Iowa Women in the Great War



Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt

and the New

Iowa Regimental Flag


Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt

designer of the new Iowa Regimental Flag


      The Iowa flag, shown below is a reproduction, was designed by Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt, of Knoxville, state regent of the D. A. R. The idea of having the flag was originated by Mrs. Gebhardt and her flag committee, of which Mrs. Lue Prentiss of Iowa City is state chairman. The flag was presented for approval to Governor Harding and the state council of defense on May 11, 1917, and a committee was authorized to prepare flags to present to each outgoing regiment of Iowa, the object being to identify our own boys among other states of the union.



      The D. A. R.'s of Iowa provided money for eight of these flags, one of them now being with the old Third Iowa, somewhere in France. Seven were presented by Governor Harding to the Iowa units at Camp Cody.

     The flag design consists of three vertical stripes in blue, white and red, French colors, Iowa having been first French territory, part of the Louisiana purchase. Upon the central white stripe is a spreading eagle from the seal of Iowa, bearing in its beak blue streamers, on which is inscribed the state motto "Our Liberty We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain." Beneath in red is the word "Iowa." Mothers feel that "Iowa" in the color of blood is a symbol of the sacrifice our boys may make for us.

    The flags are now being manufactured by Annin and Company of 99 Fulton street, New York City. Ten per cent of every sale is donated to the American Red Cross for war relief purposes.


~ credit: Library of Congress, American Memories Collection - Broadsides, leaflets, and pamphlets from America and Europe
- transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Iowa in the Great War