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Naval Discharge



Filed      May 26th A. D., 1941 at 10:30 A.M.

Majorie Downie Leneth        Recorder.

Reference No.  --------------------- Fee:     None



    Series A. --1 to 170,000 No. 128613
Button Delivered:  Yes
Evidence of United States Citizenship Satisfactory


              This is to Certify, That Saur, Walter Emil, 1905193, a Ship's Ck 1c as a "TESTIMONIAL OF FIDELITY AND OBEDIENCE." is HONORABLY DISCHARGED from the U.S.S. Receiving ship at Hampton Roads and from the Naval Service of the United States, this 2nd day of December, 1919, at Norfolk, Va.


Now, according to the provisions of Section 1573 (as amended by Act of Congress approved August 22, 1912) of the Revised Statutes, if within four months from this date the said and is found physically qualified, and shall reenlist for four years, then he shall be entitled to pay during the said four months equal to that to which he would have been entitled had he been employed in actual service.


Upon reenlistment, and the surrender of this Discharge, should he so desire, he will receive a CONTINUOUS SERVICE CERTIFICATE, Showing his service and honorable discharge, and shall which he enlists or to which he may be promoted.

Rating best qualified to fill,
Ship's Cook 1st Class
B. Chadwick,   Captain U. S. Navy
Commanding U.S.S. Receiving ship at Hampton  Roads




SCALE OF MARKS: Bad, 1.0-0.0; Indifferent, 2.5-2.0; Good, 3.0-2.5; Very Good, 3.5-3.0; Excellent, 4.0-3.5;

Name: Saur, Walter Emil; Rate Lds for Baker;

Enlisted as   ------------------                        June 14, 1917

At  Des Moines, Iowa  for four  years.    Born  July 5, 1893 at Lake Mills, Wis.: Age, 25 years 1 month; Total Naval Service:  Two years.


  Edward H. Sinckuey, U.S.N.
  Commander Navy and Executive Officer




Where born: Lake Mills, Wis. Date: July 5, 1893 Age: 25 years  1 months
Height: 5 feet, 6 1/4 inches Weight:   156 lbs. Eyes: Brown     Hair: Light Brown
Complexion: ruddy      
Personal characteristics, marks, etc.: Sc, 1" left knee; Sc, right foot; Sc. 1" right thigh; Sc. 1/2" left hand
Percentage of time on sick list during enrollment, 33.5%
Is physically qualified for reenlistment.
ALNAV 67 Act of Feb. 24, 1919
Granuity of $60.00  paid
G.J. Pettie  Lt., U.S.N.


I hereby certify that the above named Saur, Walter Emil has been paid  Two Hundred twenty five dollars seven cents ($225.07) in full to date.  Pay per month at date of discharge, $66.50.  2 December 1919.
  H. E. Krugile, U. S. N.  
  Lieut., Supply Corps, USN. U.S.N. Hay
by direction
 Transportation issued Balance on discharge includes travel allowance
N.Y Central Railroad from Norfolk, Va. to Clinton, Ia.
Dec. 10 '19 amounting to $54.50
Grand Central Terminal H. E. Stengell


~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond