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October 15, 1918

Twenty-six Iowans in Today's Lists

Washington, Oct. 15 -- Twenty-six Iowans were mentioned in the army casualty lists today which carried a total of 995 names divided as follows: Killed in action, 24; missing in action, 98; wounded severely, 369; died from wounds 49; died of disease, 68; died from accident and other causes, 8; wounded, degree undetermined, 272; wounded slightly, 37. The Iowans follow:

Killed In Action - Lieutenant:
Frank D. Nowack, Des Moines, Ia
Killed In Action - Sergeant:
Everette McManus, Aurelia, Ia.
Killed in Action - Corporals:
George G. Hardinger, Garrison, Ia.
Dimitrios G. Stratikopulos, Council Bluffs, Ia.
Killed in Action - Private:
Geo. Bauer, Keokuk, Ia.
Died from Disease - Private:
Albert C. Dethlefs, Manning, Ia.
Missing in Action - Lieutenant:
Sergt. Jacob Tolsmax, Lemars
[note: typed just as it appears in the paper]
Missing in Action - Privates:
Otis L. Christian, Davenport, Ia.
Fenton F. Holmes, Charles City, Ia.
Francis O. Piper, Clayton, Ia.
Peter F. Tempus, Independence, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Sergeant:
Wm. D. Briggs, Malvern, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Corporals:
Carl R. Anderson, Sioux City, Ia.
Vivian D. Anderson, Cherokee, Ia.
Wounded Severely - Privates:
Ben H. Adkins, Fairfield, Ia.
Edward E. Brandt, Lake Park, Ia.
Edward McEwen, Council Bluffs, Ia.
Chris Nelson, Clara, Ia.
Delbert R. Glime, Vinton, Ia. [surname may be Olime or Clime]
George Gibson, Keokuk, Ia
Andrew M. Jensen, Dike, Ia.
Clarence Lett, Bennett, Ia.
Arthur Phelps, Henderson, Ia.
Wounded (Degree Undermined) - Sergeants:
Daron W. Hagelsen, Ogden, Ia.
Russell Hardwick, Red Oak, Ia.
Wounded (Degree Undermined) - Corporals
Jess Gardner, Atlantic, Ia



~ source Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co. Iowa
~ submitted by Sharyl Ferrall Iowa Old Press




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