Great War Helmet, 1914-1918.


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Naval Discharge






Filed for Record March 9th, 1963 at 8:40 A. M.

Clara L. Curtis Otis          Recorder.

Reference No. Fee:     -----


This Is To Certify That No. 412, Lenord Lee Roy Harrington a seaman, second class, has this day been discharged from the U.S.S. Aroostock, and from the U.S. Naval Service, by reason of Special Order Secretary of the Navey in accordance with Bureau Navigation Circular Letter 2-15-18 of December 5th, 1918.


Dated this 29th day of January 1919, at U. S. Naval Base #2.


J. H. Tomb,  Captain, U. S. N.
  Commanding:  U. S. S. Aroostook
Character of discharge:  Good. (red ink)  
(Enter in red ink, "good", Inaptitude or undesirable.)


E N L I S T M E N T  R E C O R D

Scale of Marks:  0, Bad; 1, Indifferent; 1.5, Fair; 2.5, Passing; 3, Good; 3/5, Very Good;
  4, Excellent.          


Name: Lenord LeRoy Harrington Rate: Seaman 2C
Enlisted: April 14th, 1917 at Seattle, Washington for four years
Previous naval service: 0 years Served appreticeship: No
Gun Captain certificate: No Certificate graduation P.O. School:  No
Seaman Gunner: No Trade:  Cook Citizenship:  U. S.
Ratings held during enlistment: App. Sea: Sea 2c  
Proviciency in rating: 3.06 Seamanship:  3.33 Ordance:  2.94
Signaling: 3.1 Markmanship, small arms:
Mechanical ability:   Sobriety: 4.0 Obedience: 3.36
Knowledge of electrical machinery and appliances: Knowledge of marine machinery:
Average standing for term of enlistment:  3.29  
  (Signed   ) F. R. Berg, Lieut. Comdr. U. S. N.

and Executive Officer.


D E S C R I P T I V E  L I S T

(To be made after careful examination at date of discharge)

Where Born:  North McGregor, Iowa Date: Feb. 2, 1898
Age: 20 years 11 months Height:     5 feet     3 inches
Weight: 140 lbs.  
Eyes: Blue;   Hair: Brown;   Complexion: Ruddy.
Personal characteristics, marks, etc. M 1 abd. s r f a m r  soap s r ind x.
Percentage of time on sick list during enlistment:    less than one %
Is physically qualified for reenlistment.  


E? R. Hancock, LT M.C. U.S.N.

(Signiture of medical officer)

I hereby certify that the above named Lenord L. Harrington has been paid  Thirteen dollars -- thirty-one cents ($ 13.31) in full to date.  
29th January, 1919    
Allot "B" Insurance    
last month January 1919    
  (Signed) H. R. Hubbard  Ens P.C.   U.S.N.R.F.
    (Signature of paymaster)
A true copy    
Alice R. Randall    {Seal of Notary Public)  
N. P.    


~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond