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Ringgold County, Iowa


Selective Service Registration







CABARET, John Frank, Diagonal, Iowa
born September 10, 1874   farmer, spouse - Jessie Bell CABAET


CAIN, Fred Monroe, Clearfield, Iowa
born February 27, 1896, Indianapolis, IN   farmer, single


CAIN, Harley J., Clearfield, Iowa
born April 3, 1891, Indianapolis, IN   farmer, single


CALDWELL, Clarence Burr, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 2, 1894, Mount Ayr, IA   farming, married with 2 children


CALKIN, Archie Everett, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
born August 20, 1889   farmer, spouse - Nettie Ada CALKIN


CALKIN, Henry Orland, RFD 2, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born April 18, 1881   farmer, spouse - Ina Marie CALKIN


CALLAHAN, Bert Calvin, RFD #2, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 11, 1882   farmer, spouse - Jessie June CALLAHAN


CAMERON, George Herbert, Diagonal, Iowa
born March 26, 1893, Cedar Falls, IA    carpenter for Clarence GARD, married with a child


CAMERON, Perry Aaron, Diagonal, Iowa
born July 21, 1889 or 1899, Pea Ridge, IA    Wesleyan Methodist minister, Diagonal
married with 3 children


CAMPBELL, Alva Owen, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born October 9, 1886, Ringgold Co., IA    laborer for Archie MERRITT, Kellerton, IA
married with 2 children


CAMPBELL, Charles Frank, RFD 3, Diagonal, Iowa
born August 5, 1873   farmer, spouse - Olive N. CAMPBELL


CAMPBELL, Elijah, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 1, 1876   farmer, nearest relative, mother Mrs. Deborah J. CAMPBELL, Mount Ayr, IA


CAMPBELL, Floyd Clarence, RFD 3, Diagonal, Iowa
born February 3, 1898   farms with father
nearest relatives - parents Mr. & Mrs. John CAMPBELL, Diagonal, IA


CAMPBELL, Jesse Kelley, RFD 1, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 17, 1880   Assembly of God minister, spouse - Louise CAMPBELL


CAMPBELL, John Albert, RFD 5, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 7, 1872   farmer, spouse - Lucy W. CAMPBELL


CAMPBELL, Joseph Martin, RFD 5, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 20, 1900   farmhand for Roy KING of Kellerton
nearest relative - John A. CAMPBELL, Mount Ayr, IA


CAMPBELL, Oliver Turner, Benton, Iowa
born March 2, 1884   stock buyer, spouse - Clara Belle CAMPBELL


CAMPBELL, Oscar Wesley, Diagonal, Iowa
born February 4, 1890, Diagonal, IA   farms with father, single


CAMPBELL, Thomas Ebb, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 23, 1876, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, spouse - Minnie B. CAMPBELL


CANFIELD, George Victor, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
born June 19, 1877   

CANFIELD, John Loyd, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 4, 1880   farmer, spouse - Oma J. CANFIELD


CANON, Glen Lafern, RFD 1, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born May 26, 1883   farmer, spouse - Sarah Jane CANON


CARR, Arthur Matison, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
born February 3, 1880   farmer, spouse - Ellen CARR


CARR, Eugene Emmett, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born December 13, 1897   farms with father Patrick CARR, single


CARRISON, Elton Curtiss, Shannon City, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born December 15, 1883   farms in Jefferson Twp., Ringgold Co.,
spouse - Dale Lettie Carrison


CARROLL, Addison Valley, Maloy, Iowa
born July 2, 1886, Bedford, IA   farmer, married with 2 children
Exemption due to rupture


CARROLL, James Patrick, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
born March 6, 1876   farmer, spouse - Mary McDONALD CARROLL


CARSON, Grant Ernest, Clearfield, Iowa
born November 9, 1893, Clearfield, IA   farmer, single


DARSON, James Walker, Diagonal, Iowa
born July 29, 1890, Clearfield, IA   farmer, married


CARTER, Frank Thomas, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born July 18, 1888, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia    Church of Christ minister, married


CASADY, Henry Harley, Harfield, MO
born July 30, 1876   Ringgold Co. farmer, spouse - Ethel E. CASADY


CARR, E. Duane CASE, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 9, 1887, Mount Ayr, IA   carpenter, married with 2 children


CASE, Orville Roland, Ellston, Iowa
born June 23, 1899   farmer, nearest relative - Mrs. C. H. CASE


