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Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa


Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa
For the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918
Published by the State of Iowa
Des Moines

      The office of the Adjutant General has been a very busy place during the past two years. The United States has been involved in two wars during this period. At the beginning of the year 1917 the Iowa National Guard, with the exception of the Field Artillery, which was mustered out in December, was in Federal service and was on duty on the Mexican Border guarding the border states from invasion. The organizations were returned to their homes early in the year and by March 23, 1917 were all out of active service.
      On March 25, 1917 the President again issued a proclamation calling into active service a part of the National Guard from each state, preparatory to entering the World War. In Iowa the First Regiment of Infantry was called into service and placed on duty guarding bridges and munitions plants. By July 15, 1917 all other organizations of National Guard had been called into service.
     On August 5, 1917 all men who had been mustered into National Guard service were drafted into U. S. service. This took the Guard entirely from under the control of the state. By the latter part of August all Iowa units had left the state.
     Iowa Guard units sent into the service were all efficient, but it so happened that only one of them, the Third Iowa Infantry (168th U.S. Infantry) experienced any battle field service. This regiment was a part of the 42nd or Rainbow, division, and was a composite organization, composed of the third and parts of the First and Second Infantry regiments. Three-fifths of the enlisted men of the Third, when it left Iowa, had been for some time in the ranks of this regiment. Two-fifths were Guardsmen, transferred from the First and Second Regiments. As a result it was truly a representative Iowa National Guard unit, and its brilliant achievements on the battle fields reflects credit upon the National Guard as a whole.


First Regiment, First Field Artillery

Major Jacob E. Brandt, commanding. Headquarters, Eagle Grove

Battery "A", Clinton, Iowa

Commissioned Officers

Last Name First Name Age Residence Born Rank
Brooks Loren R. 27 Clinton Minnesota Captain
Luth Frank G. 26 Clinton Iowa 1st Lieutenant
Schneider Frank J. 32 Clinton Iowa 1st Lieutenant
Kelsey Lloyd R. 27 Clinton Iowa 2nd Lieutenant
Thompson Emery O. 41 Clinton Nebraska 2nd Lieutenant


Non-Commissioned Officers


Last Name First Name Age Residence Born Rank
Ruhl Levi Whitfield 23 Clinton Iowa 1st Sgt.
McLaughlin Edward James 20 Clinton Iowa Sup. Sgt.
Kershaw Charles I. 30 Clinton Illinois Mess Sgt.
Cleveland Charles I. 25 Clinton Iowa Stable Sgt.
Chatterton Lloyd A. 21 Clinton Illinois Sgt.
Collamer Waldo M. 25 Clinton Iowa Sgt.
Dickerson Clyde D. 22 Clinton Iowa Sgt.
Marquardsen Engward M. 21 Clinton Illinois Sgt.
Petersen Julius Detlef 31 Maquoketa Iowa Sgt.
Price Walter 24 Clinton Iowa Sgt.
Robinson George Ellsworth 26 Clnton Illinois Sgt.
Sible Howard B. 21 Clinton Illinois Sgt.
Walde Anton 19 Clinton Tennessee Sgt.
Anderson Verne J. 29 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Anderson Walter S. 20 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Brauer Frank 22 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Gasaway Earl George 23 Clinton Illinois Cpl.
Hollan Frank E. 22 Cedar Rapids Iowa Cpl.
Johnson Carl 22 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Kletcjke Karl W. 24 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
McGregor Howard Lester 24 Clnton Pennsylvania Cpl.
Madden Francis Raymond 20 Clinton Wisconsin Cpl.
Mathisen Ole Christian 26 Clinton Norway Cpl.
Olsson Anton 24 Clinton Sweden Cpl.
Redfield Harry A. 19 Clinton Missouri Cpl.
Robinson George McClintock 19 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Schwab Ray Sherman 21 Clinton Iillinois Cpl.
Smith Bernard James 33 Manchester Iowa Cpl.
Spaulding William Franklin 23 Clinton Illinois Cpl.
Van Meter June 21 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Van Vuuren Fred 25 Clinton Illinois Cpl.
Willadsen Jens A. 23 Clinton Iowa Cpl.
Willey Fred William 21 Clinton Iowa Cpl.


Cooks, Buglers, etc.


