Marshall County in the World War  1917-1918



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They Made the Supreme Sacrifice

     Albion One
     Beaman Two
     Boone Three
     Garwin Four
     Gilman Five
     Green Mountain Six
     LeGrand Seven
     Liscomb Eight
     Marshalltown Nine
     Melbourne Ten
     Minerva Eleven
     Rhodes Twelve
     Saint Anthony Thirteen
     State Center Fourteen
     Union Fifteen

Individual Photographs

     Chester A. Anderson

     Peter Anderson

     William H. Bowman

     Calvin C. [Lee] Croson

     Bert D. DeLawyer
     Frederick G. Ekstrom

     Harry E. Everist

     Sergt. Frank L. Glick

     Corp. Floyd Griggs
     Floyd C. Groover
     Harry C. Harter
     Paul Hauser
     Edward Raymond Johnson
     Charles Huston Jones
     Sergt. Elza Clifford McKim
     August Mayer
     Clifford McKim
     David A. Paul. Jr.
     Raymond Oliver Peterson
     Larry E. Powers
     Erwin Pursel

     Corp. Harold G. Ralls

     Elmer B. Soules
     Albert  Stepan, Jr.

     Corp. Clyde L. Thomas

     Thomas Vanhoy

     Lieut. Earl L. Wall

     Hugh Weatherman


~ Transcribed, scanned and submitted by Polly Eckles