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West Union Gazette

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02 December 1898 - Pg. 1

"Born on Sunday last a son to Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Miller of Pleasant Valley."

"Mr. and Mrs. George Klinger are the happy parents of a baby boy born Thanksgiving day."

"Those New York Children"

"Mr. and Mrs. E. Trott, from the Children's Aid Society of New York, arrived yesterday with a party of 20 little boys and girls to be distributed among the homes in this vicinity. All were readily taken but five boys and two girls, and Mr. Trott will remain two or three days at the Commercial House in anticipation of their being called for by some worthy people. The following is a list of those 'disposed of,'

Leon Meierson, age 5, taken by Geo. M. Fritz; Albert Meierson, age 3, taken by F. A. Williams; Harry and Wm. Fahr, ages 13 and 8, taken by A. Scoville, Elkader; Isabelle Stewart, age 8, taken by B. F. Page; Agnes Jacobs, age 14, taken by J. J. Tope; Roy West, age 11, taken by C. Stirk; John Keife, age 8, taken by G. J. Hannis, Clermont; Tony Patris, age 15, taken by Josh Moore; Wm. Rogers, age 15, taken by C. Shermerhorn; Harry Johnson, age 11, taken by Geo. Husk."

"Marriage Licenses - Herbert Oscar Wilson and Rosa Pepper; Alfred B. Spicer and Mary E. Ernst; Mark McMasters and Louise Olson; Warren Crowe and Harriett Wilburn; Henry Nuland and Susan Hicks; Charles Tonkison and Elizabeth Downing; James M. Shelton and Emma J. Baker; Edward G. Burkhart and Georgina Beyersdorg; Gustave Gundacker and Esie Vosteen; Walter Chapman and Emma Herschinger; Frank J. Haye and Nellie Follen; Edmond F. Meskel and Alta C. Earon; Almon Wickham and Grace Chapman; True Matthews and Clare Ward."

"Maynard - A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Mittlestadt, November 23."
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Barnes are the proud parents of a young daughter, born Nov. 21."

"Waucoma - Dr. Dodd tells us of a bright baby which made its appearance at the home of G. Smudlach last Saturday night."

"Sumner - A. B. Rief and Miss Lizzie Dickman were married at the bride's home in this city last Thursday evening."

Page 4

"Marcus Phillips Deihl is the name of the welcome new comer at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Deihl."

"A girl was born to Bert Frisbie and his wife on Tuesday. It was their first child. Oelwein Journal."

"Married at the M. E. parsonage, Friday eve., Nov. 25, '98, by Rev. J. A. Davis, Edward F. Meskel and Miss Alta C. Earon, both of West Union."


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09 December 1898 - Pg. 1

"District Court - Divorces were granted as follows:
Abraham VanWormer vs. Sarah VanWormer; Edward Montgomery vs. Ida Montgomery; Effie B. Graham vs. Harry L. Graham; Lois R. Hoyt vs. Ralph M. Hoyt"

"Waucoma - Born to the family of F. Mewohner last Monday night, a bright baby boy, so we learn from Dr. O. B. Dodd."
"Thursday evening, at the home of the bride's parents, occurred the marriage of Miss Alice Hunnerberg to W. I. Bender, Rev. V. B. Hill officiating."

"Douglas - Geo. Smirl and Mrs. L. Bissell were married at the home of the bride Sunday evening. They will set up housekeeping in Fayette."

"Elmer Tope and Lucy Downs were married last Wednesday at Waucoma, and started to Chicago to visit at the home of Elmer White."

"Almon Wickham and Grace Chapman were married last Saturday at the home of the bride."

"Mike Herschinger and wife have taken two of the New York children. We are glad for the little ones for we know they will have a good home."

"Westgate - Mr. and Mrs. Shadle rejoice over the birth of a little son."

"Sumner - Roy Pease and Alma Orvis were married in their new home last Thursday evening."

Page 2

"Emily Watkins had a surprise in honor of her tenth birthday Sunday afternoon."

Page 4

"The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hale has been christened Margurite."


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16 December 1898 - Pg. 1

"Winter holds a firm grasp, the thermometer hovering near the zero line."

Maynard - The little son of Jno. Watenpaugh's came to stay Dec. 3."

"The newcomer at Tim Foley's is a daughter born Dec. 2."
"A son was born Dec. 1st to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Evans."

Page 4

"Married at West Union, Iowa, Dec. 15, 1898, by Wm. Colby, J. P., Mr. L. G. Gifford of St. Lucas and Miss Mary O. Mumby, of Eden."


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23 December 1898 - Pg. 1

"Fayette - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson are here from Eau Claire, Wis. Mrs. Johnson will be remembered as Hetta Will. Their coming was a surprise and doubly so their being accompanied by a second heir in the person of an eleven weeks old baby."

Page 4

"Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Kate J. Clark, daughter of S. C. Clark, of this place, and Mr. Richard Otley, of Dubuque, to take place Thursday, Dec. 29. - Fayette Postal Card."

"Married, yesterday at the home of the bride's parents M. H. Fussel, near Fayette, Miss Mae Fussel to E. E. Preston, of Waverly."


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30 December 1898 - Pg. 1

"Ice business on the river is very brisk now."

"Fayette - Rev. Hill, of Waucoma, known to many of your readers, was married to Miss Beebe, of the same place, last Thursday."

"Maynard - Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Simpson Tuesday, a little daughter."

"Waucoma - On last Sabbath E. Ehrler, editor of the Lawler Dispatch, came down and joined in wedlock with one of Waucoma's best girls - Miss Kate Tomlinson."

Page 8

"A little gentleman, who has been christened David, has arrived at the home of W. B. Clements. He came very near being a Christmas present."

"L. E. Bopp, cashier of Bopp Brothers State Bank at Hawkeye, and Miss Carlotta Beattie of Chicago, were married Dec. 22, and the happy couple will soon be "at-home" in Hawkeye."

"The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dersher out on Clermont road recently pulled a lighted lamp off a table and came very near being burned to death. Every effort was made to smother the fire and it is hoped the child will recover."

"Sumner - There were three weddings in and about our town last Wednesday evening. Miss Elizabeth Christory to George Rathbone; Anna Giebharde to John Smith and Ethel Hursh to Albert Lease."

"Douglas - We understand that Jennie Kelsey and Charlie Foot are to be married soon."


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