1076
Will Thompson Tabor No. 1077
Cliff Cole Timson Tabor No. 1078
William Van Tuttle Sidney No. 1079
Guy Ernest Vanatta Tabor No. 1080
James Louis Van Ness Sidney No. 1081
Delbert Marshall Wolkins Tabor No. 1082
Sanford Lloyd Wolkins Tabor No. 1083
Earl Leroy Wyant Thurman No. 1084


                                                      Draft Numbers 1101 through 1150:


Charley Scott Bailor Hamburg No. 1129
Merle Albert Banta Hamburg No. 1127
Clyde Beam Hamburg No. 1133
Joe H. Beam Hamburg No. 1131
Chester Herbert Beasley Hamburg No. 1132
Arthur Franklin Bell Hamburg No. 1128
David Clyde Benson Hamburg No. 1130
Clifford Carman Hamburg No. 1136
Chalmers C. Clayton Hamburg No. 1138
James Earl Cloepfil Hamburg No. 1135
Frank Crawford Cook Hamburg No. 1134
Herbert Dale Coy Hamburg No. 1137
Wellington Beach Davey Hamburg No. 1139
James William Mann Dean Hamburg No. 1141
Clyde Tobias Dimmitt Hamburg No. 1143
Joe Dimmitt Hamburg No. 1142
Frank William Driever Hamburg No. 1140
Fred Frank Fey Hamburg No. 1144
Jacob Brown Fletcher Hamburg No. 1145
Jesse William Fletcher Hamburg No. 1101
Ray Charles Garst Hamburg No. 1146
George Henry Gitz, Jr. Hamburg No. 1102
Earl Hadley Hamburg No. 1105
Clifford Harrison Harding Hamburg No. 1147
Dave Hoover Hardman Hamburg No. 1148
Newton Harris Hamburg No. 1103
Ona Lee Harrow Hamburg No. 1106
Frank William Driever Hamburg No. 1140
Fred Frank Fey Hamburg No. 1144
Jacob Brown Fletcher Hamburg No. 1145
Jesse William Fletcher Hamburg No. 1101
Ray Charles Garst Hamburg No. 1146
George Henry Gitz, Jr. Hamburg No. 1102
Earl Hadley Hamburg No. 1105
Clifford Harrison Harding Hamburg No. 1147
Dave Hoover Hardman Hamburg No. 1148
Newton Harris Hamburg No. 1103
Ona Lee Harrow Hamburg No. 1106
Clyde Carlton Hatch Hamburg No. 1104
Arthur Leroy Hicks Hamburg No. 1108
Ralph Edmond Hicks Hamburg No. 1107
Fred Kenneth Jones Hamburg No. 1109
Fred Kesinger Hamburg No. 1149
Dick Koutsandreas Hamburg No. 1150
Ralph Bragg Lair Hamburg No. 1111
Guy William Lane Hamburg No. 1112
Glen Ellen Leckenby Hamburg No. 1110
Frank Swiggart Lusby Hamburg No. 1113
Simon Miller Hamburg No. 1114
Joseph Milton Mohler Hamburg No. 1115
John H. Nahkunst Hamburg No. 1116
William Stanley Opelt Hamburg No. 1117
Harry Dean Peck Hamburg No. 1123
Howard Putman, Jr., Hamburg No. 1118
John Paul Rees Hamburg No. 1119
Norton Edward Shuey Hamburg No. 1121
Ralph Stoner Hamburg No. 1122
Terry Dennison Sullivan Hamburg No. 1120
James Anthony Walker Hamburg No. 1125
Ellis Kyle Webb Hamburg No. 1126
Elijah Ray Wilkinson Hamburg No. 1124


         Draft Numbers 1151 through 1200:


Chris Bennett Hamburg No. 1191
Harry Bennett Hamburg No. 1190
Ernst L. Capps Hamburg No. 1193
John Samuel Clanton Hamburg No. 1196
Clifford A. Clary Hamburg No. 1195
Isaac Bailey Clary Hamburg No. 1197
Myron Clary Hamburg No. 1192
Thomas Tiller Coffey Hamburg No. 1194
LeRoy Dimmitt Hamburg No. 1198
Charley Marion Ellison Watson, Missouri No. 1199
Arthur Ellsworth Hamburg No. 1200
James A. Johnson Hamburg No. 1152
John Koutsandreas Hamburg No. 1151
Richard Alonzo Larson Hamburg No. 1153
Ray Lynn Lauritson Hamburg No. 1156
Clifford Lewis Hamburg No. 1154
Frank Jacob Liess Hamburg No. 1155
Leonard Mabbitt Hamburg No. 1166
Leroy Clark Mackey Hamburg No. 1167
George W. M. Marker Hamburg No. 1168
Luther Lee Marker Hamburg No. 1161
Arthur N. McAdams Hamburg No. 1160
Clarence Arthur McDonald Hamburg No. 1164
Dan Harrison McDonald Hamburg No. 1163
Robert Daniel Miller Hamburg No. 1165
David Earl Mincer Hamburg No. 1162
James Garfield Mullinix Hamburg No. 1169
Charles Ross Notson Hamburg No. 1157
Fred Ray Notson Hamburg No. 1159
George Willis Notson Hamburg No. 1158
Bernat Adolphus Olson Hamburg No. 1170
Sidney Parker, Hamburg No. 1171
James Thurman Payne Hamburg No. 1172
Joe A. Reynolds Hamburg No. 1175
Roy Edward Reynolds Hamburg No. 1176
Seymour Roy Rings Hamburg No. 1174
Charles Jasper Robinson Hamburg No. 1173
Martin Luther Seybold Hamburg No. 1177
Glen Hugh Smith Hamburg No. 1179
Merl B. Snyder Hamburg No. 1178
William Rufus Stanton Hamburg No. 1180
Harvey Allen Statton Hamburg No. 1181
Kenneth Glen Thornton Hamburg No. 1183
Leon Cooper Thorp Hamburg No. 1182
Orville Evere Van Meter Hamburg No. 1189
Charley C. White Hamburg No. 1185
Wesley Emmons Whitmore Hamburg No. 1184
Valentin Wiederholt Hamburg No. 1188
Harold Lewis Wilson Hamburg No. 1186
Roscoe Leroy Zook Hamburg No. 1187



~ source: The Fremont County Herald, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa, July 19, 1917


~ Submitted by W.F.