CASHEW, Fred Leo, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born April 4, 1882   farmer, spouse - Sarah F. CASHEW


CASHEW, James Alfpons, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born April 25, 1884   farmer, nearest relative - Sam F[illegible] CASHEW


COSS, Otis Sylvester, Tingley, Iowa
born January 5, 1890   farmer, spouse - Minerva C. COSS


CATHEY, Melvin, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 23, 1891, Knowlton, IA   printer for J. L. MILLS of Mount Ayr, single
Exception - deaf mute


CAVANDER, Ernest Henry, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 30, 1890, Lamoni, IA    carpenter for Geo. HIGDAY of Kellerton, married with 4 children


CAVENDER, Willard LeRoy, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 28, 1897   carpenter for Geo. HIGDAY of Kellerton
nearest relative - Rheabelle CAVENDER


CHANCE, Edolpha D., Diagonal, Iowa
born January 20, 1878   salesman for S. F. BAKER & Co. of Diagonal
Spouse - Emma CHANCE


CHANCE, Oliver H., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 30, 1875   nearest relative - father Dorrington Chance, Mount Ayr, IA
Exemption - insane, patient of Clarinda State Hospital, Clarinda, IA; loss of one arm


CHANCE, William Frank, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 4, 1872   produce dealer, spouce - Dotha M. CHANCE


CHANDLER, Clayton W. , Kellerton, Iowa
born August 18, 1889, Ohio, IL   farmer, single
Previous Military Service - Private with Infantry at State College for one year.


CHANDLER, Glen Frank, Kellerton, Iowa
born August 27, 1891, Ohio, IL   farmer, married with a child


CHANDLER, George M., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 22, 1877   employed by Des Moines Sawmill Co., Des Moines, IA
nearest relative - sister Rose POPE, Garden City, SD


CHANDLER, John Fielden, Lenox, Iowa
born May 27, 1896, Brentwood, AR   farmer, married


CHANDLER, Thomas J., RFD 1, Lenox, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born June 2, 1874   farmer, spouse - Mary C. CHANDLER


CHEW, Isaac Richard, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born March 31, 1886   mechanic for B. C. REASONER of Beaconsfield
spouse - Cynthia A. CHEW


CHITTENDEN, Harry Curtis, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 24, 1898   student, nearest relative - Maud CHITTENDEN, Diagonal, IA


CHITTENDEN, Renaldo Grant, Diagonal, Iowa
born February 27, 1875   station agent for CG&W Rail Road
nearest relative - Maud CHITTENDEN, Diagonal, IA


CHRISTOPHER, Wallace W., Tingley, Iowa
born October 14, 1873   farmer for S. ENGLAND, Jr.
nearest relative - Duna CLARK CHRISTOPHER, Marrills, OH


CLAMPITT, James Henry, RFD 1, Benton, Iowa
born March 29, 1899   farmer for S. S. STEPHENS of Benton, IA
nearest relative 0 [illegible] CLAMPITT, Aswego, MO


CLARK, Chester Irwin, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 8, 1895, Piper City, IL   famer, single


CLARK, Claude Eugene, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 1, 1882   farmer, spouse - Mary Druscilla CLARK


CLARK, David Hirman, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born January 10, 1873   farmer, spouse - Lillie CLARK


CLARK, Edward, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
born April 19, 1885   farmer, spouse - Blanch CLARK


CLARK, Lowell Edgar, Shannon City, Iowa
born July 18, 1885   farmer, spouse - Winnie Lela CLARK


CLARK, Thomas Abraham, Ellston, Iowa
born September 22, 1889   farmer, spouse - Minnie CLARK


CLARK, William Herbert, Ellston, Iowa
born December 30, 1877   blacksmith, spouse - Clara E. CLARK


CLAYBURG, James Earl, RFD 1, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 26, 1884   farmer, spouse - Jessie Gertrude CLAYBURG


CLAYTON, Arthur James, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
born March 29, 1886   farmer, spouse - Gladys Myrtle CLAYTON


CLAYTON, Frank, RFD, Clearfield, Iowa
born November 21, 1889, Monmouth, IL   farmer, married with a child


CLAYTON, John Bryan, RFD, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born July 23, 1900   farmer, nearest relative - father Jesse CLAYTON, Clearfield, IA


CLEMENTS, George Cass, RFD 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born May 23, 1883   farmer, spouse - Bessie Mae CLEMENTS


