For God and Country







       Sioux City's men and women who served in the uniform of their country in the World War are listed on the following pages. This Honor Roll was compiled by the historian's department of Monahan Post of The American Legion from all available records that could be obtained. The list was printed in the Sioux City Tribune on November 11, 1922, with the request that additions, corrections or omissions be called to the attention of the historian of Monahan Post before January 1, 1923.

      This Honor Roll is considered official as printed here. If any name is omitted, it is only because of that person's neglect to notify the historian of the omission within the period reserved for such notification.

      Four thousand three hundred eighty four names appear on the Honor Roll, representing nearly six per cent of the entire population of Sioux City in 1918, when the call ended. 




~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel