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Royal Arch Mason

Roll of Honor


Roll of Honor

 Companions of Iowa Chapters

of the

Royal Arch Masons

 in the service of our country



Iowa Chapter No. 1 Burlington
Maurice Barier (Bauer) C.E. Bloom Eugene H. Barnhart Raymond Duerr
Louis C. Ebert Raymond R. Hoppe Harry F. Kuhlemeier Edward F. LaForce
Harry J. Long James Moir Walter E. Pierce Adolphus M. Root
Paul H. Schaefer Clarence E. Smith Henry M. Sutter Edward I. Woodbury (Ernest)



Iowa City Chapter No. 2 Iowa City
George, W. Ball John W. Berry Ralph L. Brynes Wilbur D. Cannon
John W. Cogswell Charles W. Gallaher Le Roy Graham Karl Engeldinger
Charles C. Foster Charles W. Gallaher L.P. Graham Lloyd A. Howell
Stanley M. Hands Glen A. Kenderdine Frank J. Konvalinka, Jr. R.E. Klinsorge
Everett I. Pownall Paul C. Pownall Frank J. Mezik Morton C. Mumma
W.W. Mercer E. B. Raymond Carl H. Rapp Hardin A. Sheldrick
Donald C. Snyder Edward F. Snyder Henry C. Souchek Cyril B. Upham
John Voss Clarence Van Epps Frank J. Zeithamel George P. Zeithamel.



Dubuque Chapter No. 3 Dubuque
Kendall Burch Clarence J. Bordeaux Henry L. Bradish M.C. Budahl
George C. Flanders William J. Heckmann J.H. Hoskins Oliver E. Harker
Carl Haller L.R. Hyde Edward J. Kiesels Clarence J. Livingston
Edward Lee Edwin G. Kiesele C.C. Northrup A.M. Pond
Guy E. Pollock Allen R. Parker Harry O. Royce John Rider Wallace (John Ryder)
Ralph H. Waring W.E. Woodrich (Woodrick) Harvey Woodward David S. Wilson
John F. Young      


Washington Chapter No. 4 Muscatine
Elmer S. Batterson Jerome C. Bishop Elmer E. Bloom J. Earl Dickinson
Frank Downer Charles H. Fishburn Clarence A. Hahn Owen Howells
W.H. Johnston A. A. King Otto M. Kautz Roy F. Kautz
Frank H. Kincaid Robert E. Lee Walter W. Molis Fred W. McDugall (McDougall)
Fred B. Nesper Wendall J. Nyenhuis Harold B. Strong Fred C. Wollett


McCord Chapter No. 5 Fairfield
Charles Brodie Harry Crow Percy L. Easton Clarence L. Glass
Hubert E. Howard N.L. Howard V. D. Koons William McGiffin
Herbert Pollock Ralph Peebler    


Hiram Chapter No. 6 Oskaloosa
Karl Appel Oliver B. Anderson John C. Bradbury F. Merle Bucher
Harold J. Cunningham (Cuningham) Alonzo T. Drinkle, Jr., Charles Dungan Max C. Frazier
Alonzo T. Drinkle, Jr. Charles Dungan Max C. Frazier Francis A. Gillett
Guy J. Hyde Roy H. Kemble W.G. Kilpatrick John H. Lawton
Robert H. Milner Rolland Mincer Hugh D. Moore Clyde B. Morgan
Arthur C. Munsell Maxwell A. O'Brien Joseph Patterson Clarence L. Rakow
John G. Ryan C. Harold Sheridan John L. Terry Harold A. Triplett
Rex H. Wickham William P. Williams Roy Wortman Frank W. Wright


Gate City Chapter No. 7 Keokuk
 C.A. Camper I.R. Carlson P.M. Chamberlain H.A. Gray
B.L. Gilfillan C.E. Hertenstein E.H. Hertenstein Roy Holman
A.L. Johnson Norman Kiedasch C.E. Lindquist B.W. Merriam
F.G. McKinley Alex McBean William Miller S.E. Moore
J.T. Owens R.J. Pemberton H.L. Swenholt F.C. Smith
A.J. Schiebel      



Henry Chapter No. 8 Mt. Pleasant
Frank P. Abraham Joseph W. Burnop Simon R. Boyer Charles Freeman Boal
William J. Brown Nathan Boggs Oral J. Brown (Jay Oral) Ernest L. Beezley
G.C. Cotter James R. Cotter Albert R. Collins Ralph C. Campbell
Louis D. Elliott Earl Edwards C.H. Fraser Glenn A. Hookom
Hugh S. Litzenburg (Litzenberg) John W. Laird G.C. Merillat Earl D. Mauch
Harold D. McCullough James T. McConaughey Paul H. McCoid William G. Prottsman
A.B. Palmer L.C. Rinehimer Chester R. Russell Edwin A. Schell,
Warren N. Shelledy Clarence H. Schwartz E.C. Shipley, Irving Sobel
Gilbert Schuerman Carl E. Sterner C.O. Taylor Lester E. Trent
Jay W. Wilson William Frank Wright Carl D. Whitney Joseph C. Wenger

~ sources:
1) Transactions of The Grand Chapter of Iowa at its Sixty-fifth Annual Convocation, convened at Ft. Dodge, Thursday, November 14, A.D. 1918. A.I. 2448
2) Transactions of The Grand Chapter of Iowa at its Sixty-sixth Annual Convocation, convened at Cedar Falls, Thursday, October 9, A.D. 1919. A.I. 2449

~ notes:
1) Both books have honor lists, but because they were published in different years, the lists are not identical, I have combined them into one list
2) Occasionally the books spelled the soldiers first or surname differently, the name in (parenthesis) is from the 1919 source.

~transcribed for 'Iowa in the Great War' by Sharyl Ferrall