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Royal Arch Mason

Roll of Honor

Roll of Honor

 Companions of Iowa Chapters

of the

Royal Arch Masons

 in the service of our country



  No. 17  


Tadmor Chapter No. 18 Knoxville
Gray Anderson Harry Avery Pierre H. Bousquet Clinton T. Brann (Braun)
Glenn Butcher Dean Butcher Paul M. Black Jackson L. Collins
Corwin S. Cornell D.D. Cornell William Casey Carl W. Cloe
Paul L. Core William H. Daniels Leland H. Dunlap Peter Giorgetti
Robert E. Gilleland (Gilliland) Wood R. Hulen Homer Johnson Joe M. Johnson
Robert T. Johnson Walter Kester Floyd W. Lyman Carl Mulky
C.M. Maddy I. J. Pascoe Claude Phelps Harry Phelps
P.P. Reese W.G. Vander Ploeg (Vanderploeg) Earl Welsher F.P. Woodruff
Floyd Whaley Worth E. Wagner    



Chapter No. 19  


Valley Chapter No. 20 Cedar Falls
H.F. Bangert H.C. Best A.R. Bishop  J.P. Billund
M.L. Begeman R.D. Bennison Sexton Bolton James Collar
J.F. Dempster H.L. Eells (Ells) Arthur Erickson H.G. Frisby
H.A. Frisby F.D. Gilkey M.K.W. Heicher W.L. Hearst
H.J. Hendricks Phillip S. Hill F.L. Hitchcock Ike Habben (Hobben)
John J. Kyle (Kyhl) Titus Lowe Grant B. Lemen M.C. Mead
K.S. Olesen D.H. Pellitier Wayne Raymond Fred Sherburne
T.M. Pringle L.J. Simpson Harold Smith W.D. Schultz
,J.W. Willimek (Wilimek)      



Aholiab Chapter No. 21 Independence
Fred F. Agnew Clinton J. Anchor Elmer A. Bordner Harold M. Bucher (Herold)
H.A. Householder Glen Ozias Raymond S. Stout Thomas J. Tormey
Vernes V. Wheeler (Vernus)      


 Chariton Chapter No. 22 Chariton
C.L. Baskin E.N. Bowman Roy Bridges L.S. Combs
R.C. Gutch George A. Israel Robert E. Larimer John E. Lukens
J.A. Matson H.F. McCollough J.C. Still  



Moore Chapter No. 23 Keosauqua
Earl L. Doods (Dodds) John H. Devin John W. Early J. Stanley Mitchell
Jay M. Morrow Leland L. Morris (Leeland) Ralph S. Roberts Glenn Sargent
Harry E. Webb James H. Wilson    


Jethro Chapter No. 24 Waverly
A.W. Beebe C.L. Bergen A.L. Burton W.J. Barber
C.A. Cool R.B. Clark F.G. Clark, Jr. R.O.  Clark
F.J. Evans E.L. Finley M.N. Gernsey D.W. Harman
John Hess P.J. Hilligardt Gardner Johnson A.C. Kohlmann
Lloyd Krause F.W. Osincup H.L. Pries T.L. Pape
F.R. Sparks      

~ sources:
1) Transactions of The Grand Chapter of Iowa at its Sixty-fifth Annual Convocation, convened at Ft. Dodge, Thursday, November 14, A.D. 1918. A.I. 2448
2) Transactions of The Grand Chapter of Iowa at its Sixty-sixth Annual Convocation, convened at Cedar Falls, Thursday, October 9, A.D. 1919. A.I. 2449

~ notes:
1) Both books have honor lists, but because they were published in different years, the lists are not identical, I have combined them into one list
2) Occasionally the books spelled the soldiers first or surname differently, the name in (parenthesis) is from the 1919 source.

~transcribed for 'Iowa in the Great War' by Sharyl Ferrall