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1940 Biography Abbreviations

Source: Iowa Press Association's "Who's Who in Iowa"
A Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life
Published by Iowa Press Association, Des Moines, Iowa

- Abbreviations transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Copied to Franklin co. IAGenWeb with her permission. -

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A & M Agricultural & Mechanical
A&P Rwy Atlantic & Pacific Railway
AA degree of associate of arts
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration
  American Automobile Association
AAONMS Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AASR Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite
AAU Amateur Athletic Union
AAUP American Association of University Professors
AAUW American Association of University Women
acad academy, academic
acct accountant
ACD American College of Dentists
ACP American College of Physicians
  Agricultural Conservation Program
ACS American College of Surgeons
ADA American Dental Association
adjt adjutant
adm admitted
AE agricultural engineer (ing)
AEF American Expeditionary Force
AF&AM Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
AFI All for Iowa
AF of L American Federation of Labor
agcy agency
agr (l) agriculture (al)
agt agent
AHEPA American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers
Ala Alabama
ALA American Library Association
AMA American Medical Association
Amer American
AMPA American Newspaper Publishers Association
AOUW Ancient Order of United Workmen
AP Associated Press
appr apprentice
apptd appointed
apptmt appointment
apt (s) apartment (s)
ARC American Red Cross
Ariz Arizona
Ark Arkansas
arty artillery
AS air service
ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASSC Air Service Signal Corps
assn association
assoc associate (d)
asst assistant
AT&SF Rwy Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
att attended, attending
atty attorney
Aug August
aux auxiliary
ave avenue
AZA Aleph Zadek Aleph
b born
B&A RR Boston & Albany Railroad
B & L Building & Loan
B&M RR Burlington & Missouri Railroad
B&O RR Co Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
B&PW Business & Professional Women
BA bachelor of arts
BAE Bureau of Agricultural Economics
BAgr bachelor of agriculture
Bapt Baptist
BArch bachelor of architecture
BAS bachelor of association science
batt battalion
BBA bachelor of business administration
B C British Columbia
BCE bachelor of civil engineering
BCL bachelor of civil law
BCS bachelor of commercial science
bd board
BD bachelor of divinity
BDi bachelor of didactics
BDS bachelor of dental surgery
BE bachelor of education, bachelor of engineering,
bachelor of expression
BEd bachelor of education
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BFA bachelor of fine arts
BJ bachelor of journalism
bkkpr bookkeeper
BL bachelor of laws, bachelor of letters
bldg building
BLitt bachelor of literature, bachelor of letters
BLS bachelor of library science
blvd boulevard
BM bachelor of medicine
BME bachelor of mining engineering
BMus bachelor of music
B of LE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
B of LF&E Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers
BO bachelor of oratory
BPd bachelor of pedagogy
BPE bachelor of physical education
BPOE Benevolent Protective Order of Elks
B of RC Brotherhood of Railway Clerks
brig brigadier
BRE bachelor of religious education
BRT Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen
BSA bachelor of agricultural science, Boy Scouts of America
BSc bachelor of science
BSD bachelor of didactic science
BSL bachelor of sacred literature
BTh bachelor of theology
bur bureau
BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
C&EI RR Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad
C&GT Rwy Chicago & Grand Trunk Railroad
C&NP RR Chicago & Northern Pacific Railroad
C&NW Rwy Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
C&O Rwy Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad
C&S Rwy Co Colorado & Southern Railway Company
CAC coast artillery corps
Cal California
capt captain
CAR Children of the American Revolution
carp carpenter
cash cashier
Cath Catholic
CB&Q Rwy Co Chicago, Burlington & Quncy Railway Company
CCC&StL Rwy Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis Railway
CE civil engineer
CGW Rwy Chicago Great Western Railway
ch chapter, charter, church
chg charge
chmn chairman
Chris Christian
Chris Sci Christian Science
clk clerk
CLU Central Labor Union
CM&StP Rwy Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railway
CMTC Citizens Military Training Camp
co company (s), county (s)
COF Catholic Order of Foresters
C of C Chamber of Commerce
col colonel
coll college
Colo Colorado
com committee
comdt commandant
comm commander, community
commd commissioned
comml commercial
commr commissioner
conf conference
Congl Congregational, Congressional
Conn Connecticut
contr contractor
conv convention
co-op co-operative
corp corporation, corporal
COTS central officers training school
coun council
CP Rwy Canadian Pacific Railway
CPA certified public accountant
CRI&P Rwy Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway
CStPM&O Rwy Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway
