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Barber Brothers "Series"

Outlaws at Bay

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The Notorious Barber Brothers Surrounded Near Sumner, Iowa.
Chicago, June 4. --- Intelligence reached this city that the Barber brothers, outlaws and murderers, have been surrounded in a piece of timber near Sumner, Iowa, and will probably be captured within 24 hours. The State of Illinois has offered $5,000 reward for the arrest of the Barber brothers, and Iowa has offered $1,000.  Their latest crime was the murder of Deputy Sheriff Sheppard, of Fayette County, outlaws called at their old home in West Union, not being aware of the fact that the homestead had recently been disposed of by their mother. The outlaws were recognized by the occupants of the house and fled to the timber. The alarm was given, and Sheriff Farr, with a posse, started in pursuit. Yesterday the Barbers were discovered in a school-house near Sumner,  Brewer County. Sheriff Jarvis on being informed went in pursuit, and finding the men ordered them to throw up their hands. They replied by shooting the Sheriff in the shoulder, inflicting a probably fatal wound.  With a whoop of defiance the outlaws again took to the timber. They were followed by about 175 men, and this afternoon it was believed they had been surrounded in Wilson's grove.  If captured they will be lynched.

~source: The New Your Times, June 5, 1883

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