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Gold star.


        Experiences of the war that most impressed the ex-service men and women of Sioux City were called for on a questionnaire mailed to each member of Monahan Post. The blanks returned to the historian contain some of the most thrilling stories of the war as related by men and women, some of whom were in action, some who did not cross the seas, and by some who crossed the seas, yet did not go over the top.


        The personal experiences which are copied on the following pages are from those received in response to the request of Monahan Post. They are copied exactly as written except for the full names of the various writers. The presence of only the initials of the contributors is deemed necessary because of a feeling of regret that exists among some of those who were not in action. Therefore, no person will have been glorified by his or her activities as published here with. It will be noted that some of the contributions are brief and rightfully has claim to space in such a work as this.


       One may gather pathos and comedy from the offerings, but to read the words of those who cared to pay tribute to their homeland and to their associates in the World War is reading well worth the serious attention of men of this day and of time to come.  


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~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel