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Ringgold County, Iowa


Selective Service Registration







GABRIEL, Luther, Kellerton, Iowa
born April 24, 1893, MO   farmhand for D. C. HIGHAHOR of Lamoni, married with 1 child


GALLAUGHER, Lester William, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 24, 1881   farmer, spouse - Gertrude GALLAUGHER


GALLOWAY, Thomas E., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born October 9, 1899   student, nearest relative - Mrs. J. A. GALLOWAY, Mount Ayr, IA


GAMMON, Albert Clate, RFD 4, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 7, 1881   farmer, spouse - Abbigal R. GAMMON


GARD, Guy, RFD, Diagonal, Iowa
born November 11, 1887, Clearfield, IA   farms with father, single


GARD, Harry Osker, RFD 2, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born February 24, 1884   farmer, spouse - Mary Ann GARD


GARD, Homer, RFD, Clearfield, Iowa
born July 14, 1889, Clearfield, IA   farmer, single


GARDNER, Roy Everett, RFD 1, Tingley, Iowa
born November 6, 1897   farmer, nearest relative - Truman Martin GARDNER, Tingley, IA, single


GARITY, James Fenton, Benton, Iowa
born September 21, 1896, Benton, IA   farmer, single


GARITY, John Henry, Benton, Iowa
born April 15, 1887   farmer, married


GARLAND, Doyle Welch, Ellston, Iowa
born February 14, 1895, Knowlton, IA    day laborer for Herman ERNEST of Ellston, married
Previous Military Service as a Private with Iowa National Guard Infantry for 2 years


GARLAND, Oscar D., Tingley, Iowa
born February 15, 1887, Diagonal, IA   carpenter with Wm. BUTTERFIELD of Tingley
married with 3 children


GARTIN, Eugene Edward, RFD 1, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 2, 1875   farmer, spouse - Florence GARTIN


GATES, Frank, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 23, 1876   farmhand for Louis O. BERGH of MO, spouse - Elizabeth GATES


GATES, Homer Augustus, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 27, 1889, Redding, IA    employed by Adams Ex. Co. of Mount Ayr, IA, single


GAULE, Lawrence Francis, Knowlton, Iowa
born May 6, 1876   farmer, nearest relative - Johnn L. GAULE, Blocton, IA


GAULE, Philip, Knowlton, Iowa
born March 15, 1899   farm laborer for Jas. GAULE of Blockton, IA
nearest relative - William GAULE, Knowlton, IA


GAULE, Robert, Knowlton, Iowa
born February 21, 1892, Conway, IA   farmer, single
Exemption - mentally & physically unfit


GEBHARDT, John Henry, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 24, 1874   farmer & machinist for CG&W Rail Road
spouse - Joe Leta GEBHARDT


GEORGE, Hartwell Z., Redding, Iowa
born March 3, 1897, Colfax, IA   works for father, C. H. GEORGE, also nearest relative
NOTE: Father's birthplace - Colfax, IA


GEIGER, Chas. E., Redding, Iowa
born October 3, 1881   mechanic, spouse - Maud Lajune GEIGER


GEIGER, Edward, Delphos, Iowa
born July 20, 1881   farmer, spouse - Katie GEIGER


GEIGER, Joseph, Redding, Iowa
born December 3, 1886   rinning a garage, spouse - Allice Bell GEIGER


GEIGER, Matt., Delphos, Iowa
born May 3, 1879   farmer, spouse - Ara GEIGER


GEORGE, Clarence, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 28, 1878   farmer, spouse - Martha GEORGE


GERINGER, Roy Edwin, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 9, 1896, Caledonia, IA   farmer, single


GERINGER, William Austin, RR 3, Kellerton, Iowa
born February 15, 1885   farmer, spouse - Ethel E. GERINGER


GERLING, Herbert Warren, RFE Clearfield, Iowa
born April 8, 1894, Burlington, IA   farms for father, single


GERMAN, Eber Almon, Benton, Iowa
born February 14, 1889, Caledonia, IA    laborer for CG&W Rail Road, married with 3 small children


GERMAN, George William, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 12, 1899   farms for mother who is also nearest relative - Mrs. Jennie GERMAN, Mount Ayr, IA, single


GERMAN, Homer William, Hatfield, MO
born January 19, 1890, Lotts Creek Twp., Ringgold Co., IA    farmer, married with 3 children


GERMAN, Howard Curtis, Benton, Iowa
born December 5, 1896, Ringgold Co., IA   farmer, nearest relative - sister Mrs. Jessie SHIEL NOTE: Father's birthplace - Illinois


GERMAN, Leonard Elmer, Benton, Iowa
born July 21, 1884, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, single


GERMAN, Lewis Derlin, Benton, Iowa
born January 4, 1892, Mount Ayr, IA    bridge carpenter for CG&W Rail Road, single


GERMAN, Marion F., Benton, Iowa
born August 17, 1896, Benton, IA    employed by CG&W Rail Road, nearest relative - Eva E. GERMAN, Benton, IA


GERMAN, Samuel Emmit, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 5, 1874   farmer, spouse - Lydia GERMAN


GIBSON, Earnest Allen, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 20, 1890, Grand River, IA   laborer, married with 2 children


GIBSON, John L., RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
born September, 15, 1879   farmer, spouse - Nellie GIBSON


GILBERT, Bert, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 4, 1880   farmer, spouse - Bertha Stella GIBLERT


GILES, Edward Wilbur, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 13, 1884   farm laborer for Wm. JACKSON of Kellerton
nearest relative - sister Fern HIGDAY, Kellerton, IA


GILES, Elton Vernard, Ellston, Iowa
born January 12, 1893, Tingley, IA   farmer, married


GILES, Howard W., Tingley, Iowa
born December 24, 1896, Diagonal, IA    employed by H. H. DUFTY of Tingley, IA
nearest relative - Morgoner GILES, Tingley
NOTE: Father's birthplace - Monmouth, IL


GILES, Lewis Clifford, RFD, Shannon City, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born July 23, 1884   farming in Ringgold Co., spouse - Nona May GILES


GILLETTE, Orr W., Ellston, Iowa
born April 20, 1875   farmer, spouse - Josephine GILLETTE


GILLETTE, Ralph, Ellston, Iowa
born SEptember 6, 1899   farms with father, nearest relative - Josephine GILLETTE, Ellston, IA, single


GILLIAND, Daniel Edward, RR 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born January 16, 1900   farmer, single, nearest relative - Carrie GILLILAND, Lamoni, IA


GILLIAND, James Bird, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 15, 1873   laborer, spouse - Nancy Catherine GILLILAND


GILLIS, Harold Melligan, Tingley, Iowa
born November 7, 1899   farmer, single, nearest relative 0 Clara M. GILLIS, Tingley, IA


GILMORE, Charley Wesley, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
born June 25, 1874   farmer, nearest relative - mother Mrs. S. J. GILMORE, Kellerton, IA


GLASGOW, James Alfred, Ellston, Iowa
born August 15, 1880   harness maker, spouse - Maurinne [sp?] A. GLASGOW


GLEASON, Clare Leroy, Benton, Iowa
born December 22, 1898   farmer, nearest relative - Eva Florence GLEASON, Benton, IA


GLEASON, Frank Edward, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 18, 1874   farmer & proprietor of furniture store, spouse - Susan GLEASON


GLEASON, Howard C., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born July 5, 1889, Ringgold Co., IA    employed by Hawkeye Lumber Co., Mount Ayr
married with a child


GLENDENNING, Charles Wilbert, Redding, Iowa
born December 13, 1879   farmer, spouse - Maude E. GLENDENNING


GLENDENNING, Elmer Leroy, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born November 6, 1892, Ringgold Co., IA    farms in Lotts Creek Twp, married with a 2-year-old child


