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September 5, 1946

Front Page

Mrs. A. J. Fox entertained a company of friends at a luncheon at 12 o'clock yesteray in honor of Mrs. Lucy Ashby of Long Beach, Calif.


Sixty ladies attended the white elephant sale and ta, sponsored by the naomi Circle of the W.S.C.S. at the home of Mrs. A. J. Fox, Friday afternoon.

Mrs. John Dorman as guests speaker, gave a descriptive and interesting talk on Korea. This included a detailed narration of the habits and customs of the people, their industries, the terrain of the Oriental alnd, and many other facts not generally known. there were also pictures taken by Mrs. Margaret Jayne Collett while on a tour some years ago, as well as brief remarks by the photographer. A vivid impression of Korea and Koreans was received by the listeners on this pleasant and profitable occasion.

The sale of articles netted the Circle $25. Tea was served. Mrs. C. E. Ostrander and Mrs. L. L. Cole poured. 


Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Parker, Mrs. A. J. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Metcalf and Mrs. R. L. Fox of Washington, D.C., will be dinner guests tonight of Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine.

Lieut. Col. R. L. Fox spent the weekend with his wife, who is visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Parker, and with his mother, Mrs. A. J. Fox. He left for Washington, D.C., Monday, and expects to return to Chicago during the week, to attend a meeting of the American Chemical Society and will spend a day or two here before returning East.


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