CWA Civil Works Administration
d daughter
D&RGW RR Co Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company
DAgr doctor of agriculture
DAR Daughters of the American Revolution
DAV Disabled American Veterans
D C District of Columbia
DC doctor of chiropractic
DCL doctor of civil law
DD doctor of divinity
DDS doctor of dental surgery
dec deceased
Dec December
DEd doctor of education
del delegate
Del Delaware
Dem Democrat
DEng doctor of engineering
dep deputy
dept department
DHL doctor of Hebrew literature
dir (s) director (s)
disch discharged
dist district
div division
DLit (t) doctor of literature
dir (s) dealer (s)
DLS doctor of library science
DM&C Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad Co
DMU Rwy Des Moines Union Railway
DMus doctor of music
DO doctor of osteopathy
DOKK Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorasson of America
DORC dental officers reserve corps
Dr doctor
DRE doctor of religious education
DSc doctor of science
DSC distinguished service cross
DST doctor of sacred theology
DTM doctor of tropical medicine
DUV Daughters of Union Veterans
DVM doctor of veterinary medicine
DVS doctor of veterinary surgery
E east
ed educated
ED doctor of engineering
EdB bachelor of education
EdD doctor of education
EdM master of education
edn (l) education (al)
EE electrical engineer
elec elected
elem elementary
emp employed
engr (s) engineer (s)
enl enlisted
ent entered
Episc Episcopal
est estate
estab established
Evang Evangelical
exec executive
ext extensive
extn extension
FACD Fellow of the American College of Dentists
FACP Fellow of the American College of Physicians
FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
FBI Federal Bureau of Inventigation
FCA Farm Credit Administration
FDDM&Sou RR Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railroad
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FE&MV RR Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad
Feb February
fed federal
fedn federation
FFA Future Farmers of America
FHA Federal Housing Administration
Fla Florida
FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles
frat fraternity
FSA Farm Security Administration
FSB Federal Securities Board
FTDA Florists Telegraph Delivery Association
FtDM Fort Des Moines
furn furniture
Ga Georgia
GAR Grand Army of the Republic
gen general
GFWC General Federation of Women's Clubs
GHQ general headquarters
GMC General Motors Corporation
GN Rwy Great Northern Railway
gov governor
govt government
grad graduate
groc grocer
GT Rwy Grand Trunk Railway
hdqrs headquarters
hdw hardware
HG Home Guard
hist historical
HOLC Home Owners Loan Corporation
hon honorable, honorary
hosp hospital
HS high school
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
IC RR Illinois Central Railroad
ICS International Correspondence School
IERA Iowa Emergency Relief Administration
IFWC Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs
IGA Independent Grocers Alliance
IGN RR International Great Northern Railroad
Ill Illinois
impl implement
inc incorporated
Ind Indiana
indep independent (ly)
inf infantry
ING Iowa National Guards
ins insurance
inst institute
instr instructor
int (s) interest (s) (ed)
internatl international
IOGT International Order of Good Templars
IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows
IPA Iowa Press Association
ISTA Iowa State Teachers Association
ISTC Iowa State Teachers College
ITU International Typographical Union
Jan January
JCD, JDC doctor of civil law
JCL Juris Canonici Lector
JD juris doctor, doctor of laws
JP Justice of the Peace
jr junior
JSD doctor of juristic science
JUD doctor of canon & civil laws
Kas Kansas
KC Knight of Columbus
KCCH Knights Commandery of the Court of Honor
KCS Rwy Kansas City Southern Railway
KP Knights of Pythias
KT Knights Templar
Ky Kentucky
L & B Loan & Building
L&N RR Louisville & Nashville Railroad
La Louisiana
LA&SL RR Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad
lab laboratory
lbr lumber
LHD doctor of the humanities, doctor of letters of humanity
LI RR Long Island Railroad
lib library
lic licensed
LitD doctor of letters, doctor of literature
LittB bachelor of letters
LittD doctor of letters
LLB bachelor of laws
LLD doctor of laws
LLM master of laws
LOOM Loyal Order of Moose
lt lieutenant
ltd limited
Luth Lutheran
m married
M&StL RR Minneapolis & St Louis Railroad
MA master of arts
MAgr master of agriculture
maj major
Mar March
Mass Massachusetts
math mathematics, mathematical
MB bachelor of medicine
MBA master of business administration
mbr member
mcht merchant
MC&CL RR Mason City & Clear Lake Railroad
MCL master of civil law
MCS master of commercial science
Md Maryland
MD doctor of medicine
MDi master of didactics
MDip master in diplomacy
MDS master of dental surgery
mdse merchandise
Me Maine
ME mechanical, military or mining engineering
med medical, medicine
MEE master of electrical engineering
merc mercantile
Meth Methodist
MFA master of fine arts
mfg manufacturing
mfr (s) manufacturer (s)
mgr (s) manager (s)
MGTC machine gun transport company
Mich Michigan
mil military
min minute
Minn Minnesota
Miss Mississippi
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MK&T Rwy Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway
MLitt master of literature