CLEMONS, Loran E., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 6, 1890, Albia, IA   home buyer, married with an infant child


CLEMONS, Willis Mae, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born January 14, 1900   delivery clerk
nearest relative - father Mac CLEMONS


CLENDENER, Charles Augustus, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born Julyy 10, 1873   farmer, spouse - Minnie E. CLENDENER


CLOUGH, Eugene Paul Martin, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 24, 1898   farms for father John CLOUGH


CLOUGH, Harold Frederick, Kellerton, Iowa
born August 30, 1895, Afton, IA   farmer, single


CLOUSE, James Lavern, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
born September 8, 1879   farmer, spouse - Cora E. CLOUSE


CLYMER, Earl Dexter, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 10, 1895, Mount Ayr, IA   farms for Ray SMITH of Diagonal, single


COCHRAN, Perry Ellsworth, Tingley, Iowa
born August 27, 1873   farmer, spouse - Rosa COCHRAN


COFFEY, Alva John, Knowlton, Iowa
born December 22, 1891, Ft. Madison, IA   farmer, single


COFFELT, Emmett James, RR 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born October 3, 1882   farmer, spouse - Clara L. COFFELT


COFFMAN, Clared Erwin, Diagonal, Iowa
born November 1, 1896, Tingley, IA   farmer, spouse - Grace COFFMAN


COFFMAN, Ray Wyant, Kellerton, Iowa
born Novemer 30, 1894, Gladbrook, IA   farmer, married with one child


COFFMAN, Samuel J., Hatfield, MO
born April 21, 1886, Tingley, IA   farming in Lotts Creek Twp., Ringgold Co., married with children


COLES, Earle Frederick, Ellston, Iowa
born July 24, 1894, Shelby, IA   farmer, married


COLE, Alonzo Ray, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 1, 1895, Ringgold Co., IA   farmer, married


COLE, Charlie William, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 1, 1893, Jamesburg, TN   farmer of Lotts Creek Twp., married


COLE, George Robert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 23, 1888, Limestone, TN   farmer of Lotts Creek Twp.
married with 2 children aged 3 & 4 years
Previous Military Service - Private with Co. B, 1st U.S. Infantry for 2 years.


COLLINGS, Kenneth Brice, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born June 12, 1899   farmer, spouse - Jennie COLLINGS


COLLINS, Cager, Ellston, Iowa
born October 20, 1890, Grand River, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


COLLINS, Leroy Earl, RFD 2, Kellerton, IA, Iowa
born January 25, 1876   farmer, spouse - Fannie COLLINS


COMBS, Cecil W., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 6, 1894, Allendale, MO   farmer of Lotts Creek Twp., married


COMBS, Ira Evert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 23, 1895, Allendale, MO   mechanic with Combs & Hall of Mount Ayr, single


COMER, Arthur Vernon, Shannon City, Iowa
born December 5, 1895, Pawnee, OK   farming in Ringgold Col, single


COMER, Frederick Loveland, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born September 9, 1884   farms for J. H. BROONER of Mount Ayr, spouse - Edna E. COMER


COMER, Walter Cleaveland, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 20, 1885   farmer, spouse - Etta Belle COMER


CONE, Roy Mikel, Ellston, Iowa
born August 15, 1892, Ellston, IA   day laborer, single


CONE, William Henry, Ellston, Iowa
born August 16, 1875   farmer, spouse - Lucy Cathrine CONE


CONLEY, Thomast Hartfield, , Iowa
born September 12, 1879   section hand for CB&Q Rail Road
nearest relative - Ardella BARRET, Cromwell, IA


CONLEY, Fredrick Earl, Diagonal, Iowa
born June 7, 1882   section foreman for CB&Q Rail Road
spouse - Mary E. CONLEY


CONLEY, Harley Thomas, Knowlton, Iowa
born February 2, 1900   farms for Richard AYERS of Knowlton
nearest relative - George CONLEY, Knowlton, IA


CONLEY, Leo Army, Knowlton, Iowa
born March 6, 1890, Knowlton, IA   section laborer for CG&W Rail Road, single
NOTE: Leo signed his registration card with his mark, an "X".


