Gold Stars 


Louis John Manos

Louis John Manos


 March 24, 1919

Pvt., Co. A, 42nd Infantry



     Died of influenza, March 24, 1919, at Camp Dodge, Iowa.

     Buried in Graceland Park Cemetery, March 28, 1919.

     Brother of Nicholas Manos, 1413 H Street, Washington, D. C.


Elmer P. Seney

October 26th 1889

January 9, 1919

Chief Petty Officer, Submarine K-4



      Died influenza at a hospital in Spokane, Washington..

      Buried in Floyd Cemetery, January 13, 1919.

      Son of Mrs. Pearl I. Dickover, 4150 Congress Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Elmer P. Seney





~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel