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Ringgold County, Iowa


Selective Service Registration







ABARR, Carl Peter, Redding, Iowa;

born September 13, 1895   single, student at Simpson College, Indianola


ADAIR, Charley, Redding, Iowa;

born March 3, 1885   farmer, spouse Pearl ADAIR


ADAIR, Earl D., Redding, Iowa;

born May 8, 1895   farmer, single


ADAIR, D[illegible] Cleo, Redding, Iowa;

born May 30, 1898   farmer, mother - Maggie ADAIR


ADAIR, Fred, Redding, Iowa;

born January 17, 1891   farmer, married with two children


ADAIR, Roy C., RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa;

born November 26, 1882   farmer, spouse - Clara R. ADAIR


ADAIR, Sampson R., Redding, Iowa;

born May 30, 1898   farmer, mother - Maggie ADAIR


ADAMS, Chester S., RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa

born March 14, 1883   farmer, spouse - Bertha ADAMS


ADAMS, Earl Monroe, Ellston, Iowa

born May 7, 1892 at Blockton, Iowa, proprietor furniture and undertaker, married with 1 child


ADAMS, John, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born July 15, 1885   farmer, spouse - Ola ADAMS


ADAMS, Oran Jasper, RFD #3, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 18, 1897   farmer, nearest relative - grandfather Aaron J. BACH, Stockton, MO


ADAMS, Walter Wirt, Tingley, Iowa
born July 23, 1881   self-employed in hardware business, spouse - Lula ADAMS


ADAMS, William, Diagonal, Iowa
born February 26, 1884   farm hand for Grant STAHL, spouse - Maud M. ADAMS


ADDISON, James Monroe, Redding, Iowa
born October 14, 1877   farmer, spouse - Sarrah A. ADDISON


AGEE, Austin A., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 4, 1892, Virginia   blacksmith, married with 2 children


AGEE, Charles V., Mount Ayr, Iowa
born February 2, 1888, Albany, MO   proprietor of clothing store, married
previous military service with Missouri National Guard


AGEE, John Hunter, Delphos, Iowa
born June 4, 1900   student, nearest relative - Ari AGEE


AKERS, Jesse Frank, Kellerton, Iowa
born January 12, 1890, Grand River, Iowa   farmer, married with 1 child
exemption due to catarrah


ALEXANDER, Dean W., RFD 2, Clearfield, Iowa
born October 1, 1881   farmer, spouse - Alena Jane ALEXANDER


ALEXANDER, Frank Ishmael, Tingley, Iowa
born December 16, 1881   farmer
nearest relative - Andrew Jackson ALEXANDER, Lenox, IA


ALEXANDER, Roy Charles, Tingley, Iowa
born December 20, 1887, Lenox, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


ALLAN, William David, RR 2, Lamoni, Iowa
born July 17, 1877   farmer, spouse - Minnie L. ALLAN


ALLEN, Alexander Albert, Tingley, Iowa
born February 8, 1877   farmer, spouse - Theo Coie ALLEN


ALLEN, Alpha, Kellerton, Iowa
born March 16, 1880   school janitor, spouse - Cleo C. ALLEN


ALLEN, Alva Elmer, Kellerton, Iowa
born May 25, 1877   farmer, spouse - Grace ALLEN


ALLEN, Artie Earl, Kellerton, Iowa
born August 30, 1894   teamster, married with 2 children


ALLEN, Artie, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 28, 1875   self-employed in real estate, spouse - Mary E. ALLEN


ALLEN, Clarence Marion, Kellerton, Iowa
born July 13, 1885   rural letter carrier, spouse - Blanche ALLEN


ALLEN, Edgar Orr, Kellerton, Iowa
born November 14, 1887   farmer, married with 1 child
exemption - rheumatism in knee


ALLEN, Frank David, Kellerton, Iowa
born January 31, 1881   farmer, spouse - Mildred ALLEN


ALLEN, Frank Perry, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 18, 1878   rural mail carrier, spouse - Hattie G. ALLEN


ALLEN, George Lee, Kellerton, Iowa
born December 25, 1894   single, farmer


ALLEN, Guy Robison, Lamoni, Iowa
born March 30, 1874   farmer, nearest relative - Maggie ALLEN


ALLISON, Lou Wilber, Ellston, Iowa
born December 23, 1878   farmer, spouse - Carrie G. ALLISON


ALLYN, Clare George, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 29, 1883   bank cashier, spouse - Agnes R. ALLYN


ALLYN, Clint Dewitt, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born May 31, 1886   employed by F. E. SHELDON & Co., abstract & loans
spouse - Hattie F. ALLYN


ALLYN, Earl Russell, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 8, 1878   county treasurer, spouse - Neva B. ALLYN


ANDERSON, Alma John, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born November 18, 1896, Beaconsfield, IA   self-employed
spouse - Fay ANDERSON


ANDERSON, Carl, Tingley, Iowa
born August 14, 1892, Gottenberg, Sweden   farmer, single


ANDERSON, Charley W., Blockton, Iowa
born April 1, 1897, Blockton, IA   father - Thomas ANDERSON


ANDERSON, Clayton Martin, Shannon City, Iowa
born November 26, 1880   farmer, spouse - Edna ANDERSON


ANDERSON, Darrell Baldwin, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 27, 1878   farmer, mother - Minnie ANDERSON, Benton, IA


ANDERSON, Eric, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born March 19, 1886, Sweden   farmer, spouse - Luella M. ANDERSON


ANDERSON, George Edwin, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born September 12, 1898   farmer, nearest relative - Lily J. ANDERSON


ANDERSON, James Martin, Shannon City, Iowa
born November 1, 1883   farmer, spouse - Bertha E. ANDERSON


ANDERSON, Jesse Marion, Benton, Iowa
born February 19, 1891, Benton, IA   farmer, single


ANDERSON, Lenard Earl, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 1, 1893, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


ANDERSON, Orra Albert, Ellston, Iowa
born November 18, 1893, Ellston, IA   farmer, single


ANDREWS, Hugh E., RFD, Diagonal, Iowa
born October 25, 1893, Diagonal, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


ARMSTRONG, Frederick, Kellerton, Iowa
born April 20, 1877   merchant
nearest relative - Mabel V. ARMSTRONG, Mount Ayr, IA


ARMSTRONG, George William, Redding, Iowa
born May 20, 1883   farmer, spouse - Dora Ethel ARMSTRONG


ARMSTRONG, Robert Wilson, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born December 14, 1876   farmer, souse - Maggie May ARMSTRONG


ARNEAL, James D., Redding, Iowa
born October 30, 1889, Armour, NE   farmer, married with children


ARNEAL, John F., Redding, Iowa
born March 24, 1888, Armour, NE   United Presbyterian minister, single


ARNEAL, Robert Brice, Redding, Iowa
born June 9, 1885   farmer, spouse - Grace Edna ARNEAL


ARNOLD, Ed, Ellston, Iowa
born January 13, 1875   farmer, mother - Emma J. ARNOLD


ARNOLD, Frank Abraham, Beaconsfield, Iowa
born May 1, 1877   farmer, mother - Emma J. ARNOLD


ARNOLD, Fred, Ellston, Iowa
born March 4, 1883   farmer, spouse - Lydia Nellie ARNOLD


ARNOLD, Leroy Frankling, Ellston, Iowa
born August 12, 1900   farmer, mother - Emma J. ARNOLD


ARNOLD, Louis Elmer, Kellerton, Iowa
born October 21, 1894, Peoria, IL   farmer, married with 2 children


ARNOLD, Ralph Warren, Tingley, Iowa
born March 25, 1876   farmer, spouse - Eva ARNOLD


ASHENHURST, Chas. Raymond, Shannon City, Iowa
born March 4, 1875   farmer, spouse - Anne W. ASHENHURST


ASHENHURST, Harry Taylor, Shannon City, Iowa
born February 23, 1893, Welda, KS   farmer, married with 2 children


ASHENHURST, Bert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born June 25, 1873   farmer, spouse - Nora ASHENHURST


ALTHEY, Elmer C., Redding, Iowa
born August 28, 1888, Middlepool, IA   farmer, married with 1 child


AUGUSTINE, Frederick DeForest, Benton, Iowa
born August 31, 1886, Orient, IA   minister and in lumber & implement business


AUGUSTINE, Harry Lee, Maloy, Iowa
born July 28, 1893, Orient, IA   mayor of Maloy & in lumber business
married with 2 children


AUSTIN, Alva Ray, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 8, 1883   farmer, spouse - Julia Isabel AUSTIN


AUSTIN, Fred Ward, Mount Ayr, Iowa
born August 18, 1890, Massena, IA   farmer, married with 3 children under age of 12


AUSTIN, Stanley, Redding, Iowa
born February 10, 1897, Worth Co., MO   self-employed
nearest relative - M. S. AUSTIN


AUSTIN, William Maxon, Redding, Iowa
born October 2, 1885   farmer, spouse - Lucy Anna AUSTIN


AYERS, Fred Elvin, Diagonal, Iowa
born January 18, 1899   farmer, nearest relative - John AYERS, Diagonal, IA


~ source:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

~Transcription by Sharon R. Becker http://iagenweb.org/ringgold/