GLENDENNING, James Blaine, Diagonal, Iowa
born November 16, 1884   farmer, spouse - Nellie V. GLENDENNING


GLENDENNING, Jeremiah, Redding, Iowa
born August 12, 1886, Middle Fork Twp., Ringgold Co., IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co.
married with 2 children


GLENDENNING, John Halley, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 1, 1890, Middle Fork Twp., Ringgold Co., IA   farmer, married with a child


GLENDENNING, Wesley Hayes, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 25, 1886   self-employed thresher & livery man, spouse - Nellie GLENDENNING


GLICK, Milton D., Ellston, Iowa
born April 3, 1889, Ellston, IA   carpetner, married with 3 children


GLOVER, John Porter, Diagonal, Iowa
born December 10, 1876   unemployed, nearest relative - William GLOVER, Diagonal, IA


GODDEN, Harry, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born August 24, 1881   farmer, spouse - Nellie GODDEN


GOFF, Clarence C., Blockton, Iowa
born October 8, 1890, Winterset, IA    farms in Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., IA, single


GOFF, Ernest R., Redding, Iowa
born May 19, 1893, Grant City, MO    farms in Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., IA, married


GOFF, Joe Walter, Benton, Iowa
born Febuary 22, 1896, Athelstan, IA   clerk at Citizens Savings Bank of Benton, single
Exemption - one leg amputated


GOFORTH, Lawrence Dennis, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 20, 1886    dry goods clerk for D. D. DOLECHECK of Diagonal
nearest relative - Eunice GOFORTH, Barnard, Nodaway Co., MO


GOINS, Luther, Maloy, Iowa
born January 20, 1895, Richmond, KY   farmhand, single


GOLDNER, Albert L., RFD 1, Tingley, Iowa
born October 31, 1897   farmer, nearest relative - Mary GOLDNER, Tingley, IA


GOLDNER, Edward Randolph, Tingley, Iowa
born October 21, 1884   farmer, nearest relative - Mary GOLDNER, Tingley, IA


GOLDNER, Elmer Martin, Ellston, Iowa
born August 2, 1894, Kent, IA   farmer, married


GOLDSBERRY, Fred Roy, Ellston, Iowa
born July 18, 1891, Hamburg, IA   self-employed painter & decorator, married with 1 child


GOLLIDAY, Charley, Benton, Iowa
born June 17, 1887, Benton, IA   laborer for CG&W Rail Road, single


GOODALE, Bard Weaver, Diagona, Iowa
born April 15, 1883   evangelistic singer with Rev. S. D. GOODALE
nearest relative - Irene Margaret GOODALE, Diagonal, IA


GOODALE, Earl Lester, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 5, 1897   works at general merchandise business, Diagonal, single
nearest relative - W. H. GOODALE, Diagonal, IA


GODELL, A. J., Kellerton, Iowa
born February 25, 1891, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married


GOODELL, GLen Ira, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 4, 1899   farmhand for Walter OILER of Kellerton, single
nearest relative - Harry E. GOODELL, Des Moines, IA


GOODING, John Lewis, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 25, 1874   farmer, spouse - Mae N. GOODING


GOODMAN, John Lewis, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
born November 17, 1881   farmer, spouse - Charity May GOODMAN


GOODWIN, Charley Sidney, Tingley, Iowa
born August 14, 1887, Iowa City, IA   machinist with Tingley Garage Co.
married with a child under age 12 years


GOODSON, Jessie Ghlea, Knowlton, Iowa
born February 25, 1889, Atwater, IL   farmer, married


GORDON, Charlie Roy, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 19, 1890, Corydon, IA   farmhand for H. W. OSBORN of Mount Ayr
married with 2 children


GORSUCH, Charley Elmer, RFD 3, Kellerton, Iowa
born May 13, 1880   farmer, spouse - Mary Jane GORSUCH


GRAHAM, Chester, December 5, 1897, Iowa
born December 5, 1897   section hand for CB&Q Rail Road
nearest relative - Dora GRAHAM, Diagonal, IA


GRAHAM, Eddie, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 7, 1895, Diagonal, IA   bridge carpenter for Ringgold Co., single


GRAHAM, George William, Diagonal, Iowa
born April 27, 1876   farmer, spouse - Lura May GRAHAM


GRAHAM, Harry, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 13, 1889, Diagonal, IA   lather, married with 1 child


GRAHAM, Jessie Clyde, Diagonal, Iowa
born August 19, 1889   assistant postmaster United Station, Diagonal, single


GRAHAM, Perry, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 26, 1883   login for self at Langley Prairie, Britsh Columbia, Canada
nearest relative - wife, New Westminister, British Columbia


GRAHAM, Ralph, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
born August 9, 1884   farmer, spouse - Edith M. GRAHAM


GRAHAM, Samuel Walter, RFD 1, Knowlton, Iowa
born September 15, 1874   farmer, spouse - Maggie GRAHAM


GRAHAM, Victor, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 14, 1899   day laborer, nearest relative - Henry GRAHAM, Diagonal, IA, single


GRAHAM, William Earl, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born October 2, 1888   farmhand for Perry STEPHENSON of Mount Ayr, married with 2 children


GRANT, George Arthur, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 2, 1895, Nevinville, IA    sutdent at Simpson College, Indianola, IA, single


GRAY, John Lewis, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 21, 1891, Mount Ayr, IA   barber, married with 2 children


GRAY, Maurice Oliver, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born April 22, 1891, Lenox, IA   farmer, married
Exemption - bad stomach


GRAY, Ralph Walter, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born September 10, 1898   farms with father, nearest relative - James F. GRAY Sr., Beaconsfield, IA


GREY, James Frank, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born August 17, 1895, Lenox, IA   farmer, married with a child


GREEN, Charley Harvey, RFD 3, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 9, 1885   farmer, spouse - Lucinda GREEN


GREEN, ELmer James, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 9, 1873   farmer, spouse - Rhoda GREEN


GREEN, John Riley, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born December 25,1872   farmer, spouse - Maria GREEN


GREEN, Lee Owen, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born July 22, 1895, Ringgold Co., IA   auto & truck driver, married


GREENE, Jesse William, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
born January 15, 1881   farmer, spouse - Mable May GREENE


GREENMAN, Clifford Corvan, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 12, 1892, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married with one child


GREENMAN, Earl Ralph, Kellerton, Iowa
born June 5, 1889, Kellerton, IA    dental student at St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, married


GREENMAN, George Edward, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 18, 1885   farmer, spouse - Anna E. GREENMAN


GREENMAN, William Lyle, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born August 7, 1900   farms for Ed R. GREENMAN, nearest relative - Ida GREENMAN, Kellerton, IA


GREENROD, Homer, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 13, 1896, Mount Ayr, IA   employed by Fred LAIRD of Kellerton, single


GREENWOOD, Beryl, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born July 31, 1900   unemployed farm laborer, single
nearest relative - Katie CHANDLAR, Mount Ayr, IA


GREGORY, Willie, Kellerton, Iowa
born February 24, 1888, Monticello, KY   farmer, married with 3 children


GRIEMANN, Nicholas Lyle, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 24, 1898   farmer, single, nearest relative - Henry W. GRIEMANN


GRIFIITH, Charles Leslie, RFD 1, Redding, Iowa
born January 17, 1884   farmer, spouse - Ethel GRIFFITH


GRIFFITH, George Edgar, Redding, Iowa
born August 12, 1878   farmer, spouse - Maude GRIFFITH


GRIFFITH, George William, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 20, 1875   farms for Ab DAVENPORT of Diagonal
nearest relative - Elsie WYANT, Mount Ayr, IA


GRIFFITH, Owen B., Redding, Iowa
born November 11, 1891, Redding, IA   farmer, married with a child


GRIMES, Harry Stanley, Ellston, Iowa
born January 3, 1883   farmer, spouse - Luella GRIMES


