Iowa in the Great War


Casualties of War


United States Deputy Marshal M. L. Healy of Cedar Rapids has been notified of the death of his nephew, Frank Sutley, at Camp Lewis, near Tacoma, Wash. Sutley is the first of seventy-nine boys who enlisted from the church of the Immaculate Conception to die in the service. He has a brother at Camp Cody.

Glen H. Work, wounded in action somewhere in France, is the first Sioux City soldier to be wounded in the great war. When the war broke out he enlisted in Company G., Sixteenth infantry and was sent to Camp Funston, Kansas, from which place he was sent to France last year. His widowed mother lives at Obert, Neb

~ source:  Nashua Reporter, Nashua, Chickasaw co. Iowa, Thursday, March 21, 1918
~ submitted by Sharyl Ferrall Iowa Old Press



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