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Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa


Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa
For the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918
Published by the State of Iowa
Des Moines

      The office of the Adjutant General has been a very busy place during the past two years. The United States has been involved in two wars during this period. At the beginning of the year 1917 the Iowa National Guard, with the exception of the Field Artillery, which was mustered out in December, was in Federal service and was on duty on the Mexican Border guarding the border states from invasion. The organizations were returned to their homes early in the year and by March 23, 1917 were all out of active service.
      On March 25, 1917 the President again issued a proclamation calling into active service a part of the National Guard from each state, preparatory to entering the World War. In Iowa the First Regiment of Infantry was called into service and placed on duty guarding bridges and munitions plants. By July 15, 1917 all other organizations of National Guard had been called into service.
     On August 5, 1917 all men who had been mustered into National Guard service were drafted into U. S. service. This took the Guard entirely from under the control of the state. By the latter part of August all Iowa units had left the state.
     Iowa Guard units sent into the service were all efficient, but it so happened that only one of them, the Third Iowa Infantry (168th U.S. Infantry) experienced any battle field service. This regiment was a part of the 42nd or Rainbow, division, and was a composite organization, composed of the third and parts of the First and Second Infantry regiments. Three-fifths of the enlisted men of the Third, when it left Iowa, had been for some time in the ranks of this regiment. Two-fifths were Guardsmen, transferred from the First and Second Regiments. As a result it was truly a representative Iowa National Guard unit, and its brilliant achievements on the battle fields reflects credit upon the National Guard as a whole.


First Infantry

Colonel John E. Bartley, commanding Headquarters, Tipton

Company M, Delaware County, Iowa

Commissioned Officers

Last Name First Name Age Residence Born Rank
Smith William C. 41 Fairfield Iowa Captain
Fulton Robert L. 29 Fairfield Iowa 1st Lieutenant
Fleagle Elmer E. 25 Fairfield Nebraska 2nd Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers

Last Name First Name Age Residence Born Rank


Leonard R.

22 Fairfield Iowa 1st Sgt.


Ray L.

28 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.


Paul E.

21 Fairfield Idaho Supply Sgt.


Henry W.

23 Fairfield Massachusetts Sgt.
Bell Samuel M. 20 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Curtis Clarence C. 22 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Faulkner Louis A. 22 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Fulton W. Wayne 19 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Hamilton Bryon E. 24 Pleasant Plaine Iowa Sgt.
Shields C. Floyd 23 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Shontz William E. 28 Correctionville Iowa Sgt.
Smith David M. 20 Boone Iowa Sgt.
Williams Ora C. 24 Birmingham Iowa Sgt.
Cornett Walter E. 29 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Daggett Leslie L. 19 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Davis Loren W. 26 Libertyville Iowa Cpl.
Durfee Benjamin F. 19 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Faulkner Lloyd E. 27 Fairfield Nebraska Cpl.
Gilchrist Harry A, 29 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Greenfield Truman F. 24 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Gross John J. 29 Fairfield Minnesota Cpl.
Lessenger Leland 22 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
McCampbell Charles T. 23 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Nelson Carl O. 21 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Oats Reuben A. 22 Fairfield Wisconsin Cpl.
Prizer Lloyd O. 20 Brighton Iowa Cpl.
Ristine Clarence T. 21 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Salts Ralph H. 21 Fairfield Indiana Cpl.
Simmons Clyde L. 21 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Spohn Daniel E. 21 Brighton Iowa Cpl.
Stansberry Lane E. 23 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Vicksell Victor A. 25 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Workman Rex A. 21 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Young Raymond B. 25 Hume, Illinois Illinois Cpl.

Cooks, Buglers, etc.


Last Name First Name Age Residence State Born Rank
Davis R. bert 33 Libertyville Iowa Cook
Webber Clarence E. 29 Fairfield Illinois Cook
Sherrick Irwin M. 22 Harvey Iowa Cook
Young Herschel 22 Fairfield Iowa Mechanic
Simmons George L. 19 Birmingham Iowa Bugler
Longwell Samuel J. 31 Fairfield Illinois Mechanic
Elliott Lawrence C. 22 Fairfield Iowa Bugler