CONLEY, William Edward, Ellston, Iowa
born September 15, 1886, Des Moines, IA   farmer, single


COOK, James Ward, Diagonal, Iowa
born September 5, 1895, Gravity, IA   farmer, single


COOK, John Thayer, Diagonal, Iowa
born August 10, 1892, Gravity, IA   farmer, single


COOPER, Elder Frank, Tingley, Iowa
born February 1, 1879   resturant clerk, spouse - Lucy C. COOPER


COOPER, George Curtis, Ellston, Iowa
born July 9, 1882   barber
nearest relative - brother Alfred COOPER, Ellston, IA


CORDELL, Chas. Roswell, Maloy, Iowa
born April 8, 1896, Athelstan, IA   farmer, married


CORDELL, Isaac Merle, Maloy, Iowa
born November 17, 1894Athelstan, IA   farmer, single


CORLL, Charlie, Kellerton, Iowa
born April 16, 1896, Putman Co., MO   farms for Mervyn JACKSON, single


CORLL, Floyd, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 25, 1887, Marshall Co., PA   farmer
married with 3 children under 12 years


CORLL, Harvy, Kellerton, Iowa
born February 24, 1890, Unionville, MO    section hand for CB&Q Rail Road, married


CORRL, William "Will", Kellerton, Iowa
born November 1, 1893, Putnam Co., MO   farmer, single


CORNELI, Bernard John, Tingley, Iowa
born April 2, 1892, Grant, NE   farmer, married


CORNELI, George William, Diagonal, Iowa
born July 25, 1883   farmer, spouse - Minerva Irene CORNELI


CORNELISON, Casper Glen, Benton, Iowa
born February 11, 1898   farms with father Freeman Clark CORNELISON, Benton, IA, single


CORNELISON, Freeman Clark, Benton, Iowa
born August 14, 1874   farmer, spouse - Maud Ethel CORNELISON


CORNELISON, Guy W., Diagonal, Iowa
born January 6, 1888, Benton, IA   farmer, married with 2 children


CORNWALL, Arthur Allison, Ellston, Iowa
born November 23, 1889, Ellston, IA   farmer, married with 4 children


CORNWALL, Earl E., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 31, 1876, Cain, IA   Ringgold Co. Auditor
nearest realtive - father A. W. CORNWALL


CORTNER, Charley Benson, RFD 2, Blockton, Iowa
born August 14, 1898   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co.
nearest relative - Susan CORTNER, Blockton, Taylor Co., IA


CORTNER, William A., Blockton, Iowa
born May 19, 1888, Cain, IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., married


COSNER, Harvey Lewis, Kellerton, Iowa
born June 12, 1879   Superintendent of Schools, Athens Twp.
spouse - Ethel B. COSNER


COURTNEY, Charles, Ellston, Iowa
born April 17, 1894, Ellston, IA   farmer, single


COUSINS, Fred, RFD 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born March 14, 1877   farmer, nearest relative - Fannie COUSINS


COUSINS, Harry, RR 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
born April 17, 1900   farmer, nearest relative - Fannie COUSINS, Lamoni, IA


COVERDELL, Charley Edward, Ellston, Iowa
born March 1, 1889, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with two children


COVERDELL, Samuel Riley, Tingley, Iowa
born November 29, 1885   general work, spouse - Mabel B. COVERDELL


COWELL, Clyde Wilbur, Maloy, Iowa
born January, 12, 1885   barber, spouse - Mary E. COWELL


COX, Fred Morris, RFD 3, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 27, 1877   farmer, spouse - Ester Louisa COX


COX, John E., Blockton, Iowa
born April 25, 1890, Blockton, IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., married


COX, Watson LeRoy, Kellerton, Iowa
born January 1, 1875   self-employed brick layer & mason
spouse - Mary COX


COX, Charley Andrew, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 25, 1883   self-employed drayman, spouse - Delia Tressa COX


CRACRAFT, Benjamin Leonard, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 8, 1899   student, nearest relative - B. J. CRACRAFT, Mount Ayr, IA


CRAWFORD, Ellis S., Beaconsfield, Iowa
born June 23, 1898   farmer, spouse - Effie CRAWFORD


CRAWFORD, John C., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born October 22, 1875   painter, spouse - Cora CRAWFORD


CREE, Charles Danforth, Kellerton, Iowa
born March 3, 1882   farmer, spouse - Laura R. CREE


CREE, Glen Irwon, Diagonal, Iowa
born March 22, 1886 or 1896, Clarinda, IA    farmer, married with 2 children


CRECELIUS, John C., Redding, Iowa
born February 28, 1895, Worth Co., MO    farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co.
married with two children


CREVELING, Bert McAlister, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 17, 1894, Lamoni, IA   farmer, single


CREVELING, Carl, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born May 20, 1890, Lamoni, IA   farmer, married with 2 children


CREVELING, Dusky Theodore, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 25, 1881, Lamoni, IA   farmer, single


CREVELING, Floyd, Ellston, Iowa
born May 6, 1900   farmer, nearest relative - Lela May CREVELING, Ellston, IA


CREVELING, Iven, Ellston, Iowa
born April 10, 1892, Lamoni, IA    farmer & thresher, married with 1 child


CREVELING, Otis Cecil, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born April 5, 1888   farmer, single


CREW, Ivan Leonard, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 29, 1883   manager of furniture store & licensed embalmer
spouse - Stella H. CREWS


CRONIN, Arthur William, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 27, 1892, Iowa City, IA   farmer, single


CRONIN, William Austin, RFD 3, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 19, 1898   farms with father W. M. CRONIN
nearest relative - mother Katherine CRONIN, Kellerton, IA


CROSS, Walter Augustus, RFD 1, Benton, Iowa
born July 11, 1875   farmer, spouse - Etta may CROSS


CROUCH, Thomas Carl, Benton, Iowa
born July 7, 1899   employee of CG&W Rail Road, single
nearest relative - John CROUCH, Benton, IA


CROY, Daniel Edward, Tingley, Iowa
born January 7, 1880   farmer, spouse - Delilla CROY


CROY, Frank Judson, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born November 9, 1877   farmer, spouse - Ethel I. CROY


CROY, George Burton, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 11, 1875   farmhand, nearest relative - Frank J. CROY, Mount Ayr, IA


CROY, Sylvester Lew, Tingley, Iowa
born June 27, 1898   farmhand for father Daniel Edward CROY
single, nearest relative - Maggie CROY, Des Moines, IA


CULVER, David Ellsworth, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born October 8, 1873   farmer, spouse - Irene CULVER


CULVER, Evan Grant, Kellerton, Iowa
born January 10, 1898   farmhand for George KUDER of Kellerton
nearest relative - David E. CULVER, Kellerton, IA


CULVER, Noel Carl, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born May 21, 1896, Diagonal, IA   farmhand for John CULVER of Beaconsfield, IA, single


CULVER, Samuel David, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 10, 1894, Benton, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


CUNNINGHAM, James Ernest, RFD 1, Tingley, Iowa
born June 8, 1877   farmer, nearest relative - John Herbert CUNNINGHAM, Tingley, IA


CUNNINGHAM, John Herbert, Tingley, Iowa
born June 25, 1874   farmer, spouse - Ethel M. CUNNINGHAM


CURRY, Bert Emmett, Kellerton, Iowa
born September 20, 1892, Kellerton, IA    farmer, married with one child


CURRY, LeRoy Ellsworth, Kellerton, Iowa
born February 25, 1894, Kellerton, IA   farms with father Dan CURRY, single


CURRY, Warren Cassel, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
born December 23, 1879   farms for G. W. BENTLEY of Diagonal
spouse - Rebecca DURRY


CUTSHALL, Arthur, Benton, Iowa
born April 24, 1895, Benton, IA   farms with father, single


CUTSHALL, Clarence, Benton, Iowa
born April 10, 1893, Benton, IA   farms with father W. C. CURRY, single


CUTSHALL, Earl Evert, Benton, Iowa
born January 4, 1898   farmer for father Jacob CUTSHALL, Benton, IA, single


CUTSHALL, Edward, Benton, Iowa
born September 30, 1887, Benton, IA   farmer, single
Exemption - sun stroke


CUTSHALL, Jake Jr., Benton, Iowa
born February 1, 1883   employee of CG&W Rail Road
nearest relative - Jacob CUTSHALL, Benton, IA


CUTSHALL, Peter, Benton, Iowa
born January 4, 1891, Benton, IA   farms for Clarence KIMBALL of Mount Ayr, IA, single


CUTSHALL, Walter, Benton, Iowa
born February 6, 1881   farmer, spouse - Zelphia Eliabeth CUTSHALL


CUTSHALL, William Marion, Benton, Iowa
born January 4, 1885   farms for D. A. VAUGHN of Benton
nearest relative - Jacob CUTSHALL, Benton, IA, single


~ source:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

~Transcription by Sharon R. Becker http://iagenweb.org/ringgold/