MME master of mechanical engineering
M&O RR Mobile & Ohio Railroad
Mo Missouri
Mont Montana
MoP Rwy Missouri Pacific Railway
MORC medical officers reserve corps
MPd master of pedagogy
MPE master of physical education
MRE master of religious education
MS master of surgery
MSc master of science
MST master of sacred theology
MStP&SSM Rwy Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway
MTC motor transport company
MTD motor transport division
MTh master of theology
MusB bachelor of music
MusD doctor of music
MusM master of music
MWA Modern Woodmen of America
N north
N&W Rwy Norfolk & Western Railway
NAA National Aeronautics Association
NARD National Association of Retail Druggists
natl national
Natl Edit Assn National Editorial Association
N C North Carolina
NC&StL Rwy Nashville, Cattanooga & St Louis Railway
N D North Dakota
NE northeast
NEA National Educational Association
Neb Nebraska
Nev Nevada
NG National Guards
N H New Hampshire
N J New Jersey
N M New Mexico
Nov November
NP Rwy Northern Pacific Railway
NRA National Recovery Administration
NW northwest
N Y New York
NYA National Youth Administration
NYC&HR RR New York, Central & Hudson River Railroad
NYC RR New York Central Railroad
NYNH&H RR New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
Oct October
OES Order of Eastern Star
ofcl official
ofcr officer
off office
Okla Oklahoma
opr (d) operator, operate (d)
oprn operation
ORC Order of Railway Conductors, Officers Reserve Corps
Ore Oregon
org (r) organized, organizer
orgn organization
ORT Order of Railway Telegraphers
O/S overseas
OSL RR Oregon Short Line Railroad
OTC officers training camp
OTS officers training school
O-W RR&N Co Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company
PCA Production Credit Association
pct precinct
PdB bachelor of pedagogy
PdD doctor of pedagogy
PdM master of pedagogy
PeB bachelor of pediatrics
Penn Pennsylvania
Penn RR Pennsylvania Railroad
Pharm pharmacy (ist), (eutical)
PhB bachelor of philosophy
PhC pharmaceutical chemist,chiropractic philosopher
PhD doctor of philosophy, doctor of pharmacy
PhG graduate in pharmacy
phys physician
P I Philippine Islands
P M postmaster
PM RR Pere Marquette Railroad
P O postoffice
prac practice (d)
prep preparatory
pres president
Presby Presbyterian
prin principal
priv private
prof professor
prop proprietor
Prot Protestant
PTA Parent Teachers Association
ptr partner
pub public
pur purchased
PWA Public Works Administration
QMC quartermasters corps
QMRC quartermasters reserve corps
RA resettlement administration
RACC Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation
RAM Royal Arch Mason
R&SM Royal & Select Mason
REA Rural Electrification Administraion
recd received
Rep representative, republican
res reserve, residence
ret retired
retd returned
Rev Reverend
RFC Reconstruction Finance Corporation
RFD Rural Free Delivery
R I Rhode Island
RN registered nurse
RNA Royal Neighbors of America
ROA Reserve Officers Association
RR railroad
s son
S south
S & L Savings & Loan
SA Salvation Army
SAL Rwy Seaboard Air Line Railway
SAR Sons of the American Revolution
SATC Student Army Training Corps
SBA Security Benefit Association
S C South Carolina
SC Signal Corps
sch school
Scot Scottish
S D South Dakota
SE southeast
secy secretary
sen senator, senate
Sept September
sgt sergeant
SJD doctor juristic science
SNTC student naval training corps
soc society
SP Co Southern Pacific Company
Sp-Amer Spanish American
SPEE Soc for the Promotion of Engineering Education
sr senior
SS steamship, Sunday School
St Saint, street, state
STB bachelor of sacred theology
STD doctor of sacred theology
steno stenographer
StJ&GI RR St Joseph & Grand Island Railroad
StL&SF RR St Louis & San Francisco Railroad
StL&M&S MoP St Louis & Missouri & Southern Missouri Pacific
STP professor of sacred theology
supt superintendent
supvr supervisor
surg surgeon
SUV Sons of Union Veterans
SW southwest
T&P Rwy Texas & Pacific Railway
tchr teacher
TDS Telegraphic Delivery Service
tech technical
tele telephone
teleg telegraph
Tenn Tennessee
Tex Texas
T H Territory of Hawaii
ThD doctor of theology
ThM master of theology
TPA Travelers Protective Association
treas treasurer (s)
tsfrd transferred
tsptn transportation
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
twp township
U university
U B United Brethren
UCT United Commercial Travelers
UMWA United Mine Workers of America
Uni university
UP Union Pacific, United Press
US United States
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USN United States Navy
USS United States Ship
USWV United Spanish War Veterans
Va Virginia
vol volunteer
VP vice-president
vs versus
Vt Vermont
W west
Wash Washington
WCF&N RR Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad
WCTU Womens Christian Temperance Union
Wes Wesleyan
WFMS Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
WHMS Woman's Home Missionary Society
whol wholesale
Wis Wisconsin
WOW Woodmen of the World
WP RR Western Pacific Railroad Company
WPA Works Progress Administration
WRC Women's Relief Corps
W Va West Virginia
Wyo Wyoming
Y D Young Democrats
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
Y R Young Republicans
YWCA Young Women's Christian Association


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