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Iowa National Guard

Roster of Officers of the Iowa National Guard

30 June 1918.


    In view of the fact that all members of the National Guard were drafted into Federal service on August 5, 1917 thereby completely depleting the Guard and it is uncertain what will be allowed in the way of re-organization it is impossible to anticipate what changes may be needed.

    It is recommended that an increase be made in the allowance for armory rentals to meet present day prices. These armories are to be used for the use of such new organizations as may be authorized by the War Department.


William L. Harding Governor

Staff Of The Commander-In-Chief

Adjutant General, Chief of Staff

Brigadier General Guy E. Logan

Assistant Adjutant General

Major Edwin E. Lucas


Colonel John C. Loper
Colonel Charles J. Wilson
Lieutenant Colonel George L. Garton
Lieutenant Colonel Henry F. Lange
Lieutenant Colonel Milo W. Ward
Lieutenant Colonel Leon W. Ainsworth
Lieutenant Colonel Earl R. Ferguson
Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Fox
Lieutenant Colonel Herman C. Johnson
Lieutenant Colonel William F. Rehkopf
Lieutenant Colonel Louis G. Lasher
Lieutenant Colonel Frank E. Boyd
Lieutenant Colonel George S. parker
Lieutenant Colonel Clayton E. Bronson
Lieutenant Colonel William F. Miller



Staff  Corps and Departments


Adjutant General's Department

Chief of Department

Brigadier General Guy E. Logan, The Adjutant General

Adjutant General

Edwin E. Lucas Major


Company A

Samuel A. Greene Captain
Floyd C. Henricks Second Lieutenant

Company B

Taylor E. Saxton Captain
Max W. McVey First Lieutenant

Company C

Arthur L. Rule Captain
Ralph Lloyd Jones First Lieutenant
William B. Hayes Second Lieutenant

Company D

Ira Lee Storm Captain
Howard B. Rew First Lieutenant
Albert F. Swanson Second Lieutenant

Field Hospital No. 3

Frank L. Love Major
Virgil O. Muench First Lieutenant
Loraine W. Ward First Lieutenant
Philip M. Day, Jr. First Lieutenant
A. Fred Watts First Lieutenant
Arthur T. Bailey First Lieutenant

Second Field Artillery

Arthur F. Felker Captain
Stuart N. Grummon Senior First Lieutenant
John G. Turner Junior First Lieutenant
Rosse L. Bolick Second Lieutenant
Arthur R. Kroppach Second Lieutenant


~reference: State of Iowa 1918, Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa, for the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918. Louis G. Lasher, Adjutant General. Published by the State of Iowa, Des Moines

~ contributed by Cay Merriman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project


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