Last Name First Name Age Residence State Born Rank
Zaiser Willis J. 24 Clinton Iowa Chief Mechanic
Raymond Glenn Wallace 40 Clinton Vermont Mechanic
Loughin John Sherman 28 Clinton Illinois Mechanic
Vandenbelt Albert - Clinton Michigan Mechanic
Burnett Albert J. 23 Maquoketa Iowa Horseshoer
Grindrod Aruther Lyle 24 Clinton Illinois Horseshoer
Lisk William R. - Clinton Iowa Horseshoer
Stanules Tony 32 Clinton Germany Saddler
Benson Gus 30 Clinton Iowa Cook
Donielson George 22 Elwood Iowa Cook
Henderson Robert T. - - - Cook
Myatt Leon E. 19 Elwood Iowa Bugler
Newbert Lynn O. 19 Clinton Illinois Bugler
Taylor Frank 20 DeWitt England Bugler


Privates First Class


Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Averkamp Carl L. 21 Clinton Iowa
Callahan William T. 27 Delmar Iowa
Case Herbert W. 19 Belle Plaine Iowa
Clark George W. 23 Clinton Iowa
Clark Lawrence Eugene 19 Clinton Iowa
Dahl Herluf H. 19 Clinton Iowa
Dowhower Paul R. 19 Clinton Iowa
Everhart Carlyle H. 24 Clinton Iowa
Foley Michael James 23 Clinton Iowa
Garvey John W. 21 Clinton Colorado
Gross Harold R. 22 Arispe Iowa
Heath Charles H. M. 22 Morrison, Illinois South Dakota
Holle Clarence 22 Clinton Iowa
Holt Sylvester 22 Clinton Iowa
Horan Leo James 23 Clinton Iowa
Humphrey Fred Edward 28 Clinton Kansas
Landstrom Russell C. 21 Clinton Iowa
Long Joseph Laird 19 Clinton Kansas
Mulqueen Carl F. 22 Clinton Pennsylvania
Obermiller Fred Carl 25 Clinton Iowa
Price Mat. 21 Clinton Iowa
Rhode Henry John 19 Clinton Iowa
Smith Clifton 26 Clinton Iowa
Snodderly Alwyn E. 34 Des Moines Missouri
Steffensen John H. 19 Clinton Iowa
Strouss Joseph William 21 Clinton Iowa
Swanson Carl Arthur 28 Clinton Iowa
Williams Glen C. 23 Clinton Kansas
Wilson Mose Earl 19 Clinton Iowa
Ytsen Peter 21 Clinton Iowa



Last Name

First Name Age Residence State Born
Adams Wesley D. 18 Clinton Illinois
Andersen Herbert 23 Clinton Iowa
Anderson Edward J. 19 Clinton Iowa
Asmussen Chris C. - Clinton Iowa
Binz Claude Joseph 19 Clinton Iowa
Bos William 20 Clinton Illinois
Brown Carl 22 Clinton Iowa
Byers Jerry W. 26 Clinton Illinois
Christensen Eric C. 27 Clinton Illinois
Christensen Mathias 22 Sabula Iowa
Clark Peter 19 Maquoketa Iowa
Clarke William E. 33 Clinton Scotland
Cleary Martin B. 20 Lyons Iowa
Cook Lester J. 19 Miles Iowa
Croake James M. - Clinton Iowa
Dana Otis Morrell 19 Clinton Iowa
Dellet Frank O. 26 Clinton Iowa
Dellit Fred Albert 33 Clinton Iowa
Dolan William G. - Clinton Michigan
Donahue Daniel J. - Clinton Iowa
Douty George M. - Clinton Illinois
Dwigans Claud W. 20 Eagle Grove Iowa
Eagen Ralph A. 18 Clinton Illinois
Eberley Louis E. 20 Clinton Illinois
Eggers Fred 19 Preston Iowa
Enright Miles E. 18 Clinton Iowa
Evers Ejner 18 Clinton Iowa
Felderman Jacob F. 23 Clinton Iowa
Fenn Earl R. 22 Clinton Iowa
Fickel Willard H. 20 Princeton Kentucky
Flack Harold L. 19 Comanche Iowa
Forest Dwight D. - Miles Iowa
Foster Albert J. 18 Lyons Iowa
Foster Edwin E. 22 Clinton Iowa
Garlock William G. 18 Clinton Iowa
George Vernon M. 20 Clinton Illinois
Gerhardt Raymond J. F. 18 Clinton Iowa
Goodell Charlie R. 25 Clinton Iowa
Gould Jay A. 21 Clinton Iowa
Greve Claude 24 Lyons Iowa
Griffith Augustus - - -
Hamm Cecil E. 21 Clinton Indiana
Harper Floyd C. 19 Clinton Illinois
Hass Edward 23 Clinton Iowa
Hazelhurst Carl C. - Clinton Iowa
Henderson Robert B. 23 - England
Herman William F. - - -
Herring James A. 21 Clinton Iowa
Hickey Harry 29 Tipton Michigan
Hickey James 23 Sioux City South Dakota
Hosp P.Howard 19 Lyons Iowa
Houseman Charles W. 23 Belle Plaine Iowa
Jensen Herbert H. S.  18 Calamus Iowa
Juhl George W. 19 Low Moor Iowa
Kenney Andrew A. 18 Clinton Iowa
Kleis Anker 25 Marquoketa Denmark
Koons Frank H. 19 Clinton Iowa
Krumviede Alvin H. - Preston Iowa
Lesher Harry L. 23 Clinton Illinois
Lowell William E. 37 Clinton Illinois
McCaughey Charles E. 18 DeWitt Iowa
McGinty John W. 23 Clinton Iowa
McMahan William 3 Clinton Illinois
McNeil William E. 22 Clinton Iowa
Meader Charles L. N. - Lyons Iowa
Meyer August E. 22 Delmar Germany
Miles Forrest S. 38 Miles Iowa
Miller Harold T. 20 Burlington Iowa
Mulholland Clement 22 DeWitt Iowa
Murray John E. - Clinton Iowa
Nielsen Nels C. 23 Miles Iowa
Olson arvid 22 Clinton Sweden
Owen William Henry 31 Clinton Iowa
Paris Herbert A. 27 Delmar Junction Iowa
Petersen Carl R. 22 Miles Iowa
Redman Robert C. 20 Clinton Iowa
Richards Theodore 35 Clinton Wisconsin
Roberson Cecil E. 18 Clinton Missouri
Robinson Charles John 20 Clinton Iowa
Rowe George Samuel 20 Clinton Iowa
Rowell Walter W. 36 Clinton Michigan
Schlemmer Roy R. - Clinton Iowa
Schmidt Edward 32 Clinton Iowa
Schmitz John H. - Clinton Iowa
Schoenfelder Edward W. - Lyons Iowa
Schroeder Herman L. 22 Sabula Iowa
Scribner Edward A. - Clinton Iowa
Scullen Merrill R. 21 Clinton Iowa
Shaw Charles A. 28 Princeton Iowa
Shoemaker Raymond - Lyons Illinois
Simpson Charles A. 22 Calamus Iowa
Sipes James Robert 20 Clinton Illinois
Smith Herbert 23 Tipton Iowa
Smith Leslie W. 21 Grand Mound Iowa
Smith Ralph 25 Clinton Illinois
Smullin George W. 27 Clinton Iowa
Soenksen Meinert A. 24 Clinton Iowa
Sorensen Arthur C. 21 Lyons Minnesota
Stouffer Andrew B. 24 Clinton Nebraska
Stringham Earl 21 Clinton Illinois
Taylor James L. 18 Clinton Iowa
Thompson Edward J. 27 DeWitt Illinois
Turney William 24 Clinton Iowa
Unger Harry H. 24 Cedar Rapids Illinois
Van Vuuren Martin 20 Clinton Illinois
Wallace Floyd C. 31 Clinton Iowa
Walsh Oliver J. 18 Clinton Iowa
Warnock John 26 Clinton Iowa
Weber Allen K. 24 Clinton Iowa
White Carl P. 24 Rockford, Illinois Illinois
White Ernest A. - - -
White Sanford S. 18 Calamus Missouri
Whitney Joe S. 32 Clinton Iowa
Willet Earl P. 19 Camanche Iowa
Williams Carlton 18 Clinton Iowa
Wilson Almon R. - Clinton Iowa


Men Who Refused to Take National Defense Oath


Last Name First Name Residence
Reinhart Hans Clinton
King Charles William Clinton
Clough Harry Clinton
Davis Clifford E. Clinton
Fowler Bruce C. Clinton
Lloyd Guy Clinton


~reference: State of Iowa 1918, Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa, for the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918. Louis G. Lasher, Adjutant General. Published by the State of Iowa, Des Moines

~ contributed by Cay Merriman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project

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