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Barber Brothers "Series"

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CHICAGO, JUNE 6. --- Isaac and William Barber, the Iowa outlaws for whom the Sheriffs of three counties and hundreds of farmers had been looking for three days and nights, were captured last night after a bloody struggle, their captors being without arms. On Monday night the desperadoes were surrounded in a grove, but escaped during a heavy storm and took refuge in a barn near Tripoli. Leaving the barn, they lost their way, and yesterday morning sought the barn of a German named Augustus Tegtmeir. Last night, while Tegtmeir's son Henry was milking, the refugees crawled out of the hay and asked him for something to eat. The boy suspected that they were the outlaws for whose capture a reward of $6,000 was offered, and at once invited them into the house and told his mother to serve them supper. Leaving the house he ran to his father and younger brothers, who were in another barn, and dispatched them for help.  Returning, he entertained the Barbers, and they ate a hearty meal. Just as they had finished five stalwart Germans burst into the room. Before they could seize the latter had drawn four self-cocking revolvers and began to use them. A brave German named Henry Kersting, caught Isaac Barber, and with the aid of two others pinioned him to the floor. William Barber, still firing, retreated through the door, ran around to a window leading to the room where his brother was a captive, smashed the glass, presented a revolver and shot Henry Kersting in the back, inflicting a mortal wound. William had no sooner fired than he was seized from behind by Henry Pope. Wrenching himself away he turned on Pope and shot him, the pullet plowing a track across his breast. Not withstanding this, Pope, again grappled with the villian and held him until he could be bound with a rope which was brought from the barn by Mrs. Teftmeir. Kersting's father was also shot and two others received bullet wounds. The Sheriff and party arrived soon after and the brave German farmers were lionized in grand style. Preparations were made for lynching the Barbers, but the Sheriff out-witted the mob by putting the outlaws behind a fast team and driving away with them. They are now in jsil at Waverly, Iowa. It is thought they will be taken out and lynched tonight, as parties are known to be en route to the jail from several villages in this section.
~source: The New Your Times, June 7, 1883

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