For God and Country







           The natural grandeur of the homeland will form a most beautiful memorial to Sioux City war dead, where the roadway from Stone Park Boulevard winds through the meadows to the crest of the highest of Stone Parks wooded hills. The city of Sioux City has beautified the highway in laying splendid terraces on each side of the roadway, and in planting one of Iowa's finest native trees to the memory of each of the city's Gold Stars. In but a few years the drive will present a scene most beautiful to look upon. A mammoth monument will mark the entrance to the road. In passing on, one will enter upon a drive where towering elms grace the sides of the road to the west entrance of the park. The stillness and beauty of this countryside lane will manifest reverence of a great city for the sacrifices of her heroic dead. The roadway will be named The Memorial Mile.             




~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel