A look back at Iowa's contribution to the Great War.



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Roster of Co. M, Thursday, April 19, 1917



Captain Lloyd D. Ross   1st Lieut. C. O. Briggs
  2nd Lieut. J. C. Christopher  




Old Members --- Taken New Oath.

Sergt. Thomas Grove Sergt. O. F. Johnson Sergt. Clem Hobbs
Corp. Cecil B. Graves Corp. James B. Lepley Corp. Otis P. Blank
Corp. Arnold Hoke Corp. D. V. Ferguson Corp. Russell Hardwick
  Mech. Thure Freeburg  



Butler, John D. Lewis, Russell Smith, Jay D.
Clement, Carl Miller, Henry Smith, Forrest S.
Hemenway, Ira A. Oldaker, Vernon E. Swanson, Joseph C.
Larson, Clarence A. Pike, Howard H. Taylor, Frank J.
Lepley, Edward C. Smith, La Mar Winn, Frank G.
    Wilson, Earle W.



Longstreet, G. A. Tetty, Clarence Longstreet, Jack Y.
Griffith, Marion C. Francen, Otto (Transferred from Co. F.)  




Recruit Residence Recruit Residence
Anderson, Clarence A. Atlantic Lynch, Donald D. Atlantic
Bennett, John Hamburg McConnelle, Irwin O. Atlantic
Birdsall, John T. Atlantic Morrill, Lloyd L. Atlantic
Black, Lester C. Red Oak Monk, Lawson Riverton
Breese, Roy E. Red Oak Munday, Leondius S. Red Oak
Brooks, Philip A Atlantin Nord, Elmer V. Red Oak
Brown, Frank R. Red Oak Nylander, Guss W. Red Oak
Campbell, Marion R. Red Oak Phares, Ray I. Atlantic
Caton, Joe R. Griswold Petty, Robert G. Red Oak
Cleland, Clarence Riverton Pierce, Karl O. Atlantic
Crowell, Bethel L. Riverton Poch, Fred W. Atlantic
Cocklin, Frank N. Griswold Poterfield, Frank P. Atlantic
Crowder, Frank C. Red Oak Riley, Oliver Red Oak
Culver, Paul E. Red Oak Robbins, Calvin L. Griswold
Denlinger, Paul F. Red Oak Roberts, Ralph E. Atlantic
Dinsmore, Frank L. Red Oak Rudig, Albert L. Griswold
Doe, John Des Moines Sharkey, William H. Red Oak
Everett, Joseph M. Red Oak Sheppard, Guy Atlantic
Fall, Henry Red Oak Sims, Phil R. Atlantic
Filpot, Thomas B. Red Oak Singley, Chas. G. Red Oak
Fudge, Joseph O. Atlantic Smith, Roy Carson
Gillfillan, Lee Carson Smith, Ormie A. Riverton
Hawkins, George H. Red Oak Spence, Ormen F. Atlantic
Hubbell, Max L. Atlantic Spence, Frank B., Jr. Atlantic
Coker, Raymond D. Atlantic Spencer, Clyde M. Griswold
Jarvis, Edwin L. Red Oak Stephenson, Maurice Red Oak
Johnson, Leslie Riverton Tarr, Walter Hamburg
Johnson, Alvin L. Red Oak Taylor, Cecil U. Red Oak
Kjar, Glen Atlantic Telfer, John P. Red Oak
Kringel, Glen Atlantic Thornton, Oral K. Red Oak
Kringel, Carl S. Atlantic Turk, Glen Red Oak
Lary, Ray W. Red Oak Wyant, Ben F. Griswold
Lueth, Louis I. Atlantic Wright, Everett E. Atlantic
Lynch, Leon B. Atlantic Wright, Earl A. Atlantic


-source: Members of Company M as printed in The Red Oak Sun, Red Oak, Iowa, Thursday, April 19, 1917
~ contributed by Bill Reiley <wsr@majornet.com