Gold Stars 



Furman LeRoy Hale

March 14, 1895

November 8,, 1918

Pvt., Kelly Field, A. C.



    Died of influenza while on furlough to attend father's funeral at Toledo, Ohio.

    Buried at Toledo, Ohio, November 10, 1918.

     Brother of John Hale, Chicago, Illinois.


William Roy Ream

February 19, 1876

August 24, 1918

Major, Flight Surgeon in Aviation Department



      Killed when airplane crashed to earth after being caught in cyclonic rainstorm near Effingham.

      Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

      Buried in the Omaha Valley Cemetery, near Homer, Nebraska.

      Mrs. A. J. Ream, Homer, Nebraska, mother. Mrs. Harriet F. Ream, San Diego, California, wife.





~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel