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West Union Gazette


07 Jan 1898- Pg 1

"The sleighing is perfect and every night parties of young people
are taking advantage of it."

"Fayette - Major Merrill and wife celebrated their golden wedding Christmas Day. They were surrounded by their children and grandchildren who had gathered for that purpose, and it was a very happy occasion"

"Fayette - Miss Ina Holmes and Henry L. Adams were married Wednesday evening, Jan. 5. They will be at home in Waucoma after Jan. 10. Both of these young people are alumni of U. I. U., class of '97. Mr. Adams is at present in charge of Waucoma schools. Their many friends wish them bon voyage."

"Fayette - A baby daughter has come to the home of P. H. Schlatter."

"Maynard - Charles Gordon of Fayette and Edna Hamlin of this place were lately married, we understand"

"Randalia - Last Wednesday being Abbie Grannis's fifteenth birthday, quite a crowd of her school mates and friends met at the G. A. R. hall to help her celebrate. The evening was spent in playing games and all had a pleasant time."

"Clermont - A New Year's gift, containing many unfolding possibilities, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shaffer. We hope for his successful development until he shall have reached the climax of manhood's greatness."

"Smithfield - A wooden wedding at Mel Burch's last week. Sleighloads of friends came pouring in upon them until the house was full. All report an enjoyable time."

"Arlington - Mr. Laurence Marsh of Waterloo and Miss Josephine Little of this city were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by F. Glime last Wednesday."

"Arlington - Married, at the residence of the bride's parents in Wadena, Saturday evening, Mr. Tom Carothers of this city and Miss Kizzie Dye."

Page 4

"Mr. and Mrs. John Owens are the happy parents of a little daughter who arrived in town Thursday."

"Married at West Union, Ia., January 5, 1898, by J. J. Berkey, J. P., Sambal O. Jennings of Clayton county, and Elsie L. Allen of Arlington, Fayette Co."

"Married at the residence of Charles Pitts in Hawkeye, Saturday evening, Jan. 1st, by Rev. F. H. Linn, Mr. Charles G. Wright and Miss Ivah DuBois, both of West Union, Ia."

"Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, near Alpha, Dec 25, 1897, by Rev. F. H. Linn, Mr. Clarence Howe and Miss Minnie Smith. A large number of relatives and friends were present to witness the ceremony. Many useful presents were received."

"A Golden Anniversary at Hawkeye - Last Thursday, Dec. 23rd, about noon the children of R. H. and D. E. Richmond, including a few old neighbors, assembled at the home of R. H. Richmond to help them celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The aged couple were somewhat surprised. Those of the neighbors in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Wilber, Mr. and Mrs. James Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. John Moor, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Jones and Dr. and Mrs. Burrows. The relatives were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Peck, a sister of Mrs. Richmond. The children present were Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ostander, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Delos Pitts, Mrs. B. F. Pitts, Mr. C. H. Richmond and Mr. C. F. Rodgers. Three daughters, Mrs. Frank Peggis of Newark, N. Y., Mrs. Jas. Bakewell of North Platte, Neb. and Mrs. A. M. Nichols of Marshall, Minn., were not present."


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14 Jan 1898 - Pg 1

"A heavy rain fell all last night, and it was very acceptable to the housekeepers
who are dependent on cisterns, but it finished the sleighing. - Fayette"

"Maynard - Furnett Kiel and wife are the proud parents of a son, born Dec. 29, 1897."

"Hawkeye - Born, to Ernest Dietel and wife, Saturday, Jan. 1, 1898, a son."

"Elgin - It's a boy at the C. G. Grahm home, born Jan. 2nd. Dr. Fothergill reports mother and child doing well. C. G. smiles and says 'one more republican for Pleasant Valley.'"

"Sumner - Earl Cass and Mae Humiston were married at Waverly Christmas Eve. She was one of the town teachers whose place is now vacant."

Page 4

"Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Colbert of Lima, Saturday, a girl. Reported by Dr. E. A. Ainsworth."

"A most pleasant event of last week Thursday was a celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hall, living south of town. Mr. and Mrs. Hall have been residents of Fayette county since 1864. They are the parents of nine children and the grandparents of thirteen, all living."


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28 Jan 1898 - Pg 1

"Randalia - Jan. 25th - We seem to be in luck this time, as it is reported that the railroads are blockaded from Elgin north and from Oelwein south, while here the storm was very light."

"Fayette - Friday evening a party of neighbors and friends met at the home of Sam'l Holmes to offer congratulations and welcome to J. E. Holmes and bride. They were married the previous Tuesday at Grand Island. She will be remembered as Myrta Whitney, whose father was a former resident of West Union. The guests took with them two rocking chairs to start the new couple in housekeeping."

"Fayette - Dr. Fellows officiated at two weddings Jan. 12. These are the first marriages he has performed during his residence here. Not that we do not marry in Fayette, but that preachers abound. J. F. Steele of West Union and Mrs. Emily Lane of Fayette and W. E. Averill and Miss Vera Conell, both of Arlington, were the contracting parties."

"Randalia - Again the silvery peal of the wedding bell was heard in our little village. On the evening of Jan. 19th Guy B. Darnell of this place and Carrie Whitley were joined in holy wedlock at the home of the bride in Fayette. But few guests were present. The bride was modestly attired in old rose cashmere. The groom wore the usual black. H. C. Nutting was best man and Lotta Turner bridesmaid. Dr. Fellows officiated in his usual pleasing way. The ceremony, performed at about eight o'clock, was closely followed by a most delightful supper, and all went merry as a wedding bell. Mr. and Mrs. Darnell will reside on the farm near Randalia, to which place we welcome them most heartily and hope they may long continue to live in the peace and happiness that now attends them."

"Westgate - J. D. Frost and Emma Stewart were married Jan. 5th at the home of the bride, Rev. Hartsough officiating."

"Smithfield - Married, Jan 19, 1898, at the home of the bride's parents, Miss Fannie Grummitt and Mr. George McGee."

"Douglas - Last Saturday, at the home of the bride, Mr. Will Wescott and Miss Maggie Cotton were united in marriage by Rev. Fawcett."

"Lima - Will Crawford and wife are the happy parents of a bright baby girl."

Page 4

"Frank Arnold was cleared Monday of the accusation of murdering Harry Duffy. The jury did not leave their seats."

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