Privates First Class


Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Anderson Veryl L. 18 Birmingham Iowa
Axline Samuel E. 35 Fairfield Iowa
Bates Mylarn L. 23 Perlee Iowa
Bristow Leonard W. 20 Brighton Iowa
Burkhart George H. 25 Fairfield Iowa
Cain George A. 20 Brighton Iowa
Channell Orval P. 20 Eldon Iowa
Comingore Clifford E. 24 Fairfield Iowa
Cook Wesley V. 25 Fairfield Iowa
Emry Roy C. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Fraiser Melvin L. 18 Pembine, Wisconsin Wisconsin
Gilbert Flavil C. 22 Libertyville Colorado
Hootman Charles F. 21 Fairfield Iowa
Hull Clarence D. 18 Fairfield -
Ingham Eugene F. 22 Brighton Iowa
Johnston Harvey W. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Kaldenberg Matthew T. 22 Fairfield Iowa
Killion Clarence R. 23 Fairfield Illinois
McMurray Charles 23 Fairfield Iowa
McNeese Otto 22 Brighton Iowa
Mumper Gilbert A. 21 Brighton Iowa
Nelson Rolloe B. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Reed Ralph R. 21 Fairfield Iowa
Schafer William E. 26 Fairfield Ohio
Smith Chesney L. 23 Lockridge Iowa
Starr Ira - Moulton Missouri
Swisher Marcus T. 18 Brighton Iowa
Wynne Robert R. 21 Fairfield Iowa



Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Adkins Ben H. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Anderson Herman S. 19 Lockridge Iowa
Bailey McKinley 19 Fairfield Iowa
Brooks Samuel W. 34 Fairfield Kentucky
Brown Walter 34 Fairfield Indiana
Burrows Earl A. 19 Fairfield Iowa
Coffman Oscar J. 18 Brighton Iowa
Colter Willie C. 25 Fairfield Missouri
Cook Orvel E. 22 Mount Pleasant Iowa
Cook Roy R. 21 Fairfield Iowa
Crail John E. 21 Fairfield Iowa
Davidson Samuel M. 36 Fairfield Ohio
Davis Earl M. 24 Richland Missouri
Davison Edgar C. 26 Brighton Iowa
Dewitt Luther S. 22 Birmingham Missouri
Dimmitt Clifford E. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Eastlack Ned B. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Edwards John H. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Emonin Frank E. - Fairfield -
Foster Vanis R. 20 Brighton Iowa
Freshwater Harry E. 21 Fairfield Iowa
Goddard Loren S. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Goddard Willard J. 21 Fairfield Greece
Gudgell H. Clay 30 Fairfield Iowa
Gumm Warren V. 31 Fairfield Iowa
Hassler Orran L. 20 Bonaparte Iowa
Haworth Fred F. 21 Richland Iowa
Hopple Charles H. 27 Brighton Ohio
Horton Leland A. 18 Brighton Iowa
Johnson Oscar W. 26 Olive, Montana Iowa
Jolly Harry O. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Jones George E. 25 Selma Iowa
Lawson Fern J. 18 Birmingham Iowa
Lewis Frank 18 Fairfield Iowa
McMurray Albert 21 Fairfield Iowa
McMurray Oran C. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Maxwell Charles H. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Mitchell Sherly R. 21 Dawson Illinois
Morgan Warren O. 20 Brighton Iowa
Myers Orten E. 23 Douds Leando Iowa
Nelson Ernest - - -
Peebler Ellis H. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Phillips Frank 24 Douds Iowa
Porter Harry 19 Fairfield Iowa
Prizer Moyle R. 18 Brighton Iowa
Reed Russell G. 18 Brighton Iowa
Ristine Shirl E. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Rizor Frank R. 19 Fairfield Iowa
Shafer Terry M. 18 Brighton Iowa
Shaffer Emery J. 24 Brighton Iowa
Smith Edward C. 24 Fairfield Oklahoma
Smith Harry H. 26 Fairfield New York
Spohn Herman T. 18 Brighton Iowa
Swisher Howard T. 18 Brighton Iowa
Taylor Oscar M. 18 Ottumwa Kansas
Twitty Charles N. 28 Fairfield Indiana
Van Oyen August 25 Fairfield Belgium
Walgren Hubert E. 19 Lockridge Iowa
Warner Walter O. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Westphal Herman P. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Wiley William B. 21 Mt. Zion Iowa
Wilkins Harold B. 20 Fairfield Iowa


Men Who Refused to Take National Defense Oath


Last Name First Name Residence
Bennett Fred S. Fairfield
Davis Glenwood F. Fairfield
Hoskins Ralph G. Fairfield
Moore Guy E. Fairfield
Moyer Harry R. Fairfield
Nelson Walter F. Fairfield
Pfrimmer S. McRae Chariton
Raines Robert J. Fairfield
Shelangouski Stephen Fairfield


~reference: State of Iowa 1918, Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa, for the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918. Louis G. Lasher, Adjutant General. Published by the State of Iowa, Des Moines

~ contributed by Cay Merriman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project

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