Table of Contents


Author Five
Forward Six
Acknowledgement Seven
Memorial Certificate Eight
Hands Across the Sea Nine
The Matchless City,  a drawing Eleven
Honor Twelve
Citizenship Thirteen
Allegiance - Altruism Fourteen
Vision - Loyalty - Duty Sixteen
Duty (cont.) - Valor Eighteen
Community Spirit Twenty-two
Tribute Twenty-three
Commemoration Twenty-four
Interpretation, The American Certificate of Honor Twenty-five
Faith Twenty-six

~ Gold Stars ~

Edith Geneevieve Becker  Edward H. Monahan Twenty-eight
Donald Nickerson Laurens Corning Shull Twenty-nine
Charles Henry Chepmell Lane Ezra Clinton Cummings Thirty
Robert Schenk Emil Theodore Carlson Thirty-0ne
Charles H. Reeder Robert A. Nash Thirty-two
Garrett Verstegen George J. Nelson Thirty-three
Glenn E. Rhodes John Arthur Baker Thirty-four
Arthur Nathaniel Akerson Orville Leo Deal Thirty-five
Howard Frank Shumaker Jesse E. Smith Thirty-six
George F. Coates Albert Ernest Behmer Thirty-seven
James Harvey Leete Matthew Dale Eckerman Thirty-eight
John R. Pieper Thomas H. Larson Thirty-nine
William Christian Seversen Robert Wesley Peile Forty
Roy Vernon Tubbs William A. Woodruff, Jr. Forty-one
Clayton Vernual Posey Ralph Luvern Church Forty-two
Archie George Redden Baud Sidney Holt Forty-three
Ralph W. Tawzer William H. Tott Forty-four
James J. Harty Herman Christian Roeschke Forty-five
Harold S. Schiller Browdie Gunn Cownie Forty-six
Neil C. Anderson Donald LeRoy Holden Forty-seven
Carl R. Anderson Louis William Richter Forty-eight
William Stukas Earl Edward Nelson Forty-nine
Frank John Oliver Rathburn Edgar Satterlee Fifty
Charles Edgar Neustrom Franklin Jude Gary Fifty-one
 Hugh Haven Galland Ernest Abijah Galland Fifty-two
Roy Walford Johnson Neil Leo DeVore Fifty-three
Mark Humbert Middlekauff Howard Philip Zettel Fifty-four
Martin F. DeWolf Leo Frederick Mattison Fifty-five
James F. Minnich William Schneider Fifty-six
Alfred W. Leazer Arthur Earl Whiting Fifty-seven
Clarence E. Brink Theodore Henry Loetz Fifty-eight
Oliver S. Huyck Thomas Bailie Fifty-nine
John Stekelenburg Wendell F. Prime Sixty
Cecil Lloyd Hankins Russel Clarkson Hand Sixty-one
Clair Arthur Kinney Olaf Oien Sixty-two
Furman LeRoy Hale William Roy Ream Sixty-three
Malcolm David Algyer Roy C. Bowers Sixty-four
William Lehman Charles Dwight Fry Sixty-five
Fred E. Boston William Edward Wagner Sixty-six
Edward Anthony Coulombe Michael Angelo Frederick Sixty-seven
Roy Cordua Goldie Denzel M. Wagner Sixty-eight
Clifford Newton Bell Frederick W. Gaebler Sixty-nine
James F. Connolly Charles Franklin Robinson Seventy
Joseph William O'Donnell Charles Alfred Johnson Seventy-one
Harry Everett Kilts William David Hamilton Seventy-two
Frank Edwin Anderson Carl Adrian Olson Seventy-three
Lyle Hubbard Job Everett Miles Seventy-four
Henry William Klewe Francis Kenneth Line Seventy-five
H. Van der Burg Merwyn E. Smith Seventy-six
Thomas Leo O'Shonessy Leslie Garner Morrow Seventy-seven
Winfield March White Robert John O'Neill Seventy-eight
Louis John Manos Elmer P. Seney Seventy-nine
 Clement George Goodwin        Samuel J. Richardson Eighty
Thomas Vitoves Jesse F. Norton
Thruce M. Thompson
Henry Grover Fluckiger Thomas Lee Eighty-one
Bert L. Smith William Conrad Nigg
Arthur W. Fluke
The Legion Field of Honor Eighty-five
The Portals of The Hall of Honor, Graceland Park Mausoleum Eighty-six
The Hall of Honor Eighty-seven
The Memorial Mile Eighty-eight
The Bond of Comradeship Eighty-nine
Devotion  - 4364 names appear on this Sioux City Honor Roll Ninety-two
    Andland, Laura S. - Bergeson, LeRoy Ninety-three
    Bergquist, Elmer - Chambers, C. Ninety-four
    Chambers, W. C. - Dealahy, G. A. Ninety-five
    Dean, J. M. - Flageolle, J. W. B. Ninety-six
    Flaherty, J. L. - Hamel, W. C. Ninety-seven
    Hamilton, L. F. -Horten, E. R. Ninety-eight
    Horton, Harry L. - King, C. H. Ninety-nine
    King, D. J. - Lucky, R. J. One hundred
    Ludgate, R. A. - Mitchell, Stephen One hundred-one
    Mitchell, C. L. - Otman, H. D. One hundred-two
    Ott, T. A. - Ritz, William One hundred-three
    Rivin, Lewis - Sletwold, Harold One hundred-four
    Sloan, Charles H. - Tott, Geo. R. One hundred-five
    Tott, H. W., Jr. - Winner, Fred One hundred-six
    Winslow, Fred H. - Zornbowsky, Nick One hundred-seven


One hundred-ten

"In Their Own Words"


Part 1 One hundred-eleven
'Reminiscences'   Part 2 One hundred-thirteen
'Reminiscences'    Part 3 One hundred-sixteen
'Reminiscences'   Part 4 One hundred-eighteen
'Reminiscences'    Part 5 One hundred-twenty
'Reminiscences'   Part 6 One hundred-twenty two
The American Legion Axuiliary One hundred-twenty six
The History of Edward H. Monahan Post No. 64 One hundred-twenty seven


~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel