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October 21, 1918

47 Iowans in Today's Casualties

Washington, Oct. 21 -- Forty-seven Iowans were mentioned in the casualty lists for yesterday and today which carried a total of 2686 names divided as follows: Killed in action, 285; missing in action, 297; wounded, degree undetermined, 595; died of aeroplane accident, 6; died of accident and other causes, 16; [several illegible words] wounded severely, 736; wounded slightly, ???. The Iowans are:

Killed in Action - Privates:
Wm. C. Raveling, Rock Rapids, Ia.
Gerritt Van Hemert, Pella, Ia.
Harry D. Vargason, Hazelton, Ia.
Elbert C. Mills, Akron, Ia.
Charles H. Stevens, Blencoe, Ia.
Elmer J. Moss, Missouri Valley, Ia.
Amond Chose, Scarville, Ia.
William A. Kasiske, Winden, Ia.
Clarence Thorton, Osceola, Ia.
Died of Wounds - Privates:
William R. Aldrich, Davenport, Ia.
Melvin D. Baird, Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Thurlow W. Ball, Bloomfield, Ia.
Edward R. Johnson, Marshalltown, Ia.
Fay L. Andrews, Burt, Ia.
Verner J. Dahlin, Burlington, Ia.
Carl A. Pedersen, Rutland, Ia.
Russell S. West, Paulina, Ia.
Died of Disease - Sergeant:
James H. Rierdan, Charles City, Ia.
Died of Disease - Privates:
Sam H. Bridge, Bondurant, Ia.
Louis Mueller, Clinton, Ia.
Reno Pister, Promise City, Ia.
Sylvester Case, Hamburg, Ia.
Hugh H. Galland, Salix, Ia.
Missing in Action - Private:
John C. Luccy, Edgewood, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Lieutenant:
Chester H. Howard, Mt. Vernon, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Privates:
Fred Harper, Agency City, Ia
Thos. J. Finnane, Perry, Ia
Ernest R. Crane, Cherokee, Ia.
Carl B. Ballard, Pleasantville, Ia.
Everett Dillon, South English, Ia.
Albert A. Ereanbrack, Mason City, Ia.
Clyde Meneray, Council Bluffs, Ia.
Robert R. Parks, Boone, Ia.
Elmer C. Smith, Allerton, Ia.
Leroy J. Grimes, Dubuque, Ia.
Jess Moore, Oskaloosa, Ia.
Bert G. Young, Lamoni, Ia.
Frank J. Wolf, Bancroft, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Corporals:
Arthur W. Menge, Ottumwa, Ia.
Homer C. Duzenbery, Lorimer, Ia. [note is listed again under Sergeants]
Wounded slightly - Privates:
Joseph E. Claud, Mapleton, Ia.
Charles C. DeClercq, George, Ia.
Conrad P. Dieter, George, Ia.
Wounded, Degree Undetermined - Private:
Loren L. Goddard, Fairfield, Ia.
Wm. L. Cree, Bloomfield, Ia.
Frank P. Liles, Council Bluffs, Ia.


~ source Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co. Iowa
~ submitted by Sharyl Ferrall Iowa Old Press




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