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West Union Gazette

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03 June 1898 - Pg. 1

On Wednesday, June 1, the West Union P. O. changed hands and
T. L. Green is now privileged to add P. M. to his signature."

"Maynard - Maynard's population has been increased the past week by a young son at the home of Geo. Day May 24, and a young daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ranney on Decoration Day."

Page 4

"Mrs. J. W. Knight has been at Aurora the past few days, called there by the new grandchild at Walter's house."

"John A. Rowland and Clara Smith, both of Dover, were married at the M. E. parsonage Monday, May 30, by Rev. J. Gammons."


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10 Jun 1898 - Pg. 1

"Maynard - Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rogers are the proud parents of a young son."

"Harry Wilson and Hattie Clark were married on Decoration Day by Rev. Will of Fayette. Mr. Wilson will run a barber shop in Fayette. Many are their friends here who wish them an abundant success."

"Elgin - The following young folks will graduate from the E. H. S. Friday eve. June 11, Lavisa Conner, Nettie Berger, Minnie Lyons, Amelia Lehman, Emma Moser, George Schori and Max Thoma."

"Waucoma - Our High School commencement was indeed something extra. The music and decorations were fine, and the opera hall was not large enough to hold all who wished to attend. After the opening, Miss Maude Elliott gave the class history; Frank Lynch spoke eloquently on Patriotism; the advantage of a Cultured Mind was told by Chas. H. Miller; Trifles were spoke of by Mable A. Farley, and Alaska was described by P. J. Ferrell; the Essentials to Success were pointedly set forth by Oliver L. Stone and the beautiful mission of Flowers by Mable A. Husband; I Can was well discussed by Harold G. Burnside; and Modes of Government, by Reginald O. Bender; what Energy will accomplish was told by Earl N. Webster; and the value of Education, and Valedictory, was rendered well by Carrie Green. Prof. Adams then presented the diplomas. Bouquets were strewn profusely as each speaker finished, which, with the lavender and pink class colors made a pleasing effect."

Page 2

"High School Commencement - The thirteenth graduating class from the West Union High School proved conclusively that thirteen is an exceedingly lucky number. Zeigler Hall was filled to overflowing and many went away unable to get even standing room. The display of motto, "Not who but what," was arranged by the juniors and was very effective. The decorations were unique, a fountain and being one of the features. The music by Miss Shaw, Miss Gunsalus, Mrs. Stam, Mrs. Adams and Miss Poffett was, of course, of the highest order. The male quartet, Messrs. Neff, Adams, Hanna and Robinson, were enthusiastically received. The class of ten was led in a salutatory by Miss Myrtle Ash in a very graceful, polished and finished effort on "Self Culture." And it is well perhaps, to say here in the beginning that the "sweet girl graduates" were all creatures of loveliness." The valedictorian, Mr. Chesley Palmer, sustained the honor well. His address on "Should the United States Extend Her Territories" was thoughtful, bright and manly. The class prophesy - always interesting - was unusually so this year, Miss Anna Washburn giving it in a very sweet, winning and witty way. Oscar Gray handled his subject, "Patriotism, the true and the false," well. His delivery was excellent and his subject very apropos. Miss Belle Martin's picture of "The Evolution of a Country School Ma'am," was very artistic and a word picture, indeed, true to life. Ora Smith with his theme "The Preservation of our Forests" showed much thought of the practical side of life, a quality always bringing success in this world. Miss Mae Bowers gracefully delivered a very pretty well worded and thoughtful essay "On the Ocean of Life." Miss Alice Gates had a theme dear to the hearts of us all, "Our Country" which was very much appreciated and enjoyed as it deserved to be. Walter C. Bower with "Division of Labor" showed much thought and was on the practical list. His paper was well written and his delivery was good. Miss Mable Riley's subject was "Natures Teachings." She gave an exceedingly interesting, thoughtful and bright address. Roy Martin with his "History of Illumination" interested all, light from the beginning until the present time affording him a chance for a "sparkling" paper. The Alumni gave a reception to the class, at the close of the exercises, in the rooms at W. R. C. Prof. Bloodgood presented the diplomas to the members of the class of '98 in words of wisdom."

Page 4

"A little girl was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McMasters, but the baby lived only a few hours."

"Fayette County has furnished eleven men for the army and is entitled to send 16 more under the new call."

"Married at the residence of and by Wm. Colby, J. P., June 2nd, 1898, Mr. R. Eckert of Oelwein, Iowa, and Miss Mary Smith of Elma, Iowa."


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24 Jun 1898 - Pg. 4

"Cards are announcing the wedding of Will N. Rogers and Maude E. Schrack, at the M. E. Church in this city, Wednesday, June 29. - Hawkeye Beacon"


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