Iowa Medical Profession in the Great War


Part IV - List of Iowa Physicians

who have been Recommended by the Surgeon General for Commissions in the Medical Officers Reserve Corps and Assigned to Duty.

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Talbott, Eugene Finch Capt Grinnell  
Talboy, James Henry Capt Onawa  
Talley, Louis Franklin 1st Lieut Diagonal  
Taylor, Charles Burr Capt What Cheer  
Taylor, John Quill 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines colored
Taylor, Roscoe Durr 1st Lieut Spencer  
Teemey, Thomas Novox 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Thies, Edward Martin 1st Lieut Granville  
Thomas, Clarence Irouth 1st Lieut Guthrie Center  
Thomas, Colin Gaudens 1st Lieut Monticello  
Thomas, Hollis Sherman 1st Lieut Oakdale  
Thomas, William Harper 1st Lieut McGregor  
Thompson, Howard Randall 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines colored
Thornburg, William Vestal 1st Lieut Yale  
Thornton, James W. Capt Ackley  
Throckmorton, R. Fred Capt Derby  
Tidball, Charles Willis 1st Lieut Independence  
Tinsley, Thomas Clinton 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines  
Traverse, Isaac Wilsey Capt Ft. Madison  
Trey, B.E. 1st Lieut Marshalltown  
Trotter, William M. Capt Maxwell  
Tubbs, Roy Burney 1st Lieut Council Bluffs  
Tyrrell, Joseph Walters 1st Lieut Des Moines  
Van Dyke, John Henry 1st Lieut Cedar Falls  
Van Epps, Clarence  Major Iowa City  
Van Meter, Fletcher Jackson 1st Lieut Clarinda  
Van Patten, Clyde Leslie 1st Lieut Anamosa  
Van Voorhis, Clyde Randolph 1st Lieut Prairie City  
Vander Veer, Frank Leroy Capt Cedar Falls  
Verpahl, Rudolph Augustus 1st Lieut W. Cedar Rapids  
Voigt, Benjamin John 1st Lieut Spencer  
Wahrer, Frederick Louis 1st Lieut Fort Madison  
Walker, Ben S. Capt Corydon  
Walker, John Milton Capt Dubuque  
Walker, John Riley Capt Ft. Madison  
Walker, Will George Capt Corydon  
Wallace, James Carroll 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines  
Wallace, Louis O.S. 1st Lieut Cherokee  
Wallace, Robert More 1st Lieut Algona  
Walsh, Thomas Nelson 1st Lieut Hawkeye  
Ward, Dell Warner 1st Lieut Oelwein  
Ward, Loraine William 1st Lieut Fairbank  
Waters, Ralph Milton Capt Sioux City  
Watkin, Clifford Roy 1st Lieut Sioux City  
Watts, A. Fred 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Weaver, John Otis 1st Lieut Shenandoah  
Weber, William Wirth 1st Lieut Hartford  
Wehman, Edward John Capt Burlington  
Weidlein, Floyd Henry 1st Lieut Wellman  
Weih, Elmer Paul 1st Lieut Clinton  
Weiss, John Michael Capt Knoxville  
Wells, Clifford W. Capt Des Moines  
Wenzlick, Geo. John 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Wescott, LeRoy Anderson Capt Cherokee  
West, Harry Delbert 1st Lieut Des Moines  
Westley, Gabriel S. 1st Lieut Ft. Dodge  
Weston, Burton French Capt Mason City  
Wheeler, Edwin Ruel 1st Lieut Swingle  
Whitaker, Ben Tallman Capt Boone  
White, Edward Harvey 1st Lieut Dubuque  
White, Herman Alexander Capt Clinton  
White, Seward 1st Lieut Olin  
White, Winfield March 1st Lieut Sioux City  
Whitehill, Nelson McPhee Capt Boone  
Whiteley, Joseph Hall Capt Bonaparte  
Whitmore, Frank Beach 1st Lieut West Union  
Wickham, Emmett Terry Capt Washington  
Wildman, William Murray Capt Fort Dodge  
Wilkinson, Harry Blaine 1st Lieut Perry  
Will, Frank A. Capt Des Moines  
Williams, Frank L. Capt Des Moines  
Willis, Theodore Alan 1st Lieut Clear Lake  
Wilson, Arthur Henry 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines colored
Wilson, Edmund Willoughby 1st Lieut Rolfe  
Wilson, John Hiram 1st Lieut Mount Hamill  
Wilson, Roske Jerome 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines  
Winkler, Frank Paul 1st Lieut Sibley  
Winnett, Joseph Roderick 1st Lieut Eldora  
Winter, Malcolm Duncan 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Wirsing, Arnold Oswald 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Wolfe, Channing Elmer 1st Lieut Coon Rapids  
Wolfe, Joseph Herbert 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Wood, Rollin Webster 1st Lieut Newton  
Woodbridge, James Warren Major Cylinder  
Woodbury, Ernest Irving Capt Burlington  
Woodruff, Robert Henry  Capt Charles City  
Worley, William Hammond Capt Nodaway  
Wray, Clarence McCarty 1st Lieut Iowa Falls  
Wright, Howard Jesse Capt Des Moines  
Wright, John Robert 1st Lieut Knoxville  
Wuttke, Edwin Edward 1st Lieut Sumner  
Yates, George Spurgeon 1st Lieut Des Moines  
Yavorsky, George William Capt Belle Plaine  
Yenerich, Charles Otis 1st Lieut Rockford  
Yoder, Boyden Benedict 1st Lieut Northwood  
Yoder, Edwin Cleveland 1st Lieut Iowa City  
Young, Guss Bross Capt Des Moines  
Young, Russell Montague Capt Red Oak  
Youtz, H. Lamont Capt Des Moines  
Zuercher, Arlo Richard 1st Lieut Cedar Rapids  


~source: History of Medicine in Iowa, by D.S. Fairchild, M.D., F.A.C.S., Clinton; Second Section: The Iowa Profession in the Great War; pg 1-95; Reprinted from The Journal of the Iowa State Medical Society, 1927
~ Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for 'Iowa in the Great War' IAGenWeb Special Project, August 2006