For God and Country







      The following pages contain the pictures and brief records of Sioux City's men and women who paid the supreme sacrifice of giving their lives in the World War. Among the 104 photographs there are three Gold Stars who served in the Canadian forces. The necessity of their presence is explained opposite the photographs.

      Every possible effort was put forth to obtain a photograph and detailed information for each Gold Star. In a Very few cases information was limited. Where photographs do not appear opposite the name, it is because such were unobtainable. A few of the photographs will appear to be blurred, or of some defect, but it must be remembered that most of the photographs reproduced in this work were the only existing likeness, and the work of the photo engravers is of the highest order considering the handicaps they were compelled to work under in reproduction.

      All of the 114 Gold Stars are persons who resided in Sioux City at the time of their call to arms, or whose parents or next -of-kin resided in this city at that time which established their legal residence as such. However, each person whose memory is honored is one who spent his or her life in Sioux City, or such part of it that the claim of this city to his relationship is well justified. 





~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel