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Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa 


Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa
For the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918
Published by the State of Iowa
Des Moines

     The office of the Adjutant General has been a very busy place during the past two years. The United States has been involved in two wars during this period. At the beginning of the year 1917 the Iowa National Guard, with the exception of the Field Artillery, which was mustered out in December, was in Federal service and was on duty on the Mexican Border guarding the border states from invasion.  The organizations were returned to their homes early in the year and by March 23, 1917 were all out of active service.

     On March 25, 1917 the President again issued a proclamation calling into active service a part of the National Guard from each state, preparatory to entering the World War. In Iowa the First Regiment of Infantry was called into service and placed on duty guarding bridges and munitions plants.  By July 15, 1917 all other organizations of National Guard had been called into service.

     On August 5, 1917 all men who had been mustered into National Guard service were drafted into U. S. service.  This took the Guard entirely from under the control of the state.  By the latter part of August all Iowa units had left the state.

     Iowa Guard units sent into the service were all efficient, but it so happened that only one of them, the Third Iowa Infantry (168th U.S. Infantry) experienced any battle field service.  This regiment was a part of the 42nd or Rainbow, division, and was a composite organization, composed of the third and parts of the First and Second Infantry regiments.  Three-fifths of the enlisted men of the Third, when it left Iowa, had been for some time  in the ranks of this regiment.  Two-fifths were Guardsmen, transferred from the First and Second Regiments.  As a result it was truly a representative Iowa National Guard unit, and its brilliant achievements on the battle fields reflects credit upon the National Guard as a whole.


Fifteen companies, Colonel Ernest R. Bennett, commanding Headquarters, Des Moines. 

Company L, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Commissioned Officers

Last Name First Name Age Residence State Born Rank
Powell Clifford 30 Council Bluffs Iowa Captain
Nead Walter H. 38 Council Bluffs Nebraska 1st Lieutenant
Lainson Percy A. 33 Council Bluffs Iowa 2nd Lieutenant


Non-Commissioned Officers

Last Name First Name Age Residence State Born Rank
Ford Charles M. 34 Council Bluffs Iowa 1st Sgt.
Ford Harry P. 36 Council Bluffs Iowa Mess Sgt.
Greene Harry M. 34 Avoca Iowa Supply Sgt.
Atwood Ernest L. 26 Council Bluffs Iowa Sgt.
Bruner William T. 32 Sioux City Alabama Sgt.
Bunyan Charles Otto 21 Keokuk Iowa Sgt.
Butters Harry J. 23 Dubuque Iowa Sgt.
Henderson Henry 25 Council Bluffs Kansas Sgt.
Holmes Oliver W. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa Sgt.
Ingraham Clarence G. 21 Council Bluffs Iowa Sgt.
Larsen Arthur Grant 24 Council Bluffs Iowa Sgt.
Loetz Teddy H. 22 Sioux City Iowa Sgt.
McDonald John S. 32 Sioux City Iowa Sgt.
Short Walter S. 40 Council Bluffs New York Sgt.
Wallace Edwin R. 24 Council Bluffs Iowa Sgt.
Bartram Orville B 20 Sioux City South Dakota Cpl.
Bartram Wilard S. 22 Sioux City South Dakota Cpl.
Black Terrance B. 20 Keosauqua Iowa Cpl.
Bossler Raymond H. 21 Keokuk - Cpl.
Clark James Ray 20 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Darnell Stanley 22 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Davey John 27 Council Bluffs Nebraska Cpl.
Dunn Morris 19 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Gaylord Clifford 21 Fort Madison Iowa Cpl.
Geise Ernest 22 Council Bluffs Nebraska Cpl.
Goetsch Martin W. 23 Sioux City Iowa Cpl.
Hancock Charles Field 19 Keokuk New York Cpl.
Hennington Albert Louis 22 Sioux City Iowa Cpl.
Hewitt Ray V. 32 Keokuk - Cpl.
Hoisington Leonard G. 25 Harlan Iowa Cpl.
Hughes Russell G. 18 Omaha, Nebraska Illinois Cpl.
Kline Charles P. 35 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Lombard Richard S. 30 Sioux City Iowa Cpl.
McComb John 19 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
McDaniel Arthur B. 25 Keokuk Missouri Cpl.
Mann William F. 27 Sioux City Iowa Cpl.
Maurer Will H. 25 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Melvin Carl J. 20 Sioux City Ohio Cpl.
Poston Elmer 19 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Sedwick Frank Edgar 31 Sioux City Iowa Cpl.
Snyder Donald W. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Swanson Kinley 20 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Tittsworth William D. 37 Avoca Wyoming Cpl.
Vermillion Louis G. 36 Keokuk Iowa Cpl.
White George Edward 21 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.
Wickham Robert 25 Council Bluffs Iowa Cpl.


