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Company K Boys

Excerpt of a letter home

[the Co. K boys were at that time involved in the "border squirmish", Brownsville, TX.]

One of the Co. K. boys, is a private letter to the Sentinel, says: "We are still down here hoping to be home soon but nobody knows how soon. Our drill programs are just as strenuous as ever and since this war scare they have lengthened the hours. Co. K had it pretty soft for a while when we were detailed as guard down at the First National Bank of Brownsville. On February 12th we were relieved, however, and are now back on duty again. It is hard to realize what storms you people up north have been having. It is like perpetual summer here except for a few brief cold spells which we appreciate as the warm weather is tiresome. Our chief occupation in spare time is talking over the cold weather in Iowa and shivering as we think of it."

~ source: LeMars Sentinel Newspaper, LeMars, Plymouth Co., Iowa; Tuesday, 20 February  1917


- transcribed and submitted by Linda Ziemann
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