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04 Mar 1898 - Pg 1

"It is a little difficult to say just who was seasick and who was not amoung our Volga Klondike voyagers. M. C. Smith wrote that he 'wasn't a bit sick but all the rest were heaving up Jonah all the time on ship;' then Col. Shadle's letter came telling how he enjoyed the rest of the party's 'reelings and upheavals' but he, of course, 'wasn't a particle sea-sick,' oh no. And Fred Millard's wife had the same concerning 'all the rest but him being sick as dogs,' while he didn't have to catch on anything for that purpose. - McGregor News."

"Fayette - Ernest Kelley and Libbie Durfey were married at the home of the bride's parents at Lima. Mr. Kelley is well known for his efficient service at the Scobey and Duncan grocery store. They will set up housekeeping in the house north of the Congregational Church."

"Fayette - The wedding of Milton Perry and Mary Wilbur occurred Wednesday at the home of the bride. They go to Charles City to live. The bride will be very much missed from Fayette, not only by her friends, but by a large number of families that for years have depended on her assistance."

"Randalia - Jud Mabon and bride moved onto the Mathew Wells farm northwest of town Monday."

"Randalia - A baby boy arrived at the home of L. H. Turner and wife Thursday."

"Pleasant Valley - Ward Brabhan and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl."

"Lima - E. L. Kuhnes has closed his school near Wadena and is home for a short vacation."

"Elgin - In response to invitations a number of young people assembled at the Wm. Gruver home Monday evening in honor of Miss Alta's eighteenth birthday. The young people were royally entertained by a number of selections from the graphophone (?) and social games, after which refreshments were served."

"Sumner - Married - at the M. E. church last Sunday evening, Miss Lillie Vorhees and Mr. Charles Dawson.
At the home of the bride's parents, Anna Rockow and William Benter.
At the residence of August Heyer, his niece Margaret Armstrong and Orey Aubrey."

Page 4

"Dr. John Thomas Phillips and Miss Viola Kain were united in marriage last Tuesday, Washington's birthday. The occasion was one that will long be remembered in the community on account of the standing in society of the contracting parties. John T. Phillips is a graduate of Rush Medical College of Chicago and is a young man who can be considered a master of the medical art. Although his stay in Tripoli has been short he has endeared himself to the people. The bride was born in Bremer county and is a lady of splendid character and accomplishments. - Tripoli Leader"


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11 Mar 1898 - Pg 1

"Eighteen divorce cases are on the docket this term of court. (West Union)

Fayette - "Cards have been received announcing the wedding of Mr. Dawson and Mrs. May Gaynor on March 4th in Montana."

"Fayette - The marriage of Will Kelly and Miss Mary McComb took place Tuesday at the home of the bride. Rev. Snowdon officiated."

"Westgate - Fred Bahe and Sopha Beerman were recently married in the German Lutheran church northeast of town by the pastor, Rev. Warnke."

"Elgin - The M. Jaquet family are rejoicing over the arrival of a new boy at their home, March 1st."

"Hawkeye - Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ridley and Mr. and Mrs. Grover attended the McIntyre-Downs wedding."

"Arlington - Cards are out for the marriage of Miss Emma Sorenson to Mr. Willard Prideaux. Both reside in Putnam twp. and are well known in Arlington."

"Waucoma - By inquiry from Dr. Dodd we learn that babies arrived at the homes of Ed Scott and Coker Coe this week."

"Lima - LeVern and Zoe Kuhnes attended the McComb-Kelly wedding at Fayette Wednesday."

"Maple Grove - Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, Wednesday, March 2d, Miss Alice Cammack and Mr. Harry Humphrey. About thirty invited guests were present to witness the ceremony."

Page 4

"Married at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McIntyre in Windsor twp., Wednesday evening, March 2nd, by Rev. F. H. Linn, Moses McIntyre of Windsor township, and Miss Alice Downs of Auburn twp. Quite a number of useful presents were received."


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18 Mar 1898 - Pg 1

"Maynard - Mrs. Frank Cummings is the latest one surprised
by her lady friends, on Thursday. As they sewed 35 lbs. of rags for their hostess they were welcome guests."

"Fayette - Robert McCormick and Lena Sykes were united in marriage last week and will occupy the house on Violet hill formerly owned by Frank Ware."

"Maynard - The eighth annual commencement exercises of the Maynard high school were held at the opera house Friday evening March 11th. The graduates were three in number, Clara Smith, Wesley Watenpaugh, Harry Hanes. An interesting program was given."

"Maynard - Fred Dawson, a long time resident of this place, was married to Miss Rosena A. Goldbeck, Feb. 28th, at Ocheyedan, where the groom is a successful teacher."

"Randalia - Following is a report of the intermediate department for the month ending March 11. Number enrolled 24; average daily attendance, 21. Those who were not absent during the month are Myrtle Riflnburg, Llyle Bellis, Charlie Carter, Tabitha and Marion Speer, Earl Beman, Ray Tiffany, Hugh Mabon, Jimmie Swale, Earl and Leo Ward, Ethel Vaughn, Harold Rodgers, Glen Thompson, Lloyd and Levi Boone and Florence Parrett. Ella Crim, Teacher"

Page 4

"Born, March 16, to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hurley, a ten pound boy."

Civil Causes

"Martha S. Cotant vs John B. Cotant. Equity. Divorce granted and Plft. awarded custody of child."
"Gertrude Campbell vs Ed. Campbell. Equity. Decree of Divorce granted, plft. to resume her maiden name Gertrude Rogers."
"An application of O. W. Qualley, a registered pharmacist, for a permit to keep and sell intoxicating liquors. Application refused."
"Clara Clute vs Charles J. Clute. Equity. Divorce granted. $1000 alimony allowed. Plft to resume former name Clara Rose."
"Jessie Monroe vs H. E. Monroe. Equity. Defalt, Divorce granted. Plft. to have custody of minor child."


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25 Mar 1898 - Pg 1

Maynard - Our mild and pleasant weather turned into a veritable blizzard Tuesday and effectively stopped all farm work for the present."

"Maynard - Married, at the parsonage, Tuesday evening, March 22, by Rev. Blodgett, Fred Phippen and Nevada Billings. The happy couple will make their home for the present with the groom's mother. Friends here extend congratulations."

"Waucoma - Born, to the family of E. C. Mumby, last Thursday night, a bright baby."

"Waucoma - C. B. Lindsay of this place will graduate at the Iowa State University in the course of dental surgery this week. His father, J. B. Lindsay, will go down to be present at the commencement exercises."

"Westgate - A baby girl now resides at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ritchie."

"Westgate - Philip Baxter, Edward and Alice Eagan, pupils in no. 9, probably feel somewhat elated over the fact they have each been granted a common school diploma for successfully passing the required examination."

Page 8

"A little girl was added to the family of Geo. Cummings last week."

"Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Archer enjoyed a delightful surprise last Friday on the 16 anniversary of their wedding day. An elegant china tea set was presented to them."

"Married at West Union March 21, 1898, by J. J. Berkey, J. P., J. H. Marvin and Jessie Monroe both of Fayette."

"Report of Frog Hollow School, District no. 2, Westfield twp. Term com. Nov 21, 1897. No. enrolled for therm 20, 17 boys, 3 girls; no. not absent nor tardy for the term, 5, viz: Jessie Byers, Harvey Richmond, Howard Richmond, John Solomon, James Solomon. Walter Thorp was not absent but tardy. Those not tardy but absent were Levi Wroe, Elmer Wroe, Lawrene Wroe, Tillie Wroe, Frank Smith, James Hutchinson, Myrtle Hutchinson, Edward Stearnes, 60 cases of tardiness during the term; average attendance 16. Belle Martin, Teacher."

"Marriage Licenses

C. L. Puffett & Florence Quitmyer Wm. Kelly & Mary E. McComb
Tilden Hendershott & Edna Burk George Smirl & Clara Rose
R. B. McCormack & Lena Sykes Harvey Keig & Laura Ray
Frank Heath & Bertha Ross Daniel Shea & Myrtle Bhmik
J. L. Archer & Anna Wickham John McCra & Blanche Deming
Ferdinand Stamart & Emma Eckheart W. E. Shaklee & Julia Ewing
Charlie O. Cross & Mattie S. Cotant George Patterson & Effie Holtzman
Willard Prideaux & Emma Sorenson  

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