Cooks, Buglers, etc.


Last Name First Name Age Residence State Born Rank
Kingman Lamont R. 41 Avoca Illinois Cook
Hopely William 41 Avoca England Cook
Nelson August 23 Council Bluffs Sweden Mechanic
Rockafellow Edgar 30 Oakland South Dakota Mechanic
McKeeby Charles G. 19 Council Bluffs Nebraska Bugler
Boggs Charles L. - Council Bluffs New Mexico Bugler


Privates First Class


Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Anderson Eldon 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Barker Ben C. 20 Keokuk Iowa
Boe Magnus 20 Sioux City North Dakota
Breitenstein Harvey Allen 23 Keokuk Iowa
Brown Lynne A. 24 Council Bluffs Iowa
Cullings Donald F. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Cussen John H. 20 Sioux City Iowa
Deal Edward J. 30 Missouri Valley Iowa
Fachman William H. 18 Sioux City Iowa
Gascoigne Elial H. 30 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Gilbert Lawrence 20 Council Bluffs Kansas
Hamilton William D. 26 Sergeants Bluff Illinois
Hazard Samuel 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Head Clarence D. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Hibbard Muril 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Hodges Raymond E. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Hoesly Roy 20 Council Bluffs Wisconsin
Hoisington Earl 27 Oakland Iowa
Johnson William Leland 19 Sioux City Nebraska
Kelley George L. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Lainson Clarence 23 Council Bluffs Texas
Lennox Arthur Gray 24 Council Bluffs Iowa
Loetz John A. 19 Sioux City Iowa
McGee Harold G. 21 Council Bluffs Iowa
McGruder William L. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
McKenzie Nicholas P., Jr. 37 Keokuk Iowa
Macomber Frank S. 24 South Sioux City Nebraska
Martin Alen Robert 25 Omaha New York
Mayberry William 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Moore Dyles F. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Nelson Gunner W. 21 Winegar, Wisconsin Wisconsin
Nelson Guy A. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Paardekooper Garret Samuel 29 Keokuk Iowa
Petersen Ralph E. - Council Bluffs -
Rath Frank J. C. 22 Sioux City Iowa
Rossi Mal. 30 Keokuk Missouri
Schupp William G. 19 Council Bluffs Missouri
Stott Harry H. 36 Sioux City Iowa
Stamper Glen I. - Council Bluffs -
Walker Philip D. 19 Sioux City Iowa
Wallraf Albert R. 23 Council Bluffs Minnesota
Weber John L. 25 Hinton Nebraska
Wieder William F. 19 Keokuk Illinois
Wilson Harry L. 22 Sioux City Pennsylvania
Windle Lyle L. 21 Council Bluffs Iowa




Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Aid Gail T. 25 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Althae Oscar 18 Wayland, Missouri Missouri
Andersen Walter 21 Harlan Iowa
Anderson Carl R. 24 Sioux City Iowa
Anderson Ernest 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Anderson Walter 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Badger Bryant D. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Barber Clyde C. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Barnes Lloyd A. 22 Hinton Nebraska
Bernard Rodolphe A. 26 Jefferson, South Dakota South Dakota
Berry Ivan D. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Berthelsen Christian M. 21 Sioux City Denmark
Blair George T. 18 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Bogenreif Adlai E. 23 Hinton Iowa
Boggs Raymond 19 Council Bluffs Kentucky
Boysen Fred B. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Bradley Leonard R. 22 Sioux City Nebraska
Brown Frank J. 26 Keokuk Illinois
Brown Perry T. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Bryson Vernie E. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Bybee Winfield 37 Sioux City Illinois
Chamberlin George C. 36 Council Bluffs Ohio
Chambers Charles L. 24 Oakland Iowa
Chapman John B. - Council Bluffs Iowa
Church Marcus Cassius - Carson Ohio
Clancy Daniel, Jr. 27 Council Bluffs South Dakota
Coffman Albert 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Cohrt Theodore J. 19 Correctionville Iowa
Cook Orville R. - Council Bluffs Iowa
Cownie Brodie G. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Cownie Francis G. 24 Sioux City New York
Crane Charles Robert 21 Sioux City South Dakota
Crumb Jesse 23 Council Bluffs Iowa
Cushman Clyde M. 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Davis Leslie M. 18 Woodbine Ioa
Davis Ralph W. 23 Council Bluffs Ohio
Deeds Charles 24 Council Bluffs Iowa
De Vol Edgar N. 19 Council Bluffs Ohio
DeWitt John R. 20 Council Bluffs Minnesota
DeWolf Martin F. - Sioux City Missouri
Downs Fayette S. 19 Sioux City Iowa
Eder John J. 21 Council Bluffs Germany
Evans Howard 22 Council Bluffs Pennsylvania
Ewing Earl D. 19 Keokuk Illinois
Ewing Louis K. 19 Keokuk Iowa
Fernley Richard 23 Council Bluffs Iowa
Frandsen William 21 Council Bluffs Denmark
Franks Howard L. 18 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Gaines William 21 Avoca Iowa
Gibbons Jerome G. 29 Sioux City Iowa
Gibson George 27 Keokuk Iowa
Gress Robert A. 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Greulack William James 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Hallen Arthur E. 21 Sioux City Ireland
Hamrick John L. 29 Keokuk Missouri
Hansen Thorwald 22 Council Bluffs Denmark
Harding Floyd C. 23 Council Bluffs Iowa
Hart Ora R. 21 Council Bluffs Iowa
Hazen Paul T. 38 Avoca Iowa
Heevner William 20 Keokuk Iowa
Henault Leo J. 23 Royal Canada
Henshaw Cecil D. 20 Leeds Iowa
Hilton Elroy A. 18 Sioux City South Dakota
Hoisington Cecil 20 Oakland Iowa
Holmes Ernest 18 Keokuk Iowa
Hoover Lloyd L. 22 Sioux City Nebraska
Howes William E. 20 Keokuk Illinois
Huff Everett E. 21 Sioux City Missouri
Hurd Frank 21 Council Bluffs Iowa
Jensen Arthur L. 18 Council Bluffs Indiana
Jensen Gudmun 22 Avoca Denmark
Jensen Jens H. 24 Avoca Denmark
Johnson Albert 23 Rock Rapids Iowa
Johnson Clarence L. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Johnson William J. 40 Keokuk Pennsylvania
Kasner Arthur H. 25 Avoca Iowa
Kensinger Dewey S. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Keogh Dan - Sioux City Iowa
Kroll Larence 24 Council Bluffs Illinois
Langan Thomas E. 24 Council Bluffs Iowa
Lewis Marion F. 21 Council Bluffs Iowa
Lewis Thomas J. 42 Logan Iowa
Lindblom Emil 25 Oakland Minnesota
Lindstrom Frank 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Lissner Ernest N. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Loesey William H. 19 Council Bluffs Colorado
Luce Elwyn R. 18 Hinton Iowa
MacMiller Leo 22 Hoskins, Nebraska Nebraska
McCarten John 42 Keokuk Iowa
