For God and Country








       To the Gold Star Mothers who so kindly loaned photographs of their heroic sons and daughters; to the organizations who preserved records of Sioux City men and women during their absence in the uniformed service of their country; to the Historical Society or the State of Iowa in assisting to furnish data of Sioux City Gold Stars; to those who were asked to criticize the original manuscript of this work and weigh its merit and power; to all of these and their loyal spirit this book is dedicated.

     The complication of data and the writing of the allegory is among the duties of the historian of Edward H. Monahan Post of The American Legion. An outline of the history of the post from the date of organization to the period in which this work was published is presented in the closing chapter. To the authority for expressing the composite thought of ALL Sioux City ex-service men and woman Edward H. Monahan post has no certified claim. It seeks therefore to express the thought of gratitude that has cheered it to its high endeavor through the most commendable support of all Sioux City. 






~ scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel