Memorial Mile

Sioux City Great War Memorial, 21st Century




The Memorial Mile (later named Memorial Drive)


    Several decades ago, the only entrance to Stone Park was Stone Park Blvd. Following World War I the City created, "The Memorial Mile". Memorial Drive, as it is known today, is the mile long road leading to the gates of Stone Park. It was named to honor the 114 Sioux Citizens who died in World War I. One hundred fourteen Elm Trees, one for each Sioux Citizen who died, were planted along Memorial Drive sometime in the 1920's.

   There is a commemorative plaque placed in the concrete of Memorial Drive to honor these individuals. That plaque was covered by asphalt repairs several years ago. We need help finding this plaque.

   The Friends of Stone Park would like to see this historic commemorative entrance to Stone Park, Memorial Drive, restored.

   On November 8, 2004, The Friends of Stone Park met with the City Council. The Council and City Manager were very interested and will work with Friends on learning more about, and possibly restoring, "The Memorial Mile".


~ source: John Schulte Clinton County http://iagenweb.org/clinton/




Stone Park Direction Sign [facing west]

Memorial Drive [facing east]

Memorial Drive [facing west]


Memorial Drive [facing west]

Memorial Drive. Near the west end. Junction with Talbot Road nearly visible at the end of 2nd curve. [facing west]

Memorial Drive [facing east]



End of Memorial Mile, beginning of Stone Park [facing west]

End of Memorial Mile, beginning of Stone Park [facing west]

Stone State Park entrance monument (East entrance). [facing west]


East Entrance to Stone State Park. [facing west]

Westernmost Memorial Drive street sign. [facing north]

Easternmost Memorial Dr. street sign. [facing south]



~ Source: Sioux City Public Library