McEwen Edward 24 Council Bluffs Illinois
Mahoney Newman 22 Council Bluffs Tennessee
Mann Dorrance W. - Council Bluffs Iowa
Marsh Jack 21 Oakland Kansas
Marshbanks Leo 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Martin William T. 43 Oakland Illinois
Matuzski Andrew J. - Council Bluffs Iowa
Mead Kent C. 23 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Meneray Clyde 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Metzger Theodore M. 20 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Miles Midford S. 27 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Miller Frank 25 Sioux City Austria
Moline Floyd W. 19 Sioux City Iowa
Monahan Edward H. 22 Sioux City Iowa
Moore Homer I. 28 Council Bluffs Iowa
Moore Keith L. 18 Sioux City Kansas
Morrow Leslie G. 18 Sioux City Iowa
Mowry Roy E. - Council Bluffs -
Nash Milmer 38 Hinton Iowa
Nelson Chris 21 Avoca Denmark
Nelson Herman 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
O'Connor Harry M. 19 Sioux City Iowa
Olson Richard 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Peterson Lawrence 21 Council Bluffs Iowa
Pfeiffer Reuben R. 22 Council Bluffs Wisconsin
Pierce William L. 18 Council Bluffs Illinois
Pike Leo V. 22 Elk Point, South Dakota Iowa
Pollard Donald 26 Keokuk Iowa
Price John W. 18 Council Bluffs Illinois
Puryear Clark 23 Oakland Iowa
Redden Archie G. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Rhodes Jesse 32 Council Bluffs Iowa
Richardson Everett 20 Randolph Iowa
Rogers Carl 22 Avoca Iowa
Rossi Raymond 24 Wayland Missouri
Sage Earl Brown 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Schlott George A. 18 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Schmidt Russell A. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Schmidtmann Carl 26 Denison German
Schneider Robert J. 23 Hinton Iowa
Schumaker Barney 25 Fort Madison Iowa
Schuman Cecil L. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Scurlock David W. 21 Sioux City Iowa
Semones Floyd 18 Keokuk Missouri
Semons James Edward Lee 22 Keokuk Missouri
Shelhorn Walter A. 22 Council Bluffs Iowa
Smith Bert L. 21 Elk Point, South Dakota Illinois
Smith Floyd 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Smith James W. 29 Sioux City Iowa
Smith John J. 22 Sioux City Iowa
Spain Glenwood H. 22 Sioux City Iowa
Spiker Olive 25 Roadhouse, Illinois Illinois
Stack Thomas B. 35 Keokuk Iowa
Stacy John H. 18 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Staley William A. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Starne Marion T. 19 Council Bluffs Illinois
Stockwell John W. 26 Avoca Kansas
Strtikopulos Dimitrios G. 25 Council Bluffs Greece
Sweeny Ivan D. - Council Bluffs Iowa
Swift Charles M. 19 Akron North Dakota
Thomas John E. 18 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Thomsen Andy 35 Council Bluffs Denmark
Turner Joe W. 20 Avoca Iowa
Tyler William O. 23 Council Bluffs Iowa
Vesey Talmage L. 22 Underwood Iowa
Wagner John 20 Council Bluffs Iowa
Walden Fred W. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Warner Merle F. 34 Council Bluffs Illinois
Warnock Harold A. 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Waugh Glen Ellis 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Weatherill August M. 27 Council Bluffs Iowa
Welker Eugene J. 18 Council Bluffs Iowa
Williams Frank 19 Council Bluffs Iowa
Williams George W. - - -
Wilmes Henry J. 22 Council Bluffs Nebraska
Wingate William S. 30 Council Bluffs Kentucky
Wisch George 26 Avoca Iowa
Zander Henry E. - Sioux City Wisconsin


Men Who Refused to Take National Defense Oath


Last Name First Name Residence
Peal Robert F. Council Bluffs


~reference: State of Iowa 1918, Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa, for the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918. Louis G. Lasher, Adjutant General. Published by the State of Iowa, Des Moines

~ contributed by Cay Merriman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project

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