GRIMES, Leonard S., Tingley, Iowa
born September 11, 1888, Ellston   carpenter, married with a child


GROGAN, John Andrew, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born April 29, 1875   farmer, spouse - Francis A. GROGAN


GROGAN, Michael John, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born October 13, 1897   teacher, single, nearest relative - Mrs. S. J. GROGAN


GROSE, George Edward, Tingley, Iowa
born May 9, 1878   harness dealer, spouse - Stella GROSE


GROVES, Carl Elsworth, Benton, Iowa
born May 15, 1893, Benton, IA   farmer, single


GROVES, Earl Wesley, Benton, Iowa
born March 14, 1890, Kellerton, IA   laborer for CG&W Rail Road
married with 3 children under age of 12


GROVES, Edwing Henry, Benton, Iowa
born December 8, 1872   farmer, nearest relative - T. O. GROVES, Benton, IA


GROVES, Ezra Doyle, Benton, Iowa
born June 18, 1900   laborer for CG&W Rail Road, single, nearest relative - A. O. GROVES, Benton, IA


GROVE, Ira B., Benton, Iowa
born August 8, 1896, Benton, IA   self-employed, single
NOTE: Father's birthplace - Marion Co., IA


GROVES, Thomas Peral, Maloy, Iowa
born August 13, 1873   farmhand for W. T. O. HART of Maloy, IA, spouse - Nora GROVES


GROUT, Glenn Merton, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 21, 1899   farmer, nearest relative - [illegible] Ira GROUT, Mount Ayr, IA


GRUBB, Andrew, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 21, 1873   farmer, spouse - Mozella May GRUBB


GRUBB, Homer Allison, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 6, 1899   farmer, nearest relative - Letha May GRUBB, Mount Ayr, IA


GUESS, FLoyd Lester, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 19, 1896, Worth Co., MO   farm laborer for Simon WARNER of Diagonal, single


GUESS, Sidney D., Redding, Iowa
born March 7, 1894, Watterson, MO   day laborer, married with 1 child


GUILLIAMS, Samuel Elmer, Lamoni, Iowa
born March 11, 1890, Ellston, IA   farmhand, married with 3 children


GULICK, Martin Van Buren, Maloy, Iowa
born April 3, 1900   farmhand for T. S. SHAY Jr. of Maloy, IA, single
nearest relative - Abraham GULICK, Pine River, MN


GULICK, Marvin, Maloy, Iowa
born May 10, 1898   farmhand for J. E. GRAY of Maloy, IA, single
nearest relative - Abraham GULICK, Pine River, MN


GUNTER, Delmer Edgar, Benton, Iowa
born September 29, 1887, lacona, IA   laborer, married with 2 children


GUSTIN, James Weaver, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 11, 1892, Mortimer, IA   farmer, single
Exemption due to religious beliefs and weak lungs


GUSTIN, Jeremiah Crittenden, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 18, 1890, Mortimer, IA   farms with J. C. GUSTIN Sr., married with a child


GUSTIN, Pearl, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
born May 10, 1881   farmer, spouse - Lula GUSTIN


GUSTIN, William Bryan, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 6, 1900   farms with J. C. GUSTIN of Diagonal, single
nearest relative - Mina America GUSTON, Diagonal, IA


GUTHRIE, Friend, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 5, 1898   mechanic for W. Guyer FISHER of Mount Ayr, IA
spouse - Dora GUTHRIE


GUTHRIE, John W., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 23, 1883   auto mechanic for Wm. Guyer FISHER of Mount Ayr, single
nearest relative - mother Hester GUTHRIE, Mount Ayr, IA


GUTHRIE, Ollie, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 17, 1893, Davis City, IA   farm laborer for Harrison OLNEY, single


GUTHRIE, Thomas W., RFD 1, Redding, Iowa
born October 31, 1877   farmer, spouse - Anna GUTHRIE


~ source:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

~Transcription by Sharon R. Becker http://iagenweb.org/ringgold/